08 August, 2012

World World World

I know I should be doing my lab reports. Like, right now. Especially because there's practically a hurricane, tornado, huge rain-carrying gusts of wind outside that might cut out the electricity again at any time God allows these things to. I just mentioned it there so yes, I do believe in God, contrary to what most people think. I actually use God's name in many typical sentences. Like, a friend comes up to me and says hey long time, and I say, oh hey yes God that's long time yeah. Same thing goes when I bite into waffles. Oh God, long time. I might be a scientist-ish kind of person and I hate the religions and all, and there's this Higgs boson particle floating around the underground world of total scientific nerdiness in Switzerland and everything, but I still believe that God created the universe somehow, really, and not just these particles colliding and creating everything in one fell swoop. Maybe it's not that instantaneous, and that makes sense and the books would agree, but I don't like the idea that there are these tiny mindless things that can just create this huge immense energy and create tiny mindless things that are like amoebas and proteins evolving into fish and then birds and apes (in any order). And to begin with, the atom is supposed to be just the neutron, proton and the electron, so what the heck are they studying the quarks and neutrinos for? So I might not like to go to church and I think some practices are just made for us intelligent humans look like total morons, but I still hate physics most of all. So screw physics over anything.

What the heck did I just type that whole paragraph for?

I'm just going to rant on and on because I am very tired of my usual days in school I'm like turning into shit day by day. Last week I had the most terrible week I've ever had in my life as a student because I was not able to meet my deadline partially, for a lab report, because I stayed up all night trying to rush doing it since I basically only began doing it that night before the deadline because I thought that particular lab report was going to be easy. Only hey, God hates me for being a lazy prick who can't even stand up every Sunday morning to go to church, so my calculations all turned out wrong and I couldn't figure out a way to sort things through and like, correct my equations to get a more decent-looking graph, because I couldn't figure it out because I'm so stupid and shit. So I wasn't able to really write the lab report. It takes forever to write the lab report, so I submitted only my calculations (whatever I could come up with) and hopefully my instructor could still find something there to grade, because I cannot afford not to have a grade for that requirement. My other lab report submitted later that week (see I had two lab reports due in a single week that is deplorable) was complete, I believe, and I made it nice to make up for the crap I did earlier that week and I hope that turns out okay.

Right now I'm also working on my thesis, except that I really haven't started doing the experiment because it took me several weeks to fix my method and make sure it's all alright to my adviser's critical mind. It's kind of hard to work with somebody so smart because I feel like total dumbass shit whenever I talk to him. And whenever I consult for my experiment he gives these pop quizzes that I always couldn't fuckin answer. And whenever I have the answer I say it in a very stupid way. Like one time, he asked for the electron configuration of zinc 2+, and I know it, but I recited like a grade-schooler the whole thing like from 1s2 and 2s2 and on and on up to the 3d10 and 4s2 when I should've just simply said d10 because that's the only part that actually matters when people ask for electron configurations. And also he asked for zinc 2+ not zinc 0 so I'm not supposed to include the 4s2 because two electrons were removed, like duh, Oliver, you're so dumb.

So this week I'm supposed to start with the experiment, because my adviser wants me to. And also he's leaving to Oxford some time in October, so I better hurry up and start my experiment so that he's still around in case anything goes wrong, and I'm certain as hell something is going to go wrong because Murphy's law is the shit and have you heard of what happened to the Batman movie in Denver or something? Man, that's like the ultimate Murphy's law bitchslap. I really have to start soon so that my adviser is still going to be around in his freezing office if my data turns out to be kind of crappy and someone can help me troubleshoot with the equations or molecular orbitals or anything. I'm always confused with those things.

I'm done. And I'm going to start blogging again soon when I feel like blogging again because I'm so bummed out. I'm sorry for my terrible grammar in this post. And I know this blog post sounds really lazy and pointless and terrible. I'm not like the really smart technical writer Oliver right now, I'm sorry, because I'm so bummed out. And nobody cares about grammar anymore these days anyway. Everyone just seems to care about the environment and climate change, like the little things they do to help are actually going to matter. They don't.

I need a hug.

I hope you still enjoy my blog after reading this.

kudos to climate scientists.


Busola said...

And definitely screw physics over anything. I'm pretty bummed out as well from being so lazy and not starting calculus. School starts in 3 weeks, but i'm going a bit early to round up a summer job, and I haven't even looked at anything calculus-ey. I know, what have I been doing all summer?? I don''t know. Gah! This semester i'm talking Intro Chem with lab, an advanced Bio class, an English class, and my darling calculus (well, and choir, but that doesn't really count haha). Calculus will be the death of me...and lab too...bleh. Hang in there!

P.s. Upon my major in Neuroscience and medical school aspirations, I'm still a practicing Catholic. God's the only reason why I'm still sane.

Busola said...

*taking not talking. If I was talking those courses, I wouldn't have to take them then #bliss. But and i'm too bummed out to care about the difference between " and '. Stupid french keyboard settings X_X

Oliver said...

Hey, Busola. Thanks for the hug! That's very much appreciated. You don't really need to kind of hurry yourself. If it's your summer break, it's your summer break! Like, nobody expects you to be doing integrals and Laplace transforms, studying in advance for your Calculus next term, in summer, right? Right. So, I wish you luck in your lab and everything and I hope you're making the most of your break and really enjoying your time.

Thanks for the hug. Really. Ha. It's nice to know that somebody out there still cares about my blog, after the long time I've been gone. So I thank you. =]

The girl of the sun said...

If you really think that your as you call it 'terrible grammar' is so bad then I must say that you're wrong and this kind of writing is very natural and involving, actually. I enjoyed it and thought it was quite attractive.

You know, I someday found out that blog could work as a phycologist table quite good. It could help you to lay all the thoughts out, not carry them with you. And we, bloggers, concerned with things and irritated by most of them, could do our best by reading your leftovers (with pleasure).

And yes, I send you a virtual blogger hug. Don't think much of climate scientists. They are just doing their jobs.

Oliver said...

Aw, thanks Sunny! I really thought my grammar in this post was terrible, because I never did any technical editing or conceptualizing the writing part in this like I did in my previous posts, but reading this now, I think it's not too bad! Haha. And reading your comment saying that this kind of writing is enjoyable and attractive makes me want to stick to this kind of writing, whatever this is! Ha. Actually, writing this was so much easier since I just let it all flow whatever I had to say. I didn't think of a topic to discuss, so I thought this was gonna be terrible, so I'm surprised, and glad, you still enjoyed this. Thank you very much.

Thanks for the virtual hug! You are too kind. =D

Asinastra Nightshade said...


Be okay, okay?
I haven't blogged much anyway, but your posts are great to read. =]
I have those moments where I say absurd things and immediately regret it.

Oliver said...

Thanks, Nightshade. =]

Stuck in Teen said...

*Virtual Hug*
I hope the electricity didn't go out while you were writing this!

Don't worry about chemistry. I'm horrible with deadlines. For example, this summer, I have to read two books and finish a hundred page packet for my A.P. Euro class. School starts in two weeks. I've only read the first page :P

PS. I love reading your rants. They make me feel like I'm not the only one complaining about the world ;)

Oliver said...

The electricity didn't go out, thank you very much! I worry about chemistry all the time though! My life is all about worrying about chemistry! Ha, I hope you come to meet your deadline somehow. Reading books are nice, and not meeting deadlines is way stressful, so I wish you luck! Thanks for your comment! And of course I'm pretty sure we're not the only ones complaining about the world. =D

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