26 September, 2011

Hair Tales

Going to get a haircut isn't something I really look forward to. I have talked about this before, haven't I? I remember telling everyone that I have my own ways of coping with stress, and one of them is getting a haircut. My mom doesn't need to remind me that I already need a haircut. I know I need a haircut when I start feeling like too much stress has piled up on me already. The other way I react to stress is, when I get too frustrated with everything, getting myself a piercing. I'm not gonna talk about piercings anyway. I already talked about it here before.

I'm gonna talk about my recent trip to the barber shop.

Guys actually care about their hair. We actually care about our hair more than how we want others to think we do. I think it's okay for me to generalize here. You know, us guys like to say that styling isn't really our thing, and that only girls care too much about their hair looking good, but to hell we care so much as well! We spend time combing our hair and looking at how it looks in the mirror. We don't really appreciate it all so much when girls rub and tousle our hair like they're petting Lassie. I understand that girls like to do that to show endearment (really?), but yeah. . . We put our effort into it as well ladies, and we actually get just as goddamn annoyed when the wind or any other element ruins it. We just don't use curling irons, or hair irons in general. That's the only difference between boys and girls when it comes to hair.

Well dude, do you use a curling iron?

I like keeping my hair long. But my long hair isn't really the kind you typically see. Mine is a little shorter and thicker, and it goes up in all angles, and it's just more difficult to fix. No, it's not like Einstein's. I hope you don't picture me like a total weirdo-looking guy by the end of this blog. Haha.

So anyway, when I'm late for class, I would just wear a hat or a baseball cap to cover up my hair because if I were to fix it, I might as well just skip the entire day. I even missed a party because of it. It was last week. I took a nap and when I woke up at the time of the party I still got bedhead and it's just so horrendous and messy that I couldn't find a feasible way to fix it so I decided not to go, and I just went back to bed instead like a total loser. So alas, I've had one too many issues to deal with my long hair that I decided to get rid of it. Off to the barber I go.

I would just like to say that going to the barber shop is probably the most vain and narcissistic activity a guy does in a regular basis. To me, the entire barber process. . . it just feels awkward. Going into the shop I really don't know what to tell the barber, like how I want my hair to be. It's just so awkward. I don't like reading the newspaper while getting a haircut because when I did that once, I didn't really read it anyway. I just stared at the words, pretending I'm awesome by being a teen who reads the newspaper during every spare time he has. But I really didn't like that feeling so I never read the newspaper in the barber shop ever again.

The barber handing me the semi-porn magazine is just as awkward as my mom saying she's going to watch me shower, so I really don't appreciate it either. Why would you read the semi-porn magazine in a public place anyway? Yeah I understand it's a guys' place we're in. But what if you. . . what if you. . .  get too turned on? Reading any kind of novel while getting a haircut would be just as ridiculous. You will need to turn the page every once in a while. That's just too much movement for someone whose head and ears are in a precarious still position.

So I've made my point. I don't like reading anything while seated on the chair, getting a haircut. That leaves me with just one option then. One that is just as awkward as everything else:

Staring at myself in the mirror.

That's why I put my earphones on. It's to tell myself that I'm not focusing on my image in the mirror. I'm paying attention to the music. I'm paying attention to the music, not to my face. Not to how silly my hair looks in the middle of getting the haircut. I'm listening to the beautiful music, and that's it.

But another thing: the barber likes to chat. It's irritating 'cause he knows I have my earphones on but he still would talk to me so I'm always going like, "Hm?" "Yeah?" "Mhm?" and then I would just come up with a generic reply. I never enjoyed a chat with the barber, ever.

I know I'm just making a lot of problems for myself with this barber thing. But it's cool anyway, 'cause I'm just making fun of it here. I'm not really pissed off easily by such situations I mentioned above. Whenever something crappy happens, I just tell myself, "Oh, this situation. . ." followed by a short chuckle and a sigh. We all find ourselves in a not so enjoyable situation that you gotta deal with no matter what. What are you gonna do about it? Mope? Huddle in the corner and grumble to yourself how bad that sucked? Well, what I do is just think of the situation like it's a practical joke. And then I chuckle. And then I'm happy! Like, my trip to the barber shop is always like a practical joke to me. I kinda find its awkwardness amusing. Whenever I go to the barber shop, I'm saying, "Here we go again, Oliver. . ." and then I smile.

I love smiles.

kudos to you and your awesome hair.

19 September, 2011


I'm beginning to feel like my life is pretty effed up at this point. It's an awful realization, which does not surprise me anymore since I have already convinced myself somehow that I'm a terrible person (to the slightest degree). And also I think you won't be surprised if I tell you that what's making me feel like crap is my number one frien-emy. The guy who got Selena Gomez pregnant? Nope. The university.

School is a bully. I can't even feel good anymore because whatever I do, I think of what I gotta do for school. Yeah I'm watching Survivor, but I'm thinking: my break is over. I have classes tomorrow. I have to complete my physics lab sheets. I will have to get spent going from one building to another. Thinking of it alone just exhausts me! Actually doing it is so boring it drains every ounce of life out of me.

Yep, I think I've just lost my school spirit. I just think I don't want it anymore. And that's why I'm beginning to think that the rest of my life is going to be spent in a cesspool of zombies being counterproductive and unhealthy to this already crapped up society. I know I might just be going through this phase like all students do. Just tell me that even just for once in your life you've felt like quitting school. Tell me I'm still normal. Tell me I'm not being a good-for-nothing teenager.

Except that I just quit my job.

I know! Ich weiß, ich weiß. You're going like, "Whuuut!? I'm taking college courses and I just quit my job at Subway, whuutt!!!??" But you know, that job was just awful. All it did was fill up my schedule for the whole day and I really didn't feel like I'm earning something. (Maybe because I would spend it all up in just one week.) No really, it was just not worth it. And I didn't really work at Subway.

What is college for anyway? The system of education in our society has been broken. It's not about learning anymore. It's about enduring this amount of workload for the sake of the amount you paid for. It's not really about the process of acquiring new knowledge and contributing it to the society. It's about getting yourself credentials on paper so that you can earn money for yourself later. The society just dictates that you should have a degree, whatever degree 'cause it doesn't really matter whether or not that's what you're interested in, since it is highly likely that you're going to end up in a field of work completely different from your field of study anyway. This is our society. This society, in which skipping classes, smoking in the corridor, and bullying your anti-social overweight classmate are considered cool, just feeds us knowledge saying that they're important to know, even though they will eventually prove to be rather useless.

I'm still hoping that I can get my school spirit back. I know I love school. I know that there's this tiny Oliver inside of me that still believes in education. I like to learn. I like to know what other people know. I would like to discover what other people don't know. It's just that this Oliver right now is a bit. . . disheartened.

I don't know what I gotta do. I guess I just need some peanut butter, pizza, and ice cream, and. . . oh well.

Dear Oliver, you've been chilling for a long enough time. It's time to come back out. We have classes tomorrow.

kudos to those people who yearn to learn.

13 September, 2011


I'm back. I'm writing this because there's no better time to write this than now. I just finished taking a series of exams in all of my subjects this term. It's. . . it's insane. I will be having one week of break from study, but I'll probably be busy with some web designing, and then after that school will grab me by my back being the monster that it is, and. . . yeah, same things. But whatever, now I'm blogging again. I missed blogging. I even tweeted it once. I just got frustrated with everything going on and with the fact that I couldn't blog during that time. I missed this! This makes me happy.

I'm happy that Blogger has changed its interface. It's clean, modern, and white and orange. I love white and orange.

I know I said in my previous post that it was the final chapter, that it was the end. I know it's disgustingly dramatic, and I hate myself for writing that. I want to thank everyone though for your great comments. I liked reading your comments. It made me realize a thing or two about what I want, and about the awesomeness of you people that I would miss out on if I quit. You know I was just too occupied when I wrote that. Tough times, putting out one crisis after another. Oy vey. . . let's not talk about it anymore, I know you're not interested anyway. And thinking of it again makes me feel bad. And please, don't go back and read that post again, it's embarrassing. Ha.

Thanks to everyone still here in the Overville neighborhood. All 160 of you guys are awesome, but since 50 of my followers are dummy accounts made by my mom. . . No, just kidding. =]

I just used a smiley in my blog post! Aaahhh!!!

Haha, sorry about the randomness of this blog post. This is a coming-back post, I know I should have done something better, but yeah I'm just enjoying this experience again. I love this. I'm having fun writing. Writing, one of the most solitary activities in the world, in front of the computer, yeah sure I'm having fun writing. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm having fun! Yay! I love having fun. I love having fun with my clothes on.

In other news, The Writing Junkie just celebrated his/her first blog anniversary. Go ahead and give some kudos to that great blogger. Our favorite girl Jodie is having a fun time being hilarious as always. Miss Bobo is upset that True Blood is over. Hehe. My sister shares your pain. I only watched the first season and I thought it was good, but I wasn't able to tune in this season because of all this being busy crap. Tom created a great app for iPhone, and of course you would like to try it out! It's the world's first augmented reality golf game, for Pete's sake! Who would've ever thought you could play golf by swinging your phone? Apparently Tom did! And, hmm Ian-Luke's blog is missing. . .

In other news, Survivor: South Pacific premieres on Wednesday. I can't be more excited!

Okay I think that's it for now. I missed everything and everyone. This is great. Also, I'm updating my reading list. I'm using a new account for Blogger, actually now the Google account I use for mail and everything else. Yeah, I used to have a different Google account for Blogger. So since I have a new account I have to follow you guys again. So you're getting another Oliver as a follower if I like you!

Yeah this is it. I'm back and I'm happy. I hope you guys are happy I'm back too.

This is the point where Ode to Joy should start playing in the background. Or Firework. Or Life is Life.

kudos to everyone who's found one thing that makes him happy.
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