22 November, 2010

One Teen Older

Chlorine is seventeen!

Hi everyone, I just turned seventeen!

No, not today. I just turned seventeen, but not on this day. It's not my birthday today; it already passed.

Okay, so let's pretend that you actually care about me and you want to know how I celebrated my birthday: last Sunday, which is yesterday, my family just went out. We went to an Italian restaurant and ate a lot of food. I have never in my life been that full. We ordered two kinds of pasta dishes, one huge pizza, and a sausage calzone. My auntie was with us, too, because I love her (we all love her). We really had a fun time and... of course I ate a lot! I had huge servings of everything, and even my coke was up-sized! Karaoke. We sang: that was what we did next. That's my favorite thing to do so I really enjoyed big-time.

This post is getting boring.

Solution: I am going to make this a Top Ten post for the month of November. It may still be a bit boring, but hey, here's my list of Top Ten Things I Want for My Birthday (or for Christmas, whatever):

10. Ice cream - who doesn't love ice cream? What's your favorite flavor? Mine is cookies and cream, and chocolate chip cookie dough.

9. One year supply of peanut butter and coke - ah, okay. You all know how much I love peanut butter. I don't get why some people don't like it.

8. External hard drive - I just need something that can hold more than 700 gigabytes. Really.

7. Survivor t-shirt - I was planning on buying a Survivor "Team Villain" t-shirt online, but when I got to the site, it said that the design I would like to buy was no longer available. Sucks. I know that the t-shirt was designed for the previous season, but I really want that Villain t-shirt and I realized how much I want that t-shirt just recently.

6. Hats - I want to have a small collection of hats. Well, not really a collection: just a set of hats that I have for me to wear. I like to have hats because it can be worn on a regular day to school, and it can be used in parties, hat parties, for instance, and costume parties... whatever. I want a hat. A cowboy hat! A bowler hat!

5. Book - I want a new book. Hmm... I want some Stephen King books just so I can have a few additions to my King collection. Suggest a good book, please. And I want an Iliad book, because I need it for my World Literature class.

4. Survivor DVDs - oh yeah, I am a huge Survivor fan, and I really want to have a couple of Survivor DVDs! I specifically want the following seasons: Borneo, Australia, All-stars, Palau, Cook Islands, China, Micronesia, and Heroes vs Villains! Some of them are available on iTunes, but I want solid copies.

3. Blog followers - ha. I want more followers. I'm 19 people away from the one hundred mark. I really want to reach the hundred before the year ends! I have forced enough (six) of my friends to follow, and I doubt if I can get the rest of my friends to follow because I know they're not gonna do it without me giving them a Dilly bar or a soft-serve. And I'm usually broke, and more oftentimes selfish, so...

2. A new piercing - okay, I already had my ear pierced when I was sixteen a couple of months ago, but it's just one ear. I'm gonna stick to having only my right ear pierced, and I plan on having it on the cartilage. Ah, I want to do it this week!

1. Happiness - I want to be happy, what's the matter? =]

Okay, so I hope I didn't bore you. I gotta go now and enjoy being a teenager.


Oh my God, I have lots of things to do. I have not much time to enjoy, I guess. College obviously wants me dead, or sick.

kudos to teenagers.


Clarence said...

And this is how I got to know of your birthday. :3 How many seasons are there in survivor? O.o

Tom Millson said...

Cookies and cream/cookie dough ice creams are heaven in a tub, it must be said!

MarkoManager said...

Lovely post...I Follow you

Taylor said...

Hi, I haven't read any of your other blogs, but I'm sorry to say but I aggree with you. This was a bit boring. Maybe add in a picture that's interesting or really random.
Peace out

David Davidson said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like your party was fun.

Easiest way to get followers is to become a follower. Go find a popular blog and start following and commenting on the people who have left comments and generally they'll do the same to you. :D

Anonymous said...

I looooove Stephen King. Insomnia is my favorite, I definitely reccommend it if you haven't read it yet. Also, Rose Madder is really good. I've heard "It" is really good too, but I still have yet to read it.

Happy belated birthday! :)

Happy Elf Mom said...

Happpyyyyy belated!

I was expecting something super-expensive, like a vacation or something. My son "Patrick" is a couple months older than you are and he mostly wants time away from minding his younger siblings. He likes to go to the park with his friends and hit tennis balls. :)

J.Cee said...

Classic French vanilla ice cream --- you can't go wrong with that!

As for a book, have you ever read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley? I'm set to read it in English this year and I heard it's really good.

And finally, Happy belated birthday!

Lemmiwinks said...

kewl, lol. Followin you

rincollyer said...

I love Mango Ice cream :3 Yumyum! I like Vanilla too :D

Hiphop Rising said...

congrats im turning 20 in a couple months :P

Anonymous said...

I reely like your post!
I follow you dayle!nice work Bro!

YellowSguidsArtisticNature said...

Hmmm... -Gives you Happiness- HAPPPPYY BIRRTTHHDAAAYYY!!!

Jodie-Ann said...

I HATE PEANUT BUTTAHH. :/ Happy birthday, e-friend. :) Hope you get everything you want. I'll try and help you with the followers thing by posting your link in one of my posts. XD

Oliver said...

Haha. Facebook is lame. Twenty seasons, love. It's currently airing its 21st, which is gonna end on Sunday!

Heck, yeah! Cookies and cream is awesome. Chocolate chip cookie dough is also the best! So do we have the same favorites?

Thanks, Marko!

You're new around here, aren't you? Clearly, I didn't write this post to attract new readers, but to keep my current readers updated with what I've been up to so they could know me better. And it was my birthday, so I thought I had to share it with them. If you want, and I encourage you to, go check out the posts listed under "This Month's Favorites" on the sidebar. Enjoy. =]

Thank you, David! And yes, it was pretty fun. I don't really like following lots of blogs. Lots of blogs mean messy dashboard! I might want to do that someday, though. I can always change my mind.

I've read "It!" My favorite is "Carrie" and I also liked his anthologies, especially "Skeleton Crew" and "Four Past Midnight." Thanks for the suggestions! And yeah, thanks for the greeting!

@Mrs. C
Thanks, Mrs. C! I really don't know what I want, but for sure I want to be happy. Well, us teens like going out with friends and doing fun activities. It makes us happy. I always want to be happy, and I usually am.

French vanilla is my classic favorite. Cookies plus it: awesome. Cookie dough plus it: amazing. OMG I don't like that book. Yes, someone suggested that to me telling me it was great, and actually a lot of people are gonna say that it's good, but me... I didn't enjoy reading it. I hate it.

I don't like mango ice cream. I really like mangoes, though.

Thanks, Maaadddddyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]

Thank you, Jodie! I've seen that post. Thanks a lot!

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