26 September, 2011

Hair Tales

Going to get a haircut isn't something I really look forward to. I have talked about this before, haven't I? I remember telling everyone that I have my own ways of coping with stress, and one of them is getting a haircut. My mom doesn't need to remind me that I already need a haircut. I know I need a haircut when I start feeling like too much stress has piled up on me already. The other way I react to stress is, when I get too frustrated with everything, getting myself a piercing. I'm not gonna talk about piercings anyway. I already talked about it here before.

I'm gonna talk about my recent trip to the barber shop.

Guys actually care about their hair. We actually care about our hair more than how we want others to think we do. I think it's okay for me to generalize here. You know, us guys like to say that styling isn't really our thing, and that only girls care too much about their hair looking good, but to hell we care so much as well! We spend time combing our hair and looking at how it looks in the mirror. We don't really appreciate it all so much when girls rub and tousle our hair like they're petting Lassie. I understand that girls like to do that to show endearment (really?), but yeah. . . We put our effort into it as well ladies, and we actually get just as goddamn annoyed when the wind or any other element ruins it. We just don't use curling irons, or hair irons in general. That's the only difference between boys and girls when it comes to hair.

Well dude, do you use a curling iron?

I like keeping my hair long. But my long hair isn't really the kind you typically see. Mine is a little shorter and thicker, and it goes up in all angles, and it's just more difficult to fix. No, it's not like Einstein's. I hope you don't picture me like a total weirdo-looking guy by the end of this blog. Haha.

So anyway, when I'm late for class, I would just wear a hat or a baseball cap to cover up my hair because if I were to fix it, I might as well just skip the entire day. I even missed a party because of it. It was last week. I took a nap and when I woke up at the time of the party I still got bedhead and it's just so horrendous and messy that I couldn't find a feasible way to fix it so I decided not to go, and I just went back to bed instead like a total loser. So alas, I've had one too many issues to deal with my long hair that I decided to get rid of it. Off to the barber I go.

I would just like to say that going to the barber shop is probably the most vain and narcissistic activity a guy does in a regular basis. To me, the entire barber process. . . it just feels awkward. Going into the shop I really don't know what to tell the barber, like how I want my hair to be. It's just so awkward. I don't like reading the newspaper while getting a haircut because when I did that once, I didn't really read it anyway. I just stared at the words, pretending I'm awesome by being a teen who reads the newspaper during every spare time he has. But I really didn't like that feeling so I never read the newspaper in the barber shop ever again.

The barber handing me the semi-porn magazine is just as awkward as my mom saying she's going to watch me shower, so I really don't appreciate it either. Why would you read the semi-porn magazine in a public place anyway? Yeah I understand it's a guys' place we're in. But what if you. . . what if you. . .  get too turned on? Reading any kind of novel while getting a haircut would be just as ridiculous. You will need to turn the page every once in a while. That's just too much movement for someone whose head and ears are in a precarious still position.

So I've made my point. I don't like reading anything while seated on the chair, getting a haircut. That leaves me with just one option then. One that is just as awkward as everything else:

Staring at myself in the mirror.

That's why I put my earphones on. It's to tell myself that I'm not focusing on my image in the mirror. I'm paying attention to the music. I'm paying attention to the music, not to my face. Not to how silly my hair looks in the middle of getting the haircut. I'm listening to the beautiful music, and that's it.

But another thing: the barber likes to chat. It's irritating 'cause he knows I have my earphones on but he still would talk to me so I'm always going like, "Hm?" "Yeah?" "Mhm?" and then I would just come up with a generic reply. I never enjoyed a chat with the barber, ever.

I know I'm just making a lot of problems for myself with this barber thing. But it's cool anyway, 'cause I'm just making fun of it here. I'm not really pissed off easily by such situations I mentioned above. Whenever something crappy happens, I just tell myself, "Oh, this situation. . ." followed by a short chuckle and a sigh. We all find ourselves in a not so enjoyable situation that you gotta deal with no matter what. What are you gonna do about it? Mope? Huddle in the corner and grumble to yourself how bad that sucked? Well, what I do is just think of the situation like it's a practical joke. And then I chuckle. And then I'm happy! Like, my trip to the barber shop is always like a practical joke to me. I kinda find its awkwardness amusing. Whenever I go to the barber shop, I'm saying, "Here we go again, Oliver. . ." and then I smile.

I love smiles.

kudos to you and your awesome hair.


Oliver said...

Just a little PS: I watched the Amazing Race earlier, and it was fun to see Ethan & Jenna there! So, yeah, anyway. . . I think so far I've been writing new blog posts on the same day. I just gotta say that I'll be updating every Sunday/Monday 'cause it's my favorite day. Yeah. Expect new posts every Sunday evening or Monday morning. =]

Thanks to everyone leaving comments here in the comments section! I appreciate it a lot. You keep my blog interesting. If you don't know it yet, I actually respond to your comments. So if you're interested, you may want to check it out. =]

My weekdays are too cramped, so again, you may expect new posts every Sunday evening or Monday morning. Kudos to you guys. =]

Ash said...

I read on Cracked.com an article that listed guys getting a haircut as one of the most awkward things a guy has to go through, and I kind of agree. I mean, I personally don't know too much about hair and stuff so I just walk in and go "uhh... can I get it shorter?" everytime. It always amuses me when girls talk about getting $75+ haircuts, and I'm just like "Yeah mine was $10," - cue death-stares by any girls who heard me.

I will admit that a lot of guys care more about their hair than they let on, and certainly more than women think. I know I spend too much time these days fussing over it. I used to let it grow a bit long, but then thought 'Screw this" and had it cut short and kept short for a while simply because it required crap-all maintenance. But then I wanted it to grow longer again, so I've let it grow out a bit this time. I plan on letting it grow a fair bit as well, I just hate it when it's in that 'in-between' stage where it's too short to 'style' but too long to just leave unattended. So annoying.

But yeah, in summary to my thesis, guys do care more about their hair than we let on, and I think barber places (shops? Is that right?) are awkward for every guy, simply because most of us have no idea and don't know what to ask for.

And in response to your comment on my blog, Bittersweet Symphony is one damn amazing song. I think it's on most peoples Top 10 lists, it's just that good and universally appealing. I'm a sucker for orchestral elements in modern songs. Just makes them seem kind of timeless, I guess.

Raz Darnell said...

Haircuts are awkward for girls too!! Or maybe it's just me, because I'm not good at the "chat" thing in general and being forced to engage the stylist is even worse. A lot of times I will just close by eyes and enjoy the feeling of my hair being blown dry.

But I'll tell you what you do about an awkward situation: you blog about it!! :D

And yeah, I'm definitely rooting for Ethan and Jenna! Why is it that the teams that always feel the need to profess their intelligence (the showgirls, in this case) wind up proving themselves morons in the first leg? Funny that Twitter saved her butt!

It'sJodie-Ann,Bro. said...

Haha! I once went to the hairdresser and shaved off the back of my hair because it got messed up. XD Now, it's the longest part of my hair. HOW RETARDED IS THAT?!

Oliver said...

Aha! Cracked just beats me at everything. I thought I was the first to point this out! I can't be mad at them though. Cracked is awesome.
I totally understand that phase! It's the annoying stage of the hair that just makes me feel crappy. Actually styling it is too tiring! Lol. XD I think it's proper to call them barber shops, and I can also relate to that. I really don't know what to tell the barber when I get in. Yup, "Can I get it shorter?" Hahaha!
Fist bump, man! Bittersweet Symphony is beautiful. Thanks for the comment. =]

I don't know but my sis seems to enjoy her trips to the salon! Haha. But you're a different kinda girl so I understand that. I don't know but yeah, even though being shampooed in the shop feels good, it still kinda feels awkward to me. I get a lot of awkward moments, I guess. I would just blog about it! Yup! Awesome. =]
Ethan & Jenna FTW! It's funny how those other racers reacted when they realized they have both won Survivor. They were like, "OMG they're greedy!" But Ethan & Jenna went through a LOT since their wins (which was like eight years ago?), so I understand if they want to join the race for some more adventure and more cash. Yep, Kaylani and Lisa got lucky with the Twitter dudes, but I like them! Haha! I wish I would run into the racers too someday! =]
It's always great to know that somebody who reads my blog also watches Survivor and the Amazing Race. Haha. You make me happy!

Totally retarded! Raz and I would say. . . Blog about it! XD

Writing Junkie said...

I stare at myself in the mirror and read those weird hair magazine things about all the cuts, styles, colors and blah blah blah that you can get. lolz
I wish I had your optimism. I'm the type who goes into a corner and grumbles to themselves, but I promise you I'm not crazy! lolz

Well, yaaa for haircuts, and smiles!^_^

Miss Bobo said...

I commend you dear fellow for standing up and saying "yes, I care about my hair." some guys don't like admitting it but hey you got the firy balls to do so (pardon my crass language). anywho, I appreciate the fact that your outlook of your life is laughing at the horrible or rather really awkward moments. I have a few friends who do that. keep it coming man! keep it coming! <3

ishashime said...

i'm not surprised. i know quite a few guys who would come super close to punching me if i even so much as thought about touching their hair. haha.
funny post, oliver! i hate getting haircuts myself. mostly because i don't know what to tell my hairdresser so they have to work on my vague descriptions and i end up with a cut i don't really like but then i have to live with it for a couple of months. boo.

Oliver said...

Of course you're not crazy. You're totally normal! Lol. Hooray for haircuts and smiles! More haircuts and smiles for everyone!!! =D

@Miss Bobo
Hahaha. I really laughed at your comment. Thanks, man. Thanks. Yup, keep em coming. Just keep em coming! =]

Oh yeah, see. Guys really care about their hair! I wouldn't punch a girl though if she wants to touch my hair. I'd just be thinking like, "Damn, do you really have to ruin my hair like that?" Lol. But maybe not really.
My sis does a good job at getting the right haircut she wants. She would Google pics of the hairstyles she likes and then she would show it to the hairdresser. Maybe her hairdresser is just really good, 'cause she always ends up getting the hair she really wanted. I suggest then that you think about what style you really want, browse pics, and then get it done! It doesn't work that way for guys though so idk it's always been awkward.
I'm glad you found this post funny! =D

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