08 April, 2011

My Physical Handicap

It's swinging. I don't want to call it simple harmonic motion.

Oh, so here I go again. . .  I'm gonna apologize for not being able to live up to my promise that I would be blogging at least once a week. I'm gonna promise yet again that I would. It's already annoying, don't you think? I'm already becoming the boy who cried wolf. I'm so tired of my Pinocchio-esque ways and my apology-slash-pledge speeches in the first paragraph of every post. Yes, even I myself am already getting frustrated with not being able to do what I want to do. It's really sad. Please bear with me again this time, because I have a few things I want to say. 

First of all, I just finished another term. And in just a few weeks, it's going to be my third year in college. Time flies! I can't believe I'm able to stick in with being a chemistry student for two years now. I think you understand why I haven't been posting as much as I used to. Like, dude, it's soon going to be my third year in college, and the courses that I took last term were all, you know, science. Last time when I announced that my blog would be back to regular programming, that was actually the day before the start of my exam week. I thought whenever I got tired of trying to study I would be blogging during break times, but no, I just either slept or fed my brain with only music or watched Jerry Springer. When I finished all the exams last week, I immediately went on a sort of a happy trip. I went out with friends and just relished the absolute reality that I am now free. I love being happy.


Unfortunately for me, another term is going to start next week on Thursday. And double whammy for me, I'm going to take another Physics course. You know, the thing that made me hate my school life last term was my Physics course. It is the first level of Physics that chemistry majors are required to take and the bad thing about it is, yes, I just really hate Physics. When you are forced to do something that you hate to do: first, you complain; second, you suck it up; third, you fail; fourth, you begin to hate it even more; fifth, you get confused and flounder; sixth, you get tired of it; lastly, you just want to get over it. My physics class was so boring, my professor was so lifeless in class and my textbook was like speaking another language. Oh well. . .

I can rant on and on about how much I hate physics, but of course I won't. I don't want to channel my inner frustrations to my readers. Feel the love.

So if you're not required to take a physics course, come on, don't be a masochist and take one. Don't take a physics course unless you're the Sorcerer's Apprentice or you want to do exceptionally well at Angry Birds or you're a total weirdo.

I don't care how good I am at Angry Birds. As long as I get through each level, I don't care how many attempts I make. Once I tried to calculate for the proper angle of release and I measured it with a protractor, but I don't know what went wrong with the laws of projectile 'cause I still ended up screwing it. Physics frustrates me and, you know, that game is just like a frustration multiplier anyway.

Oh, Galileo. . .

And now I'm about to take level two of Physics. What do I have to learn from Physics? I just have to know that when I jump I go back down because of gravity. That when I push something it also pushes me. That there's normal force everywhere. Come on, what!? That a wrench works because of some fancy force thing called torque? That every object in this universe likes to conserve angular momentum? Like, who cares? I'm alive and it's all that matters.

Hehe. A science student hates the theories of science. Kinda unique, eh?

Okay, the last thing I want to say is. . . April is a special month. It's Overville's birth month! My blog is going to turn one-year old soon, so I want to make my posts for April really special. Just tune in! Let's all cheer for Overville! And if you don't know it yet, I actually respond to your comments. I just don't do it every time a new one comes up. I do it after I get a new blog post up. I'm also open for suggestions. What do you think would be awesome to do? What do you want to change in my blog aside from the font size? Okay let me hear ya then!

See you soon.

kudos to physics survivors.
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