26 November, 2011

Quick Update

Hey everyone, I just dropped by here to tell everyone that I'm not dead yet. And my blog isn't dead yet. It's been a little unattended 'cause I'm super busy. And I mean that very seriously. I have never been this busy my whole life. I'm very tired. I really am.

Being a chemistry student is a hard task. First you prepare your lab experiment by making a report on what you're going to do in the lab with details of what the experiment is about, and then you spend at least four hours a day performing the experiment in the lab, and then you encode the data, and then you treat the data, and at home you spend more than nine hours making sense of the data, doing tons of calculations, making charts, all while hoping your computer doesn't give up on you soon. And then you're gonna have to make a lab report about what happened in the experiment. The reports this time around have become much longer compared to experiments in the past. You know every experiment takes so much time to finish, especially the biochemistry ones where the extraction processes take forever. And then when I wind up getting unsatisfying data, I will have to repeat it. That would suck. So I'm hoping the proteins I kept in the lab fridge would be fine during the weekend.

The good news is, my favorite band fun. released a new song called "We Are Young" on YouTube, and their new album will be out February. I've been listening to their first album for a long time now so yeah, hooray new album. I'm addicted to their new song. Nothing can stop me from listening to some beautiful songs.

Also, I just turned eighteen last week. So yay, happy birthday to me. I spent my birthday in the lab measuring the calorie contents of potato chips and cornflakes I could've otherwise enjoyed. Hooray.

That's it. I have no interesting topic to write about here, so sorry for that. This is just me telling everyone that I'm still alive, and my blog will always be alive no matter what happens to me. This is just an update about what's going on in my life. Really sorry. I will make much better blog posts in the future once I get my life back. I promise you. We will have some fun. =]

kudos to fun.
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