26 November, 2011

Quick Update

Hey everyone, I just dropped by here to tell everyone that I'm not dead yet. And my blog isn't dead yet. It's been a little unattended 'cause I'm super busy. And I mean that very seriously. I have never been this busy my whole life. I'm very tired. I really am.

Being a chemistry student is a hard task. First you prepare your lab experiment by making a report on what you're going to do in the lab with details of what the experiment is about, and then you spend at least four hours a day performing the experiment in the lab, and then you encode the data, and then you treat the data, and at home you spend more than nine hours making sense of the data, doing tons of calculations, making charts, all while hoping your computer doesn't give up on you soon. And then you're gonna have to make a lab report about what happened in the experiment. The reports this time around have become much longer compared to experiments in the past. You know every experiment takes so much time to finish, especially the biochemistry ones where the extraction processes take forever. And then when I wind up getting unsatisfying data, I will have to repeat it. That would suck. So I'm hoping the proteins I kept in the lab fridge would be fine during the weekend.

The good news is, my favorite band fun. released a new song called "We Are Young" on YouTube, and their new album will be out February. I've been listening to their first album for a long time now so yeah, hooray new album. I'm addicted to their new song. Nothing can stop me from listening to some beautiful songs.

Also, I just turned eighteen last week. So yay, happy birthday to me. I spent my birthday in the lab measuring the calorie contents of potato chips and cornflakes I could've otherwise enjoyed. Hooray.

That's it. I have no interesting topic to write about here, so sorry for that. This is just me telling everyone that I'm still alive, and my blog will always be alive no matter what happens to me. This is just an update about what's going on in my life. Really sorry. I will make much better blog posts in the future once I get my life back. I promise you. We will have some fun. =]

kudos to fun.


Raz Darnell said...

Oliver <3

I HATE chemistry. So props to you for being a chemistry student, from someone currently having her butt handed to her by Chem 101. No joke. Good to know you're not dead :)

Nas said...

Hey dude!
Nice to hear from you again. You're right labs can be rally draining. The planning of experiments, actually carrying them out and then analysing the results can take AGES.

Nonetheless, it was your birthday. A very very happy belated birthday to you. May this new year in your life bring you happiness, joy, contentment and all other lovely surprises wrapped up in the ribbons of love and laughter.

Have a lovely weekend.

Writing Junkie said...

All of that chemistry stuff entered my mind and gave me a headache. I could never do that. You're so mega talented, you can write, and do science stuff :)

Happy belated birthday! Congrats! Being 18 must be superdupermegafoxycool :)

I hope that you get awesome marks on your lab!

Eeshie said...

Wow. Labs sound...horrible. I'm doing high school level chemistry at the moment, and even at THAT I'm doing horribly in. I hate chemistry with a burning passion. It can die in a hole for all I care. It's the reason I can't post on my blog that much: I have to study like crazyyyy for chem. My exam grades in that class range from 20% - 65%. Aka: FAILING GRADES! And Eeshie does not do failing grades.

But enough about me: You seem to have a pretty good sense of what you're doing in the lab. I know you probably don't think I should, but I admire you for majoring in chemistry -- even if you don't love it.

WE ARE YOUNG. OH MY GOODNESS. I listened to it only after you mentioned it, and I fell in love.

Happy 18th Birthday! Now you're a REAL man (whatever that means).


Diego said...

Happy Birthday man, keep your head from imploding with science.

I know how it is, losing sight of the blogging world because the real world has taken over. It's a good thing though, real life should always be more exciting and more involved than online life.

Oliver said...

@Raz <3
Don't worry, you'll get by Chem 101 alright. And yup, hooray for being alive. =]

Thanks man for the birthday greetings and wishes. Chemistry is a tough course, so I'm praying and hoping I can survive the last three terms I have left in college. Staying positive!

Thank you so much! I really hope I can get good marks in the lab course. The thing that makes me worry about it is its rating system. There are two parts: one practical and one theoretical. The theoretical part is usually the tougher one, and looking at historical data, a few chemistry majors had passed the practical part and got really good marks, but failed because their marks in the theoretical parts were failing. It's not cumulative. Even though you get a 100 in the lab part, if you get 50 in the theo part, you don't get 75, you get failing. Yikes.

But yup, thanks for the birthday greetings and the compliments. It's always appreciated. You are awesome. =]

Eeshie, chemistry is more about patterns. You can just try to look for patterns in whatever lesson you're currently studying, and try to keep that in mind and you can work more problems more easily. But yeah, I wish your chemistry marks get better soon! You can do it!

WE ARE YOUNG IS BEAUTIFUL. Most people I talk to haven't heard of the band fun., and I tell them to listen to it and they won't regret it, but still they don't give it a listen. Share my earphones and they don't pay attention to the beautiful music. But whatevs, I like it that it's like a little wonderful secret only few people know about. =] But now that I shared a link on my blog, I hope more people will get to appreciate them! =D

I don't know what that means either. I wish I was seventeen forever. Much cooler to be 17. But it's not like I want to become a vampire, because that's corny! XD Thanks for the birthday greeting. =]

Yup, real world is a little more exciting and a little more tiring. Ha. Thanks, man.

Happy Elf Mom said...

Happy birthday!! I am guessing out there it's the same as here; you are now considered an adult, right? :)

It'sJodie-Ann,Bro. said...

OMG I HATE CHEMISTRY. I had the option to take Chem and Physics for this year (grade eleven), but I didn't. I had no interest in it. XD
But it seems more interesting than Physics.
Anyways, focus on your studies! Don't stress yourself out with this blog. If you can't blog right now, then fine. You have your whole life to blog XD
Chill. Lol. :P

The girl of the sun said...

Even though these chemistry experiment seem to complicated for me, you seem to be really enjoying it ;) I wish you good luck and Happy Birthday! l

Oliver said...

Wow, thanks everyone. I just got back from school and it's, it's terrible. Reading comments from you guys just makes me happy, knowing that people in other parts of the world actually care. Thank you so much. =]

@Mrs. C
Yup, I'm an adult now I think. Although I like to believe I already became an adult two years before I turned 18. =P

Every time you're given a choice between chemistry and something else, do not choose chemistry. Never. Unless you want to share my pain. Unless the other choice is physics, then definitely take chemistry. LOL. I hate physics. XD

@The girl of the sun
Hello, welcome to Overville!!! =] And thanks for the comment! And the birthday greeting! I wish I could know your name! (I assume The girl of the sun isn't your real name. LOL.) =]

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