06 May, 2011

The Sixth Sense

Likes to have fun.

The society has made everyone believe that mothers know best, and because that idea has been instilled in me since the beginning of the growth of my intelligent brain cells, I have come to view my mom as some kind of a philosopher. She tells me how to become a better person, how to view things in life and how to live it-- often reiterating how cool it would be if I became a doctor even though I've always wanted to become a writer. Because I've grown to believe that mothers know best, I've grown to believe her. She's the philosopher. Whatever she says is a piece of wisdom inscribed on a golden tablet. A beam of sunlight hits it and it sparkles, it shines, it glows, and finally emits bright rays of enlightenment to the unaware ingenuous mind.

My philosophy in life is influenced a lot by a guy named Epicurus, and her. While I live my life just being carefree and happy, enjoying every moment of it without being overindulgent, because I believe in what the stone statue guy says, I also make my life revolve around the concept taught by a woman who makes her living out of making people pay their taxes, who sings My Chemical Romance songs on her way to the grocery, who goes to church online, whom I respect a lot. Because my mom is so cool, the most important thing one must have to live a happy life, she says, is a sense of humor. Preferably a good one.

In my field of study, contrary to common belief, there's a lot of funny people. Most of them are so much into science though, so they have a huge tendency to throw in some science to the jokes. That is something I'm not really fond of. Like during one lunch, we were talking about random things and it was fun because we were laughing every once in a while. The fun jumped out the window once someone related a joke to Gauss's law and cosine theta and molecular orbitals. The conversation became just that, like a less funny real-life version of The Big Bang Theory, and it didn't really go well with my french fries. My friend noticed the look in my face and knew I wasn't too happy about where the conversation was going so he shifted the conversation from Isaac Newton to Gilbert Gottfried. Eventually someone brought atoms back to the table again, however, so I just made a comment about how they were making "scientifically mutated" jokes.

Someone thought it would be a good idea to talk about genetics. He asked, "What's the theory behind mutation again?" I braced myself for a huge wave of biochemistry approaching. It happened. Theories got tossed across the lunch table like nachos and beer. It just went on and on like different science textbooks were being read aloud one after another. I was just like, "Okay. . . great."

Instead of complaining about how unhappy I was with how the conversation was going,  I found myself being amused by the nerdiness of it. I would've forced a smile just to pretend I'm into whatever the hell they were talking about, but I didn't, because I just smiled. For some reason, and I find it strange, I was amused by it. It's like when you keep failing at something, after a while you just smile and shake your head, getting a little amused by how pathetic your efforts are. It was very much like that. It was like a practical joke.

That is what a sense of humor does to a person. Whenever something unfunny happens, you just come to find it funny somehow.

And that's exactly what mama says. It makes you not take everything seriously to help you relax and think better even when something bad happens. It helps you see things from different perspectives, which is always good. It helps you learn about life as it makes you more open-minded. It makes you more spontaneous and lively. It just makes life more fun!

We have the sense of sight, sense of hearing, sense of touch, sense of smell and sense of taste. Five basic senses which you do not have to be a scientist to know. We cannot forget the sixth sense, our sense of humor, that helps us get through every day as well. Some people say there's a seventh one more important than the sense of humor, something called common sense. Even though I believe common sense is indeed very important in life, I've read somewhere that common sense and  a sense of humor are just the same thing. Sense of humor is just common sense, dancing.

I love my mom.

kudos to everyone whose common sense is an excellent dancer.

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Happy Elf Mom said...

Aw, you are so sweet! I hope you and your mom have a great Mother's Day. :)

rencie. said...

Starry observations: (Yes, I got that from Paste.)

- Your mother listens to My Chemical Romance! All mine listens to is Celine Dion. ..and the like.
- Nerdy friends are nerdy! We're also like that sometimes, for example: "I'm feeling MgBr2 today." We all get it. We don't do that kind of talking all the time though! Whenever there's a nerdy joke there's always someone who is going to be like, "Ugh. /rolls eyes"

Sometimes mothers don't always know what's best. You could always be a writer and a doctor at the same time.

Jodie-Ann said...

Awwn! :D Happy mother's day! :D

Raessy Angeles said...

You're mom's so cool! :)) Happy Mother's Day to her. ☺ And yes, hello sixth sense! Cheers.

Christopher said...

Every sense of humor has its own particular sense of humor. Generally I go along with it because humor is all about context. The thing you have to watch out for is that you don't let it carry over to your personal life because that just makes you look lame.

Sunakshi said...

Thank you for dropping by,Oliver. :)

I apologize for not being able to visit any blog space due to exams,no matter how much i miss reading.

I'll be back in June.

Hope you're doing good. :)

Oliver said...

@Mrs. C
We did!!! Happy mother's day to you, too! =]

Yeah, she's kinda cool, but it's all because she's a little crazy like me. I don't understand that MgBr2 joke, such shame. Maybe I'm not that nerdy after all! MAGNESIUM BROMIDE??? How is that funny? And uhm, yeah, I'm gonna do whatever I want if I can.

Yeah, to my mom! Thanks!


It becomes trouble when people don't see the context. And you're right, when humor becomes what a person is, it doesn't sound quite right.

Yeah I'm kinda missing all your poetry a lot. I'm doing great, thank you!

Miss Bobo said...

that is really "cute" and reading this post reminded me of a book I read for a Literature class in which these two guys knew they were going to get killed and laughed while walking in plain sight of the street. I thought they were crazy but I think they realized that might as well have a good one before they died. In a sense life is funny to a certain extent but it makes me think if laughing so much is a form of catharcism when crying isn't an option to express yourself.

Oliver said...

@Miss Bobo
That's great. And I bet I would do that too if I found out I'm dying. I would have lots of fun and laugh til I die. I know, I'm crazy. XD

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