28 December, 2010

The Hall of Fame

Presenting the Overville Hall of Fame awardees of 2010!

Hey! This is not an ordinary blog post.

As if we would soon run out of reasons to celebrate and be happy during the holidays, I actually made up something that would definitely force a triumphant smile on the face of every blogger to be mentioned in this post. Yes, smile. I love smiles! I've been blogging here in Overville for more than seven months already, and to end 2010, I thought, what is more awesome to do than make a Hall of Fame?

Inside my head I fainted. My mind went blank.

So that's it. I'm making a Hall of Fame where I'm going to award some awesome bloggers who own the super rad blogs that I've been stalking for some time during the seven months I've been here in the blogosphere. Remember the last post where I said I was so sad that I left this blog for a long time and that I came back without coming up with something special? Well now, I thought of something to do for you guys. I've seen those awarding posts in different blogs, so I thought I should do one. I want to make you happy!

Let's start the awarding, shall we?

I'm going to give it first to Jodie, the fifteen-year old Qu├ębecois Canadian girl. Not only has she given me an award recently (The Versatile Blogger Award) but she's also given me and my blog much love during the time she has got to learn of this blog's existence. I mean, out of all the blogs she's following, I'm one of the seven she awarded. So I thank her. Her blog posts in The Run-on Sentences of Life are... short and sweet (I copied this term from somewhere, but these words are indeed the perfect ones to describe what she's got going on over there.) That girl is great.

Next is a woman I love, the Happy Elf Mom, Mrs. C. Her blog posts inspire me. She's one of the first people to follow my blog, back in June I think when I had only my friends and I as followers. I love reading her blog because I get to see a life that is by itself so interesting, made even more alive by an insightful woman's intelligible words.

A beautiful lady with a beautiful heart, the Demigoddess, was also one of the first people to follow my blog. Hers is also one of the first few I started to read. In her blog, she can't help being dramatic, being funny, and sometimes come across as drunk and crazy. Nevertheless she is amazing and... I would always want to give her a hug.

Okay, 'cause I'm going on with the first few blogs I started reading, here's another one: ScoMan. His blog will always be one of my favorites. I wonder where he is now. He's been gone for a long enough time already. I wish he would come back soon saying what entailed during his months-long hiatus. That would be awesome.

I also want to give a shout-out to Rick, the awesome dad. I always looked up to him. He is a great man, a great dad, a really nice guy. His blog is just as great... so yeah, great. He's a really nice guy. The girls who follow him (I mean his blog) really like him!

Mattson Tomlin is a film student. His blog keeps me updated with all of his amazing film projects. I feel like I'm learning a lot of things whenever I read his blog. He has a big one coming out soon: Solomon Grundy! I know it's brilliant and I would die to see it. You know what? His blog has been a Blog of Note. So if he's got an award like that, I gotta give him my thumbs up in the form of this crazy Hall of Fame thing I made up.

Cheers to another student, my organic chemistry buddy, David. He updates more often than I do and his posts are pretty much always entertaining, but recently he has decided to go on a blogging break, like I did, and like we all do when the exam dates begin to show up in our calendars. Unlike me, he hasn't come back. I can't blame him. Aside from the hellish O-chem, he also has a killer statistics class and a computer science class, which I will never ever take because I hate that course. But it's winter break already, maybe he's enjoying a vacation.

Tom, dude! I awarded you! I think his blog is in some ways similar to mine. We both blog basically about our lives and our school, and a few stuff we see on the news or on YouTube. We both blog about our lives and we try our best to make it interesting. I'm not really sure how he does it, or how I do it, but we talk about what's going on in a way that is certainly not annoying. Wait, do I annoy you? Honestly. Oh, whatever, back to Tom: He sees things in a really good way. We're both students so I can relate to his posts, and our difference that I'm a science major and he's a business major keeps me interested with his school posts. And I wonder what's up with his iCade business. I haven't heard of it in a long time.

Lastly, this Hall of Fame award must also go to Maddy. A teen photography blog! I discovered her blog just recently, I guess, compared to the other ones I've mentioned here. It's always a joy to look at her photographs, read her words, and I also love the good insights she leaves on my posts. She has to be in my Hall of Fame! C'mon!


That's it.

And oh, you're also getting the Versatile Blogger Award which Jodie gave me: 

How was everyone's Christmas!? I'm sure you all had fun. Congrats to my awardees, and may we all have a happy new year!

kudos to all the bloggers out there.


Tom Millson said...

Thanks for the award Oliver!

"Tom, dude! I awarded you!"

Makes it sound like I made you do it :P

Thanks again for the award, I now have a 'Trophy Cabinet' page on my blog :D

Jodie-Ann said...

Yayy!! Thank you so much, Oliver! :D I feel so special. :] Have a happy new year!!!

YellowSguidsArtisticNature said...

Thanks for the award :D its my first!! Most def. remember this for as long as I live haha. Made my day also :D!!

Happy Elf Mom said...

Thanks, Oliver! You have **92** followers but have only been blogging for seven months?? Woww. I'm impressed!

ishashime.├╝ said...

hello! i got you something at my blog. check it out. tee-hee. ;)

Oliver said...

HAHAHAHAHA. Did you make me do it? =P

You're very much welcome. =]

Happy new year!!

That's great to hear that! Your first ever is always gonna be special. I'm glad I'm gonna be special to you! XD

@Mrs. C
You're welcome, Mrs. C! Technically I think just for five months, because my two months of posting weren't really meant for readers, you know. Well, yeah. . . Thanks!!! Your blog is awesome! Say hi to the kids for me. =]


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