22 December, 2012


For the past few months, I have been working on my thesis. I spent a lot of time in the lab from September to October preparing solutions, mixing them, and watching yellow turn purple. I was also making my head hurt from fixing methods, analyzing spectra and rationalizing my results. After a while I took a break from doing my experiments in order for me to focus on a project by my student organization which I was the head of. We created a newsletter which we circulated around our institute and it turned out pretty well. It was an awesome thing to do, really, and if you know me you would've correctly guessed that I enjoyed every moment of the hard work that is creating, managing, and designing a newsletter. It was a lot of work, but I absolutely loved it. When we finally were able to print out the copies, I was standing there at the printing house. My eyes just sparked with such exclaim of joy the moment that first page came out of the printer. It was like having a baby and seeing him for the first time. It's probably that kind of feeling that I had. I was just filled with so much joy, fulfillment, satisfaction and excitement. We released our newsletter the first week of December. After that, I got to focus on my college courses again. I studied a little for a course called Chem125, and this week I spent three days in the lab to resume my experiments. I still need to make sure this last method of my thesis is going to be okay, and I think I did that this week. Little by little, things are getting done and I am more motivated than ever to finish the work that is left to do.

That's the reason I was not blogging much for a while. In fact, I did not blog at all. This is actually the first time I saw my blog again since the last time I posted! And I'm surprised that I gained a few new followers during the time I was not around. I think that's pretty cool. Thanks, everyone.

What brought me back here? A lot of days have gone by and blogging was not part of my life anymore. Today, with the start of my Christmas vacation, realizing all the stuff that's happening and has been happening with my life, after all that, I just remembered my blog. I sat down with the computer and decided that I would read my blog posts -- all of it, from the very beginning. By doing that, I learned a lot about who I was years ago. A lot of things happened so quickly I already forgot how I was when I was 16 years old. I just turned 19 last November, and I'm *this* close to finishing college, and my perspective of life has changed. That is reflected by my more recent posts where I wrote about those times I always complained about a different feeling, a different self, that I could observe within me. Those were things about myself I forgot and only remembered now because I decided to read my blog from the very beginning.

With that, I learned that I should never stop blogging. Sometimes I couldn't think of what to blog and I reason that I just couldn't think of an interesting topic to write about. Now I don't feel like I should be thinking of an interesting topic to write about at all. I will be writing because I want to write, and sometimes what I write is interesting to other people, and so people will be reading what they want to read. This blog is a lot about myself. Moments of my life at my age right now will be very different to the kind of life when I get older, and these are moments that I will surely miss in the future. When I turn 30 or 40, I can go back to my blog and learn about these things about myself that I could've already forgotten at that point. By writing these images of my present now, I could bring back faded photographs of my life in the future. That's why I should always find time to write, and I reckon all of us should. I don't want to stop blogging and rid myself of an awesome experience just because I'm too occupied or I worry that the things I write wouldn't be interesting enough to other people.

And so, with this blog, I go back to this adventure that is Oliver's life. You can join me.

kudos to writers, writing their lives.

Let's end this entry with this song I love. =]


Zoe said...

Hi, Oliver! So glad you're back. I was actually one of the people who started following this blog while you were on your hiatus (ha).

I've read a lot of your blog, and absolutely love it! I hope you never stop blogging, too. :D

Writing Junkie said...

Welcome back!I missed reading your posts.

Blog's are personal diaries that show us our writing style and personality over time. It's cool to sit back and read what you've done.

Can't wait to read more!

Oliver said...

Hi! Welcome to Overville! Haha, thank you very much! Let's never end this blog. =]

Hey, thanks! You are correct. Blogs have a lot of personality and style. Stay tuned! =D

Candice said...

Hi, Oliver! I miss reading your blog! It's been a long time since I visited your site. Sorry, things got a bit busy. Anyways, I love your blog (as always)! I know writing will always be a part of your life. Don't stop writing, I won't get tired of reading your works.

The girl of the sun said...

Welcome back and congratulations on making such a decision and drawing such a conclusion!

You inspired me as well by helping me to understand that some of my (meaningless) random posts still make somebody be interested in them. I will try taking that into account every time I think that it is better to skip a post rather than writing a complete bullshit :)

Oliver said...

Haha thank you very much, sweetheart. <3

Hey, what may be complete bullshit to you may be totally golden to others!!! For that reason, just keep writing! =]

Eeshie said...

This is pretty much the most random comment ever, but HOW do you stay SANE as a chemistry major? I barely passed high school chemistry, am never going to take AP Chemistry, and definitely do not see myself majoring in chemistry in college.

Is it not hard for you? Like does it all make sense to you? I honestly can't imagine chemistry making sense to anyone on the planet, but hey! If you understand it, then MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR kudos to you! :)

Yeah, I dunno, this was random, but I just really admire people who easily understand my worst subjects.

Take care and stay intelligent! <3 :)

Oliver said...

Haha I always love your comments. You know what, I barely do stay sane studying chemistry. Not all of it makes sense to me, but I just try hard to really understand the lessons which interest me. Different people have different subjects where they're strong at, so yeah, I mean, you may be really good at something I'm terrible at! Like, I know I'm kind of a good speaker but I get really nervous during debates. I can articulate my arguments well, and I always think I can make a point, but my nerves always get to me. Haha.

Thank you, and stay awesome!

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