13 September, 2011


I'm back. I'm writing this because there's no better time to write this than now. I just finished taking a series of exams in all of my subjects this term. It's. . . it's insane. I will be having one week of break from study, but I'll probably be busy with some web designing, and then after that school will grab me by my back being the monster that it is, and. . . yeah, same things. But whatever, now I'm blogging again. I missed blogging. I even tweeted it once. I just got frustrated with everything going on and with the fact that I couldn't blog during that time. I missed this! This makes me happy.

I'm happy that Blogger has changed its interface. It's clean, modern, and white and orange. I love white and orange.

I know I said in my previous post that it was the final chapter, that it was the end. I know it's disgustingly dramatic, and I hate myself for writing that. I want to thank everyone though for your great comments. I liked reading your comments. It made me realize a thing or two about what I want, and about the awesomeness of you people that I would miss out on if I quit. You know I was just too occupied when I wrote that. Tough times, putting out one crisis after another. Oy vey. . . let's not talk about it anymore, I know you're not interested anyway. And thinking of it again makes me feel bad. And please, don't go back and read that post again, it's embarrassing. Ha.

Thanks to everyone still here in the Overville neighborhood. All 160 of you guys are awesome, but since 50 of my followers are dummy accounts made by my mom. . . No, just kidding. =]

I just used a smiley in my blog post! Aaahhh!!!

Haha, sorry about the randomness of this blog post. This is a coming-back post, I know I should have done something better, but yeah I'm just enjoying this experience again. I love this. I'm having fun writing. Writing, one of the most solitary activities in the world, in front of the computer, yeah sure I'm having fun writing. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm having fun! Yay! I love having fun. I love having fun with my clothes on.

In other news, The Writing Junkie just celebrated his/her first blog anniversary. Go ahead and give some kudos to that great blogger. Our favorite girl Jodie is having a fun time being hilarious as always. Miss Bobo is upset that True Blood is over. Hehe. My sister shares your pain. I only watched the first season and I thought it was good, but I wasn't able to tune in this season because of all this being busy crap. Tom created a great app for iPhone, and of course you would like to try it out! It's the world's first augmented reality golf game, for Pete's sake! Who would've ever thought you could play golf by swinging your phone? Apparently Tom did! And, hmm Ian-Luke's blog is missing. . .

In other news, Survivor: South Pacific premieres on Wednesday. I can't be more excited!

Okay I think that's it for now. I missed everything and everyone. This is great. Also, I'm updating my reading list. I'm using a new account for Blogger, actually now the Google account I use for mail and everything else. Yeah, I used to have a different Google account for Blogger. So since I have a new account I have to follow you guys again. So you're getting another Oliver as a follower if I like you!

Yeah this is it. I'm back and I'm happy. I hope you guys are happy I'm back too.

This is the point where Ode to Joy should start playing in the background. Or Firework. Or Life is Life.

kudos to everyone who's found one thing that makes him happy.


Eeshie said...


Eeshie said...

I really don't think that comment was dignified enough, but I could hardly contain my excitement.


Oliver said...

Hahaha! You're the best, Eeshie. Thanks. =]

Happy Elf Mom said...

Yay! You are posting again AND I got another follower! :) (see the smiley!)

Sunakshi said...

You're back.

Yippieeeeeeeee :D

Sadly I'll be away from blogging now.I'm way too occupied this time. :[

I'll be back soon but. :)

Hope you're good. :)

Alexa said...

I had almost given you up for dead, but I knew you'd be back. ;) All of a sudden going cold turkey is too much for anyone, be it druggies or bloggers alike.

Not that you're a druggie. I mean, you might be, but in no way do I perceive you as such. You're smart enough to say no, I expect.

Can't wait to hear more from you!

ME said...


Nas said...

Welcome back dude!
It's nice to have you back here again. Talk about ressurection (how do you even spell that word?) from the dead. :P

Anonymous said...

welcome back :)

Raz Darnell said...

we tollddd youuuuu you wouldn't be able to stay away :D :D :D

glad you're back :D

It'sJodie-Ann,Bro. said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Welcome back, Oliver! Hehe I feel special to be included in your post. :3
It's great that you're having fun. With your clothes on, haha!

Miss Bobo said...

YES YOU ARE BACK! I had hope :D

Miss Bobo said...

oh and btw yes I AM MILDLY UPSET *wiggles in an upset way* >:I well now that that was done. I am so excited you are back..awesome picture! and lets keep your enthusiasm strong *does the coach speech* and now I am back to reboot mode...this post just got me hyped!

Oliver said...

@Mrs C
Yay for both of us! I'm glad you liked my little present (another Oliver. LOL.) Yup I see the smiley! Right there! =]

Yeah I just read that. I hope you're good too. I wish you luck in whatever it is going on in your life, and I know you'll be back soon. =]

Oh Alexa, how I missed your borderline crazy, hilarious comments! LOL. I'm not really into drugs, I think, but I know I can make some serious money by making some in the lab. Haha. And yup, you'll be hearing more from me indeed!!! =D

Hello!!! Have fun here in Overville. =]

I think it's resurrection, dude. Yeah, with the double R. I'm not saying you're wrong, but. . . yeah I think the spell-check is correct. =P And dude, I didn't die! Haha!


Ohh yeeahh you told me! Hahaha. I'm glad I'm back too. How are you doing? I hope life is great!

Of course you're special!!! LOL. I love having fun. I'm sure you're having fun too! (I hope) You're great. Thanks! =]

@Miss Bobo
Haha. Yeah I can definitely feel you're hyped!!! Oh of course you're just "mildly" upset. Like, really. =P True Blood is a great show, and I heard from my spoiling sister that the ending was very sad. Aha! Thanks for being excited that I'm back, and the coach speech too. I hope I'll be able to keep this much enthusiasm. I shall make it happen!
And that pic? Yeah it's awesome. I just typed the word renaissance in Google search, and I got that cool-looking doormat. I wish my doormat was like that. =]

Thinking said...

hmmm...yes...Life i life....

Writing Junkie said...

See? I knew you would come back! ^_^
Any good writer can not stop writing for long.
I love the informality of this post, and thanks for telling everyone at my blogs birthday :)

I'm glad you're back, keep writing!

PurpleMist. said...

Glad you decided to stick around :D

Oliver said...

I love Noah & The Whale!

Yay! Thanks Writing Junkie! Of course I would tell everyone about your blog birthday. You're that cool! =]

Hey Purple! I remember you! You're my 100th follower!!! So thanks again for dropping by! =D

ishashime said...

YES! i knew you'd come back. took you long enough. haha. the good thing is you're back and yay i got a follow back! hoping to hear more from you. :)

Oliver said...

Thanks! And you didn't get a follow back, 'cause I didn't un-follow you to begin with. You just got yourself another Oliver follower! So hooray! XD

Miss Bobo said...

WORD! that mat looks like a potential tattoo. day-um! but glad you are keeping your enthusiasm from reading your recent comment on your recent blog post. THATS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! KEEP IT MOVING KEEP IT MOVING! <3

aakriti said...

so glad you are back!! *happy face* :D

Oliver said...

Yay Aakriti!!! =]

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