26 April, 2013

Job's Done

As you all know already, since I've had nothing else to harp about in this blog for a long time other than how terribly busy I am with school, and how close I was to the borderline of losing my sanity, I have been working on my undergraduate thesis for the past couple of months and the reason I was not blogging for a huge span of time was because I had no other concern in my life aside from finishing my work. Well, that's only partially true. I did have some other small concerns and ended up not following through with my self-imposed punishment. I did go out on parties and had some sort of fun leaving my manuscript unfinished on some occasions. Like, come on, I'm not going to be 19 forever. I don't wanna be spending my last teenage year with my head buried in my desk. Breaking that personal vow doesn't matter anymore. (I've broken a lot of personal vows in the past, this one has become trivial!) It doesn't matter because I did finish my thesis on time, and it was fulfilling.

It was the same kind of feeling I had when I finished my newsletter project. For some reason seeing the materialized output of your intellectual property is like seeing your child getting born.

Right now, my classes are over: all final exams and papers are done. I spent the past ten days arranging documents I'm required to fix for graduation and applications, and I'm very close to getting it all worked on. So, surprise, I'm graduating college very soon. That's absolutely true.

It sounds funny. It's like everything was just a while.

University life has been fun. Kudos, Batch 2013.

for the love of chemistry.


The girl of the sun said...

The next page of your life is about to start! Good that you can finally rest :)

Asinastra Nightshade said...

Congratulations. :)
I hope you get some time to just laze around and do nothing now!

Oliver said...

Thank you very much! Yes, I need some rest. =D

Thank you! Haha, I already planned which books I'm going to read over my break and I'm also creating new playlists. And I re-installed my favorite video game Civ V, so I'm ready! I'm ready to have a break! It's wonderful!

Although it's gonna have to be short because I still have to study for some exams which I'm required to take after graduation. Woo! =D

Writing Junkie said...

Congrats! I hope that all goes well for you :)

Oliver said...

Thank you so much, WJ! All the best to you too!

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