30 November, 2010

Join the Maroon Parade

We can shout all we want. Nobody seems to be listening.

Things are starting to get crazy in school, and the students obviously don't like it.

What happens when all the student bodies and organizations in the university decide altogether not to like something? Something huge. A massive student protest. A rally. A demonstration. Yes. Now, what's the issue? 

The budget for our university is going to get cut by the government. My university is a state university, not to mention that it's one of the national universities, with a good reputation when it comes to producing some of the greatest people in the fields of both science and the arts. We're being subsidized in a way that us students have to pay only one-fourth of what we should be paying every term-- that's why we like calling ourselves scholars. The bitter truth is, however, that we still spend an incredible amount of money every semester that we have to be insane to call ourselves scholars. Last term, I paid 20000 bucks. This term, I paid 25K. I don't know what's up with this government subsidy thing and our delusional scholarships. It's crazier than the Harry Potter mania and the long lines it's been producing in the cinemas. I guess there's only one thing a Hogwarts student could actually say about this.


So I kinda decided to skip my History class to support the student movement in our university. I gotta love them students! There were all those students with their posters and their placards and their shoutings... They were like warriors out there. They were fighting for their rights. It looked really cool, and the more the students, the bigger the statement we make, so I thought of joining in.

The program was short, and the president of the Student Council, I think, was the one talking to everyone. After the talks and the shouts, the huge group of students began to move. I shuffled along.

So these students were walking for a long time already and I realized that I shouldn't even be there. I didn't even know where the hell they were taking their protests to. I couldn't find anyone I know so I just told one person, "We're going away from the University Avenue. Are we leaving the campus?" He looked at me like my question's annoying or maybe he thought I was a lost kid. I was feeling kind of like a lost kid, anyway. 

He said, "Yes. We're going to the Senate."

He's gotta be kidding me.

"Are we, really?" I was not really loving the weather that day, and the Senate... I don't even know where that is. I just know it's several thousand miles away.


"And we're gonna walk?" I wasn't really liking the idea anymore. I know that protests are done in the streets by people that are walking carrying their posters and their megaphones. I know that being on our feet was necessary to prove that we're that focused and determined, but it's getting really ridiculous.  

"Oh, of course we're not," he said.

Oh, yeah. It's going to be a caravan! A motorcade! 

"We're gonna march."

Damnit. Instead of marching along, I went marching back to the building of my next class. Damn, I really don't like that guy AND I hate it when someone does that. So he wanted to show he's clever? Guess what, he just proved he's such a jackass. I did not want to waste some of my precious time and well-earned energy for lunacy. I mean, I respect them and I really respect the protests. I'm as against to the budget cut as they are, but... give me a break. I mean, I just turned seventeen, and I have a class. 

This budget cut is driving everyone crazy.

I really don't get it. It doesn't make any sense! Why would the government want to cut our budget? Some of our laboratories exploded last semester, and it wasn't any student's fault, and we actually don't have the most impressive kinds of equipment and facilities. You can even like, un-paint the walls of one of our buildings because the paint is already coming off. Some iron rings would fall on the floor in the lab and shatter. Have we not been performing well? What, did we steal the president's doughnuts or something?

Hmm... I hope the government reconsiders this. The students were successful in their protest. They made it to the news. The guy was lying because I saw in the news that they didn't go to the Senate; they just filled one of the major roads in the city. I still wouldn't want to march all the way there. It's too far... and, uhm, I just turned seventeen. Come on, what else do I have to be happy for? =]

College is driving me crazy, and I'm becoming really busy. I was away from this blog for like, one week. I hope I can get my sync back.

kudos to the brave student protesters.


Tom Millson said...

But did your guys break into council meetings and smash the windows of Government buildings? That's how we roll in the UK. (I wasn't one of them)

YellowSguidsArtisticNature said...

Dang that sucks...This makes me scared to go to college because I don't wanna be dirt broke...which I most likely will be haha.
-Maddy (In case you didn't read my last post)

The Demigoddess said...

I used to join protests, too, when I was in college.Like, a lot, because I also studied in a state university and there were always budget cuts and tuition fee increases and whatever bullshit. Anyway, in the end, we still had to pay for increased tuition because the government still took the budget away anyway.

Clarence said...

LOL. Just read this, dude. I heard that they're protesting AGAIN, because they are demanding for a higher budget for our university.

Jess said...

My college was doing the same thing. Our tuition and bills kept going up and up and up. I couldn't afford to be anymore in debt.

Oliver said...

I saw that on the news. Your guys are great!

You know what, you can always apply for student loans. Sure you'll get buried in student loans but you're going to be able to pay it off someday, I'm sure.

Oh, that's just too sad... I don't want to lose hope! The government is going to give us!

Now that's called taking for granted... but awesome for them, I want higher budget too!! LOL

Just don't lose hope. You're going to be fine, and you're going to be able to pay it off! School must stop increasing all these fees.

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