26 August, 2012

Aiming for Victory

We have this sports fest in the college of science in my university. It's just people representing different institutes like math, biology, physics, chemistry competing in games for some reason. I'm not really sure what the winners get, but I'm guessing it's gotta be something cool. Somehow, the chemistry team managed to become the champions last year, and this year we're aiming for that again. It's possible. People from chemistry are a bunch of fantastic kids. Really.

As much as I love supporting our institute, I still haven't made up my mind yet about which game to compete in. As you might have known already, I'm not a very athletic person. I consider myself more of the artistic type and the scientific type, and there's only so much my talented being could handle so I decided to pass on having such heroic, olympic kind of abilities to keep myself from being too ridiculously awesome already. But I can like, run. And I think I can run quite fast, considering I have such long legs I can cover quite great distances. Really, my running is the only thing I can ever depend on in case of a zombie apocalypse, or if I ever got on Survivor. I'm really crazy. I'm aware that I have poor athletic abilities but I still dream of getting on Survivor where I would certainly just be torturing myself.

So anyway, this sports fest is pretty huge, and everyone's looking for players. It's nice to have this kind of event in our college also because most freshmen get really enthusiastic to join. And I feel very excited for them. Like, what's a better way to kick off your college life than to join a team that represents your institute and compete with the others? It must be really fun for them, especially if they win. I feel happy for them. But not if they lose, then I will feel sad.

I think I'm going to play dodgeball, but only if they're still needing players in that category. I used to play dodgeball a lot when I was a kid, and I remember having a really fun time at it. And I have this memory of one game I played where I dodged really, really well. Although it's been a long time since I last played and I might be a little rusty already, it's still going to be fun to try it out. I would play football if I know someone in the team. I don't play football, but it's going to be fun to just try it out. That's why I need someone who I know in our team, so that it's not going to be so embarrassing.

Oh, and because I'm part of this student organization in my institute, I was one of those people who worked on creating the amazing mascot of our team. Our team is called Pyramidines, by the way, a play with the words "pyramid" and "pyrimidine." Pyrimidine is obviously a name of some sort of chemistry thing. And we used pyramid because our theme is Egyptian, and I'm not sure why. Anyway, the mascot we made was super cool, and it was shown last Friday. It was like chaos, assembling the body parts of the mascot and putting it on the guy. Everyone was in a rush, and that poor guy was sweating a lot because of the heat. Oh well, that's part of his job. And it was hard for us too, the production team. Kudos to the people who worked really hard to materialize that mascot from the sketch to the actual costume. I know most of them delayed doing their homework and they all passed on some sleep. I did not. I prioritized sleep over everything like I always do, so really, huge thanks to the people who were a hundred percent committed to the project and for finishing a great job. I'm glad I helped out even though I did only fairly little, but still it's great because the mascot turned out really, really cool.

And lastly because I'm trying to attract some winning juju if ever I do decide to play, I watched some episodes of Survivor again (Heroes vs Villains specifically, my favorite season) and I just can't help but adore Parvati over and over again. Seriously, she's amazing. She's a great character on the show, and she's great at the game -- both physically and strategically. She's my favorite Survivor of all time, and I'm just very happy to re-watch past Survivor episodes and see her play again. Also, the story and gameplay of Heroes vs Villains are particularly superb so it's always great to rewatch this season.

kudos to hardworking chemistry students.


The girl of the sun said...

Have never heard of the Survivor before. Probably because it isn't showed here. Anyway, good luck with your festival! I wish I could find myself in chemistry or any other sphere of science :)

Oliver said...

Thanks, Sunny! I'm feeling really happy about this festival. And Survivor is a great show and it's shown internationally in many different countries! I hope they have that in Ukraine soon, so you can give it a chance. Haha. Science is quite exciting. It would be nice if you can become a scientist too. =]

The girl of the sun said...

Have no doubts that it's exciting! Thank you, hopefully I'll become a person I want to be :)

Miss Bobo said...

that's awesome that you are getting involved in some extracurricular stuff instead of being home bored. Not to be judgmental or anything of your ever being lazy, but there is a rush in being productive and I hope you enjoy it now. I would recommend challenging yourself and doing the running. I support! support! you will end up learning a lot of things, that sure, you can learn when you are not physically active; but the fact that you put yourself out there and you push yourself to do something you don't normally do is exciting in itself. Your body will thank you later. :)

Oliver said...

I actually do a lot of extracurricular stuff! I do some writing and creative designing work for my school and it's a lot of awesome to do because I'm being productive while doing something I really like to do. I know studying chemistry is kind of more productive, considering that is my major, but really, sometimes, it just doesn't feel fun to do, so I decided long ago that I needed to occupy my time with some other kinds of things that will be both productive and fun for me so I joined these student organizations in my school. Haha, I appreciate your support. I didn't end up running track, however, so whatever. I like pushing my body to its limits, really. There are things I like to do that exhaust me and after doing it I feel like I've grown a lot. HAHA

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