26 November, 2011

Quick Update

Hey everyone, I just dropped by here to tell everyone that I'm not dead yet. And my blog isn't dead yet. It's been a little unattended 'cause I'm super busy. And I mean that very seriously. I have never been this busy my whole life. I'm very tired. I really am.

Being a chemistry student is a hard task. First you prepare your lab experiment by making a report on what you're going to do in the lab with details of what the experiment is about, and then you spend at least four hours a day performing the experiment in the lab, and then you encode the data, and then you treat the data, and at home you spend more than nine hours making sense of the data, doing tons of calculations, making charts, all while hoping your computer doesn't give up on you soon. And then you're gonna have to make a lab report about what happened in the experiment. The reports this time around have become much longer compared to experiments in the past. You know every experiment takes so much time to finish, especially the biochemistry ones where the extraction processes take forever. And then when I wind up getting unsatisfying data, I will have to repeat it. That would suck. So I'm hoping the proteins I kept in the lab fridge would be fine during the weekend.

The good news is, my favorite band fun. released a new song called "We Are Young" on YouTube, and their new album will be out February. I've been listening to their first album for a long time now so yeah, hooray new album. I'm addicted to their new song. Nothing can stop me from listening to some beautiful songs.

Also, I just turned eighteen last week. So yay, happy birthday to me. I spent my birthday in the lab measuring the calorie contents of potato chips and cornflakes I could've otherwise enjoyed. Hooray.

That's it. I have no interesting topic to write about here, so sorry for that. This is just me telling everyone that I'm still alive, and my blog will always be alive no matter what happens to me. This is just an update about what's going on in my life. Really sorry. I will make much better blog posts in the future once I get my life back. I promise you. We will have some fun. =]

kudos to fun.

13 October, 2011

I Need Redemption

Yup, that's a Survivor: South Pacific reference. I just watched Survivor so I'm in a pretty good mood, not to mention that I'm finally able to break free somehow from my evil subjects. This season of Survivor is actually pretty good so far, and I'm hoping that it doesn't turn into a piece of crap like the previous season did as it progresses. Ha, I just made a single Survivor reference and I'm consuming one paragraph of my precious blog talking about it? Not good. This post isn't about Survivor anyway, so. . . shut me up.

Alright, so I lied that I would be posting every week, that is every Sunday or Monday. I should have known that a schedule like that isn't really good, mainly because some courses like to schedule their exams on a Monday. (Oh, shocking. My courses are preventing me from blogging?) That means not only do I lose the Monday, but also the Sunday because obviously I would have to be cramming every page of my notes inside my head on the Sunday night so that I don't screw myself up in the exam the next day.

I don't really feel good about not having followed the schedule that I set for myself two weeks ago. I had just promised it in the comments section, and then I broke it right away. It's really embarrassing. I still haven't gotten over the fact that I'm still blogging while a couple of posts ago I told everyone that I'm toast. I think I lost a couple of awesome points for writing a dramatic goodbye post like, "Oh I'm really sorry, I want to say goodbye to everyone, even to myself, Oliver the blogger. Sniffle. Sniffle," only to wind up saying later, "Oh hey, I changed my mind. I hope you're glad I'm back! Lalalalala." I can't forgive myself for the two times I broke a promise here. The times I lied-- it's unforgivable. I've become a big, fat liar. That's a movie, right? Big Fat Liar. But I'm not big, I'm not fat: I'm a pretty, little liar.

I just described myself as a chick flick kinda show. I'm gonna gag. What is happening to me? You know what, I once realized I could relate to a Justin Bieber song. And also I once found Snooki attractive. I know, I suck.

That's why I seriously need redemption, even in school. The exam I prepared for two weeks ago was a Biochemistry exam. I felt a little more confident in it compared to my previous exams, so I think I did quite well. For a while I felt smart again, until my math exam had to come and punch me in the face and call me an idiot. My math exam was terrible. My professor is evil.  Why did she have to put hidden trigonometric identities on every problem? I already forgot the more complicated trigonometric identities, because that was already one year ago! Her exam was insanely difficult. Yes,.my professor is a chick. She's actually kinda hot for her age. She's in her mid-thirties and she's great to look at while she's teaching math. Uhm. . . this is getting awkward.

All of my subjects this term are infuriating. Biochemistry, physical chemistry, differential calculus --they have gotten really hard to study, and even the lectures given by the professors are getting quite hard to understand. I'm not getting the scores that I hope for in the exams, and it's quite frustrating. You know, you try hard to understand the lessons, you stay up all night, you work stuff, but at the end of the day it seems like God wants to point out that you're not doing it right, that you're not good at it no matter what you do. That's pretty much how I had been feeling for the past couple of weeks, with my lessons ganging up on me. Chemistry used to be fun. I loved it. But now it's like, what do I do? I'm not good at anything anymore!

That's how I felt until I received my essay in my Sociology class. We were required to write a five-page essay answering three guide questions, putting together all that we've discussed in class. I worked hard for it. I had to. Writing about politics and society isn't really my forte so I had to read a lot of books just to come up with a decent discussion. That's why I was really happy when I saw I got a really high score (the rating system is different but it's equivalent to an A+), and also when I saw the little comment of my professor written on the last page saying that my paper was really good, commending me for a good job. It really put a smile on my face.

It sort of reminded me that no matter what, you can never be not good at anything. Every person is good, but nobody is perfect. Just because you failed at one thing, or two things, doesn't mean you're gonna fail at everything. I hate how I'm sounding too much like Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul right now, but hey, this is true. Nobody sucks at everything. We should never feel bad at ourselves just because our best isn't always what we had hoped. There is always something where your best is good enough, and I realized that is often something you love to do.

Remember that.

kudos to you for being who you are, doing what you do.

26 September, 2011

Hair Tales

Going to get a haircut isn't something I really look forward to. I have talked about this before, haven't I? I remember telling everyone that I have my own ways of coping with stress, and one of them is getting a haircut. My mom doesn't need to remind me that I already need a haircut. I know I need a haircut when I start feeling like too much stress has piled up on me already. The other way I react to stress is, when I get too frustrated with everything, getting myself a piercing. I'm not gonna talk about piercings anyway. I already talked about it here before.

I'm gonna talk about my recent trip to the barber shop.

Guys actually care about their hair. We actually care about our hair more than how we want others to think we do. I think it's okay for me to generalize here. You know, us guys like to say that styling isn't really our thing, and that only girls care too much about their hair looking good, but to hell we care so much as well! We spend time combing our hair and looking at how it looks in the mirror. We don't really appreciate it all so much when girls rub and tousle our hair like they're petting Lassie. I understand that girls like to do that to show endearment (really?), but yeah. . . We put our effort into it as well ladies, and we actually get just as goddamn annoyed when the wind or any other element ruins it. We just don't use curling irons, or hair irons in general. That's the only difference between boys and girls when it comes to hair.

Well dude, do you use a curling iron?

I like keeping my hair long. But my long hair isn't really the kind you typically see. Mine is a little shorter and thicker, and it goes up in all angles, and it's just more difficult to fix. No, it's not like Einstein's. I hope you don't picture me like a total weirdo-looking guy by the end of this blog. Haha.

So anyway, when I'm late for class, I would just wear a hat or a baseball cap to cover up my hair because if I were to fix it, I might as well just skip the entire day. I even missed a party because of it. It was last week. I took a nap and when I woke up at the time of the party I still got bedhead and it's just so horrendous and messy that I couldn't find a feasible way to fix it so I decided not to go, and I just went back to bed instead like a total loser. So alas, I've had one too many issues to deal with my long hair that I decided to get rid of it. Off to the barber I go.

I would just like to say that going to the barber shop is probably the most vain and narcissistic activity a guy does in a regular basis. To me, the entire barber process. . . it just feels awkward. Going into the shop I really don't know what to tell the barber, like how I want my hair to be. It's just so awkward. I don't like reading the newspaper while getting a haircut because when I did that once, I didn't really read it anyway. I just stared at the words, pretending I'm awesome by being a teen who reads the newspaper during every spare time he has. But I really didn't like that feeling so I never read the newspaper in the barber shop ever again.

The barber handing me the semi-porn magazine is just as awkward as my mom saying she's going to watch me shower, so I really don't appreciate it either. Why would you read the semi-porn magazine in a public place anyway? Yeah I understand it's a guys' place we're in. But what if you. . . what if you. . .  get too turned on? Reading any kind of novel while getting a haircut would be just as ridiculous. You will need to turn the page every once in a while. That's just too much movement for someone whose head and ears are in a precarious still position.

So I've made my point. I don't like reading anything while seated on the chair, getting a haircut. That leaves me with just one option then. One that is just as awkward as everything else:

Staring at myself in the mirror.

That's why I put my earphones on. It's to tell myself that I'm not focusing on my image in the mirror. I'm paying attention to the music. I'm paying attention to the music, not to my face. Not to how silly my hair looks in the middle of getting the haircut. I'm listening to the beautiful music, and that's it.

But another thing: the barber likes to chat. It's irritating 'cause he knows I have my earphones on but he still would talk to me so I'm always going like, "Hm?" "Yeah?" "Mhm?" and then I would just come up with a generic reply. I never enjoyed a chat with the barber, ever.

I know I'm just making a lot of problems for myself with this barber thing. But it's cool anyway, 'cause I'm just making fun of it here. I'm not really pissed off easily by such situations I mentioned above. Whenever something crappy happens, I just tell myself, "Oh, this situation. . ." followed by a short chuckle and a sigh. We all find ourselves in a not so enjoyable situation that you gotta deal with no matter what. What are you gonna do about it? Mope? Huddle in the corner and grumble to yourself how bad that sucked? Well, what I do is just think of the situation like it's a practical joke. And then I chuckle. And then I'm happy! Like, my trip to the barber shop is always like a practical joke to me. I kinda find its awkwardness amusing. Whenever I go to the barber shop, I'm saying, "Here we go again, Oliver. . ." and then I smile.

I love smiles.

kudos to you and your awesome hair.

19 September, 2011


I'm beginning to feel like my life is pretty effed up at this point. It's an awful realization, which does not surprise me anymore since I have already convinced myself somehow that I'm a terrible person (to the slightest degree). And also I think you won't be surprised if I tell you that what's making me feel like crap is my number one frien-emy. The guy who got Selena Gomez pregnant? Nope. The university.

School is a bully. I can't even feel good anymore because whatever I do, I think of what I gotta do for school. Yeah I'm watching Survivor, but I'm thinking: my break is over. I have classes tomorrow. I have to complete my physics lab sheets. I will have to get spent going from one building to another. Thinking of it alone just exhausts me! Actually doing it is so boring it drains every ounce of life out of me.

Yep, I think I've just lost my school spirit. I just think I don't want it anymore. And that's why I'm beginning to think that the rest of my life is going to be spent in a cesspool of zombies being counterproductive and unhealthy to this already crapped up society. I know I might just be going through this phase like all students do. Just tell me that even just for once in your life you've felt like quitting school. Tell me I'm still normal. Tell me I'm not being a good-for-nothing teenager.

Except that I just quit my job.

I know! Ich weiß, ich weiß. You're going like, "Whuuut!? I'm taking college courses and I just quit my job at Subway, whuutt!!!??" But you know, that job was just awful. All it did was fill up my schedule for the whole day and I really didn't feel like I'm earning something. (Maybe because I would spend it all up in just one week.) No really, it was just not worth it. And I didn't really work at Subway.

What is college for anyway? The system of education in our society has been broken. It's not about learning anymore. It's about enduring this amount of workload for the sake of the amount you paid for. It's not really about the process of acquiring new knowledge and contributing it to the society. It's about getting yourself credentials on paper so that you can earn money for yourself later. The society just dictates that you should have a degree, whatever degree 'cause it doesn't really matter whether or not that's what you're interested in, since it is highly likely that you're going to end up in a field of work completely different from your field of study anyway. This is our society. This society, in which skipping classes, smoking in the corridor, and bullying your anti-social overweight classmate are considered cool, just feeds us knowledge saying that they're important to know, even though they will eventually prove to be rather useless.

I'm still hoping that I can get my school spirit back. I know I love school. I know that there's this tiny Oliver inside of me that still believes in education. I like to learn. I like to know what other people know. I would like to discover what other people don't know. It's just that this Oliver right now is a bit. . . disheartened.

I don't know what I gotta do. I guess I just need some peanut butter, pizza, and ice cream, and. . . oh well.

Dear Oliver, you've been chilling for a long enough time. It's time to come back out. We have classes tomorrow.

kudos to those people who yearn to learn.

13 September, 2011


I'm back. I'm writing this because there's no better time to write this than now. I just finished taking a series of exams in all of my subjects this term. It's. . . it's insane. I will be having one week of break from study, but I'll probably be busy with some web designing, and then after that school will grab me by my back being the monster that it is, and. . . yeah, same things. But whatever, now I'm blogging again. I missed blogging. I even tweeted it once. I just got frustrated with everything going on and with the fact that I couldn't blog during that time. I missed this! This makes me happy.

I'm happy that Blogger has changed its interface. It's clean, modern, and white and orange. I love white and orange.

I know I said in my previous post that it was the final chapter, that it was the end. I know it's disgustingly dramatic, and I hate myself for writing that. I want to thank everyone though for your great comments. I liked reading your comments. It made me realize a thing or two about what I want, and about the awesomeness of you people that I would miss out on if I quit. You know I was just too occupied when I wrote that. Tough times, putting out one crisis after another. Oy vey. . . let's not talk about it anymore, I know you're not interested anyway. And thinking of it again makes me feel bad. And please, don't go back and read that post again, it's embarrassing. Ha.

Thanks to everyone still here in the Overville neighborhood. All 160 of you guys are awesome, but since 50 of my followers are dummy accounts made by my mom. . . No, just kidding. =]

I just used a smiley in my blog post! Aaahhh!!!

Haha, sorry about the randomness of this blog post. This is a coming-back post, I know I should have done something better, but yeah I'm just enjoying this experience again. I love this. I'm having fun writing. Writing, one of the most solitary activities in the world, in front of the computer, yeah sure I'm having fun writing. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm having fun! Yay! I love having fun. I love having fun with my clothes on.

In other news, The Writing Junkie just celebrated his/her first blog anniversary. Go ahead and give some kudos to that great blogger. Our favorite girl Jodie is having a fun time being hilarious as always. Miss Bobo is upset that True Blood is over. Hehe. My sister shares your pain. I only watched the first season and I thought it was good, but I wasn't able to tune in this season because of all this being busy crap. Tom created a great app for iPhone, and of course you would like to try it out! It's the world's first augmented reality golf game, for Pete's sake! Who would've ever thought you could play golf by swinging your phone? Apparently Tom did! And, hmm Ian-Luke's blog is missing. . .

In other news, Survivor: South Pacific premieres on Wednesday. I can't be more excited!

Okay I think that's it for now. I missed everything and everyone. This is great. Also, I'm updating my reading list. I'm using a new account for Blogger, actually now the Google account I use for mail and everything else. Yeah, I used to have a different Google account for Blogger. So since I have a new account I have to follow you guys again. So you're getting another Oliver as a follower if I like you!

Yeah this is it. I'm back and I'm happy. I hope you guys are happy I'm back too.

This is the point where Ode to Joy should start playing in the background. Or Firework. Or Life is Life.

kudos to everyone who's found one thing that makes him happy.

18 June, 2011

Missing Soul

I am lost. I'm not really sure what is happening to me. I got sick for a while. My head hurts. My mind can't focus. I broke my computer. I ran out of peanut butter. There were lots of things that went on during the time I wasn't online, and right now, well, I'm still bothered by everything there is to do. I am lost, and I'm confused. It's not a surprise that this state of mind is brought on by school, among other things.

Sure I just finished another term. My final grade in Physics II is a huge improvement from Physics I so I'm pretty happy. My final grade in Dance is more awesome though. Yeah, I took a dance course as an elective last term; what's so funny? I'm quite surprised to see I did better in it. Maybe the repercussions of my innate hate for physics surpasses the degree of adversity any other obstacle in the world may effect, including my clumsiness and inability to take dance moves seriously. Wow that previous sentence is loaded.

I finished another term, and I had a one-week break, and then ta-da! I'm back to school again! The thought of going back to school after having only a week worth of vacation was made even worse by my computer crashing after having enough amounts of bugs and malware that apparently got to my computer via an update Windows required me to download so that I would pay for their tech support to help me "fix the problem" once I had installed it. Well-played. So I spent my one-week break without a computer. That blows. Thank God there were zombies in an iPod for me to kill.

Let's continue pretending for a few more moments that you actually care about what's going on in my life and what's in store for me this next term in college. Well, I have a Biochemistry course. I also have a Physical Chemistry course, and unfortunately if a student wants to take a Physical Chemistry course he will also have to take a course on Differentials along with it. I have taken Algebra and two Calculus courses in the past two years and I thought I would never see a synonym of math on the labels on my notebook ever again. So much for crushing my dreams.

Oh, and just to make my schedule look cool, I also enrolled in a German course. It's extremely hot in the Foreign Languages building so I definitely have to suffer a little for an attempt to be cool. That's the way life is.

Just who made life this way?

My internal conflict is mainly caused by my inability to focus. There are lots of things I have to do, and there are lots of things I want to do. It's a real unfortunate situation because the things I want to do are not things I have to do, and by fulfilling those wants, I am putting off those 'haves' and consume the time I would allot to it. It may be the usual student blues you would see in a teenager's blog. I'm a usual teenager, after all. But my struggle actually comes from a deeper stupid root. It is just that I still don't know what I want to become. I don't know how I want my future to be. I have always wanted to become a writer or something like it, but fate led me to a laboratory. Entering college at an early age put me in a really tough situation of deciding for my future. Holding that application form three years ago, I wasn't really sure what I would do with it. How could I have known then what I really want for my future? Because even up to now I am not sure! Every now and then I get these insane feelings of realizing that I really don't like what I am doing, but there's no turning back now. I'm just coasting along, going with the flow, sleeping in bed, living my life, being a science student, to eventually get my degree.   

Once I receive my degree, I don't know what's next. Get hired? Get another degree? Get hitched? Go to medical school and be in debt for the rest of my life? I know I should be making a plan, but I don't know where to start. I suck.

And like I said. . .

I'm lost.

kudos to people who plan for the future.

20 May, 2011

Happiness and the Best of Awesomeness

Yet another blog birthday post.

My blog first came up on the 12th of May 2010, and since I was maybe sleeping under a tree all day that day of this year, I wasn't able to write a blog post to celebrate its first anniversary. In fact, I missed exactly two weeks of blogging! Maybe I spent fourteen days daydreaming about going to China. I really want to go there someday. Okay my mind is drifting off to somewhere again. Back to the blog. Okay, so here I'm going to celebrate my first year in Overville. I'm really happy about my blog and I really enjoy this experience of sharing stories and opinions to people. I love writing so I'm glad I have this platform where I can actually do what I love to do, which absolutely keeps me happy. Okay, so why not go on and celebrate with me? L'chaim!

I'm very happy that there are people who don't even know who I am but enjoy reading what I write. It's wonderful when I get comments from people. Like, reading a comment from Aakriti (I want to know how to pronounce her name. It's so cool.) that I was like, one of the reasons she started blogging, and by the Writing Junkie that says my blog is one of his favorites and that it's the reason he goes on the computer sometimes. Jodie was also very kind to say that she would like to marry my blog. And my blog excites Tom, apparently. Here's proof:


Seriously. I mean, those are precious, aren't they? Those are the biggest compliments I can ever get. I want to thank everyone for everything-- reading my blog, taking time to read all the crap I have to say, and taking time to write a comment whether on my posts or on your own blogs, and finally thank you for sharing your blogs with me 'cause I just love reading them. Thank you all so much. I also want to give a shout-out to ScoMan. His blog is one of the first few blogs I started reading and is definitely one of my favorites, but unfortunately he has stopped updating. I don't know if you're ever gonna see this man, but yeah it would be cool if you could go back to the awesome Blogger Blogspot Blogosphere.

What am I going to do now? Well here's a list of the Top 10 Overville blog posts. This basically means which ones got the most amount of hits over the past year. If you would like to do some back-reading, that would be cool. Here's the most awesome posts of Overville 2010-2011! 

10. Smothering (21 September 2010)
          I was sad and down and totally frustrated when I wrote this. I'm glad it didn't end up like a typical teenager-is-ranting-and-hates-his-life kind of blog post. Re-reading this makes me feel good it's kinda strange.

9. The Day My World Stood Still (14 January 2011)
          So do people enjoy reading how badly things are going in somebody's life? LOL. This is just a series of unfortunate events that happened to me. The only thing that didn't happen to me was get hit by a falling meteorite, like that in Dead Like Me.

8. The Big Blog Theory (18 October 2010)
          This post is quite long, and is about. . . blogs! What makes a blog a blog? Why do people blog? What is a blog about? I'm quite surprised people liked this post. I mean, it's long and a little wordy, and I thought people hated that.

7. I am a Dummy (09 August 2010)
          A story of me convincing myself that I am a stupid person only to end up witnessing a chess champion's utter failure in Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and making fun of it on this blog post. I'm evil.

6. Where is the Love? (18 December 2010)
          It's not a surprise that people like to read about love. This is just a story and some opinions about marriage.

5. Singing with Angels (17 August 2010)
          Ah, one of my favorites. A post about life and happiness, written in a happy mood after listening to Hey Jude a million times.

4. First Post! (12 May 2010)
          The very first blog post, that says nothing, that I even promoted pointlessly in one of my recent posts. 

3. Oliver the Bomber (08 November 2010)
          Hahaha. I like this post. It's just me describing how much I hate security guards. It's kinda fun.

2. Trials (26 August 2010)
          Now this is a surprise. This post is totally meaningless. I have no idea how it got so many hits. I only made this post to try out a new layout. It contains words, but it doesn't really say anything.

1. Sweet Suffering (05 January 2011)
          If you want to know how 'sugar' got its name, and learn the story of the enchantress in heaven, and have an idea of how evil I am, read this. 

That's it. One year of blogging-- it's a huge accomplishment. I'm so happy I'm going to keep blogging. I wonder how long this is going to last. And oh, maybe you would like to check out the Meebo bar I have at the bottom. Click on RSS to subscribe! If you've already subscribed using Blogger's feed, you may want to replace it with the RSS feed hosted by FeedBurner; it's right there at the Meebo bar. You know Blogger's feed sucks.

I am glad I can sit down in front of the computer and put up a blog post today. Well I'm just in a very happy mood. I'm done with all my physics problem sets this term, and I just had an exam earlier. Although I wasn't really able to prepare for it because I overslept and totally forgot that I would be having an exam, I think I still did a pretty good job. I'm not gonna fail that exam. I like being happy so I like to think that way.

Happy Friday, everyone! Always have fun!

kudos to happy energies.

06 May, 2011

The Sixth Sense

Likes to have fun.

The society has made everyone believe that mothers know best, and because that idea has been instilled in me since the beginning of the growth of my intelligent brain cells, I have come to view my mom as some kind of a philosopher. She tells me how to become a better person, how to view things in life and how to live it-- often reiterating how cool it would be if I became a doctor even though I've always wanted to become a writer. Because I've grown to believe that mothers know best, I've grown to believe her. She's the philosopher. Whatever she says is a piece of wisdom inscribed on a golden tablet. A beam of sunlight hits it and it sparkles, it shines, it glows, and finally emits bright rays of enlightenment to the unaware ingenuous mind.

My philosophy in life is influenced a lot by a guy named Epicurus, and her. While I live my life just being carefree and happy, enjoying every moment of it without being overindulgent, because I believe in what the stone statue guy says, I also make my life revolve around the concept taught by a woman who makes her living out of making people pay their taxes, who sings My Chemical Romance songs on her way to the grocery, who goes to church online, whom I respect a lot. Because my mom is so cool, the most important thing one must have to live a happy life, she says, is a sense of humor. Preferably a good one.

In my field of study, contrary to common belief, there's a lot of funny people. Most of them are so much into science though, so they have a huge tendency to throw in some science to the jokes. That is something I'm not really fond of. Like during one lunch, we were talking about random things and it was fun because we were laughing every once in a while. The fun jumped out the window once someone related a joke to Gauss's law and cosine theta and molecular orbitals. The conversation became just that, like a less funny real-life version of The Big Bang Theory, and it didn't really go well with my french fries. My friend noticed the look in my face and knew I wasn't too happy about where the conversation was going so he shifted the conversation from Isaac Newton to Gilbert Gottfried. Eventually someone brought atoms back to the table again, however, so I just made a comment about how they were making "scientifically mutated" jokes.

Someone thought it would be a good idea to talk about genetics. He asked, "What's the theory behind mutation again?" I braced myself for a huge wave of biochemistry approaching. It happened. Theories got tossed across the lunch table like nachos and beer. It just went on and on like different science textbooks were being read aloud one after another. I was just like, "Okay. . . great."

Instead of complaining about how unhappy I was with how the conversation was going,  I found myself being amused by the nerdiness of it. I would've forced a smile just to pretend I'm into whatever the hell they were talking about, but I didn't, because I just smiled. For some reason, and I find it strange, I was amused by it. It's like when you keep failing at something, after a while you just smile and shake your head, getting a little amused by how pathetic your efforts are. It was very much like that. It was like a practical joke.

That is what a sense of humor does to a person. Whenever something unfunny happens, you just come to find it funny somehow.

And that's exactly what mama says. It makes you not take everything seriously to help you relax and think better even when something bad happens. It helps you see things from different perspectives, which is always good. It helps you learn about life as it makes you more open-minded. It makes you more spontaneous and lively. It just makes life more fun!

We have the sense of sight, sense of hearing, sense of touch, sense of smell and sense of taste. Five basic senses which you do not have to be a scientist to know. We cannot forget the sixth sense, our sense of humor, that helps us get through every day as well. Some people say there's a seventh one more important than the sense of humor, something called common sense. Even though I believe common sense is indeed very important in life, I've read somewhere that common sense and  a sense of humor are just the same thing. Sense of humor is just common sense, dancing.

I love my mom.

kudos to everyone whose common sense is an excellent dancer.

Happy Mother's Day! And check out the Meebo bar I have at the bottom. Make sure you click on RSS to subscribe!

01 May, 2011

A New Year of Overville

It's been one year and I want to thank everyone.

My blog is having its first anniversary on the 12th of May. I know I said in the previous post that April was my blog's birth month. Since I was being an irresponsible daddy then, I actually couldn't remember Overville's birthday and I didn't even bother to check. Now that I'm back to being the awesome guy who cannot be more eager to start a new year of his blog with more awesome blog posts and an awesome new look, I went on to see my very first post here, entitled First Post! to check the date it was posted. It's on the 12th of May 2010. Don't check it out. Heck, why did I even link to it? I just wrote some random stuff there but it doesn't really contain anything interesting. I know that me pointing it out will make you curious regardless. So go ahead and read it. You will want ten seconds of your life back. You have been warned. 

Okay now, forgive me. I know I've become frustrating and annoying. I have said it a ton of times. I am aware that I already seem like I don't care about blogs anymore. I have ignored my blog. I have ignored people's blogs. Yes. But that doesn't mean you suck. It's not because Justin Bieber sucks. It's not because physics sucks. It's because I do. I suck for not posting every time I could. I suck for not reading the recent posts of blogs I like. Blame it all on me. It's all my fault. 

Starting on the day you read this, whenever something bad happens to you, I want you to blame it on me. When you spill your Coke on the table, just say, "Oliver, you suck!" When you run out of gas a hundred miles from the next gas station, it is because I suck. When you have to make a phone call and you see your battery's dead, it is because I have not been posting. Whenever crap happens to you, you now know it, it is because I suck.

Honestly, the reason there's been a lack of posts is that I'm just having a hard time getting creative. I don't know. I just couldn't get the blogging spirit back in me once I lost it. It's disappointing. I also have classes everyday, and my neurons are constantly being raped by physics. You know, stuff like this:  

I am not really a physics person, nor a math person. The fact that I am a chemistry major is just plain laughable. If only I had a talent other than being a nerd, life wouldn't be like this.

Why are my words so down and negative? The title implies a happy post. I should stop making this sound like the Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard.

Okay, so what am I getting at? Well I just want to say that this is a new year now for Overville. I know it's not even May 12 yet, but the end of my lazy blogging hiatus marks the new beginning, hence the title, hence the new layout, HENCE, the bigger font size. I love my readers, and since one of my readers requested for a new look, and that I keep getting emails about how small the font size I use is and how difficult it is to read, I'm giving it up. I'm back. And I'm kind of starting anew.

Again, I want to thank everyone who reads my blog. I mean it. I want to thank you all so much. 

Oh, and I just want to say that we just had our first physics exam and I think it's cool that I scored 34/40. I know it's not that awesome a score, but I'm not really the kind of guy who gets an A in an exam and sits in his chair and mopes because he didn't get an A+. For a person who doesn't really like physics, who sucked at Level 1 Physics last term, it's quite good. I'm satisfied with my score, and I'm happy. I love being happy.

This is it.

kudos to me and my blog, and to everyone's blogs.

08 April, 2011

My Physical Handicap

It's swinging. I don't want to call it simple harmonic motion.

Oh, so here I go again. . .  I'm gonna apologize for not being able to live up to my promise that I would be blogging at least once a week. I'm gonna promise yet again that I would. It's already annoying, don't you think? I'm already becoming the boy who cried wolf. I'm so tired of my Pinocchio-esque ways and my apology-slash-pledge speeches in the first paragraph of every post. Yes, even I myself am already getting frustrated with not being able to do what I want to do. It's really sad. Please bear with me again this time, because I have a few things I want to say. 

First of all, I just finished another term. And in just a few weeks, it's going to be my third year in college. Time flies! I can't believe I'm able to stick in with being a chemistry student for two years now. I think you understand why I haven't been posting as much as I used to. Like, dude, it's soon going to be my third year in college, and the courses that I took last term were all, you know, science. Last time when I announced that my blog would be back to regular programming, that was actually the day before the start of my exam week. I thought whenever I got tired of trying to study I would be blogging during break times, but no, I just either slept or fed my brain with only music or watched Jerry Springer. When I finished all the exams last week, I immediately went on a sort of a happy trip. I went out with friends and just relished the absolute reality that I am now free. I love being happy.


Unfortunately for me, another term is going to start next week on Thursday. And double whammy for me, I'm going to take another Physics course. You know, the thing that made me hate my school life last term was my Physics course. It is the first level of Physics that chemistry majors are required to take and the bad thing about it is, yes, I just really hate Physics. When you are forced to do something that you hate to do: first, you complain; second, you suck it up; third, you fail; fourth, you begin to hate it even more; fifth, you get confused and flounder; sixth, you get tired of it; lastly, you just want to get over it. My physics class was so boring, my professor was so lifeless in class and my textbook was like speaking another language. Oh well. . .

I can rant on and on about how much I hate physics, but of course I won't. I don't want to channel my inner frustrations to my readers. Feel the love.

So if you're not required to take a physics course, come on, don't be a masochist and take one. Don't take a physics course unless you're the Sorcerer's Apprentice or you want to do exceptionally well at Angry Birds or you're a total weirdo.

I don't care how good I am at Angry Birds. As long as I get through each level, I don't care how many attempts I make. Once I tried to calculate for the proper angle of release and I measured it with a protractor, but I don't know what went wrong with the laws of projectile 'cause I still ended up screwing it. Physics frustrates me and, you know, that game is just like a frustration multiplier anyway.

Oh, Galileo. . .

And now I'm about to take level two of Physics. What do I have to learn from Physics? I just have to know that when I jump I go back down because of gravity. That when I push something it also pushes me. That there's normal force everywhere. Come on, what!? That a wrench works because of some fancy force thing called torque? That every object in this universe likes to conserve angular momentum? Like, who cares? I'm alive and it's all that matters.

Hehe. A science student hates the theories of science. Kinda unique, eh?

Okay, the last thing I want to say is. . . April is a special month. It's Overville's birth month! My blog is going to turn one-year old soon, so I want to make my posts for April really special. Just tune in! Let's all cheer for Overville! And if you don't know it yet, I actually respond to your comments. I just don't do it every time a new one comes up. I do it after I get a new blog post up. I'm also open for suggestions. What do you think would be awesome to do? What do you want to change in my blog aside from the font size? Okay let me hear ya then!

See you soon.

kudos to physics survivors.

16 March, 2011

Chun Qiang She Zhan

Words are such powerful weapons. That is why we should all be careful with what we say. The words that come out of our mouths and the words that we type could either shoot a bullet at someone or blow up in our faces, or both. People can have different interpretations of what we say especially when we're just kidding around. When sarcasm and humor come to play, the use and understanding of words become complicated. What happened to me is a classic example of someone trying to fool around and then somebody takes it seriously and gets offended. It's a one-act, one-hit verbal war.

I was accused of being racist to Chinese people. It's quite funny because I actually love Chinese. I like Chinese food, I'm in love with Chinese culture, and one of my favorite seasons of Survivor is Survivor: China. Wait, does that count?

My interest in its culture, its people and its history made me take an Asian History class this term, and fortunately for me my professor did not fail my expectations. I'm having so much fun in his class. I mean, I've been spending gazillions of hours in the lab for the past couple of months, if not seated in a very cold class room, often quiet, attempting to understand reaction mechanisms and sample analysis instrumentations. Among all of my courses this term, Asian History is the one that stands out in a good way.

So how was I accused of abhorring the very culture I love? It's because of my words. Here is the story.

Something that was building up within me, that's sort of like a Chinese frenzy brought on by the awesome discussions in my Asian History class, led me to a place I've never been to which I finally decided to visit just recently. I flew to Shanghai. I visited a Buddhist temple and then went biking on top of the Great Wall. Come on, I'm just kidding. That would be awesome though! But seriously, I went to Chinatown last Sunday. I did see a temple, I'm not sure if it's Buddhist or Taoist, and uhm, I saw a tall apartment wall. I didn't actually go to China!

I'm not going to narrate what happened and what I did in Chinatown. That would be long and quite boring. I just have to tell you that I had fun 50% of my time there, enjoying the Chinese atmosphere all across the streets and all over the stores and restaurants. And then, the other 50%, I tried to have fun but it got really difficult when I started to realize I was getting lost.

I got lost in Chinatown.


When I got home, I was just so glad I was actually able to get home, being a bozo who didn't bring GPS or a map, and a phone with full battery when he went to a place for the first time, with a couple of people who didn't bring any of their stuff. My "Chinese Frenzy" episode did not end when I got home. It's because of Twitter. Here it is. Here's what I said.

I tweeted, "Chinatown is like a frickin maze. It's so confusing it gave me a headache. It must suck to be Chinese."

My friend, appreciating the humor, re-tweeted that.

She should've known she has Chinese friends. Ten seconds later, I found out that two people were already calling me racist. Two of her friends are Chinese-ish (probably have some Chinese ancestors, or are actually Chinese, I don't know) and they saw that RT. My friend told me they thought I was racist. She replied to her friends saying that I just like being an ass. She had to call me an ass to calm them down, maybe.

And so I told her, "I am not racist. I love Chinese! I was just kidding."

Her: "I know. But they saw your tweet, and they got mad."

Me: "Tell them I love chop suey! I'm having chop suey right now for dinner!"

I tweeted, "I LOVE CHOP SUEY." Sure enough, she RT-ed that. Peace out.

I understand that my words when I said that were quite wrong, but. . . I was just trying to joke that if you were Chinese you would have to live in a maze. I was just. . . but. . .

Later that night, I tweeted, "Chinese people are amazing. They built those frickin pyramids." This time I was just trying to make it obvious that I was kidding, although I know I could be adding insult to injury.

Then my friend said, "Do you want me to RT this too? And be called racist again!?"

And I was like, "What!? Do you have Egyptian friends too?"

I am aware that words can hurt other people and I strongly believe we should all be careful with what we say. This is a lesson learned since ice age.

It's really tough when your jokes are seen badly and result to you being accused badly. I already got lost in Chinatown, and then this? I get this for trying to joke about something that I love? Come on, who could be racist to Chinese people in the first place? Chinese people are amazing! No sarcasm, no joke-- just straight up, China is a wonderful country and its people are awesome!

China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The country has a unique outstanding culture that its people have preserved for more than four hundred decades already, bringing colorful artworks, amazing architectures, picturesque landscapes, valuable inventions and several remarkable intellectual progressions to this planet since the very beginning of its history. I love China. What's not to like? You know you love China too!

kudos to China and the Chinese people.

10 March, 2011

I'm Still Alive

Time flies so fast I often miss it.

It has been so long. My world has been so crazy for the past couple of days. You have no idea how much I had to go through. You saw how badly things were going for me in my two previous posts. I have been really busy and because of all that, all of my spare time I just spent... sparing it. Sleep and happiness-- what more do I need after having accomplished some work? After all, I never had the time and enthusiasm to actually write a blog post.

It makes me feel bad. I feel terrible ignoring my blog for that long. I have written this kind of story already in a previous post, after which I promised never to ignore this blog for that long a time again. But what did I just do? I basically quit. I never checked this out during the time I wasn't posting. I feel like a neglectful irresponsible father. This blog is special. My readers are dear to me. The blogs I read are precious. I am sorry. I am truly disappointed in myself. I don't even know what to say.

I have to admit it myself: my failure to manage my time well.

Time management is the most important thing a college student should learn and develop. That's what adults say, and that's one of the few things they say that I believe in. It is hard to pick up, especially if you really never got used to any solid kind of study discipline. But you know what, there is no real correct way of getting things done. As a teenager, it is just natural for you to kind of stall and shirk work. I put pleasure and relaxation on top of my priority ladder. It doesn't kill me at all that I am on my bed listening to music doing nothing while there's work piled up on my desk. It is a bad thing to do but you know I can still get by just as long as I finish the task in hand. So I didn't really care. When the time comes for me to get things done I'm aware there is little time left, but it's okay, I thought. The fact that I got to relax and/or have fun before the hassle makes up for it.

After the victorious combat with stress during all the rush, however, there has always been one thing waiting down the road to kill me. It's the realization of how much time was wasted. Do you know Could-have, Would-have and Should-have? They are gangsters. After getting some hard-earned cash you just want to walk home and have fun, but there are those gangsters waiting for you at the corner of the street. They're going to beat you up.

That has been my driving force for a while now. I want to stay away from the Have gangsters.

I have a plan. I will try to fit this blog posting into my schedule. Okay, I will not just try. I'm going to make it happen. Overville is back to regular programming. New posts will be up probably every week. At least once a week, I have to write something and hopefully you guys will read it. Let us all make it happen.

I am extremely thrilled right now. This moment with my fingers moving, the keyboard clicking and the New Post box white and clean and letter by letter getting filled with everything I gotta say. I missed all this! This is precious.  This is monumental. I mean, this is really happening. This has to be on a scrapbook. This is sheer joy. I may have an orgasm. 

You know I don't mean it literally. Excuse me for the use of that word.

It's been like ten years now since I last accessed the world of blogs. I just came across a picture of Bieber growing facial hair.

Excuse me for the randomness of my words and of this post in general. I just really have to post something before I completely die. I want to thank everyone for reading and all the kind words and all the nice comments. I appreciate it a lot. To everyone who's going to keep reading, I will want to thank you so much it's going to make me tear up.

Cheers to Overville.

kudos to you, reader, my friend.
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