17 November, 2010

The All-Students

It's real.

I am busy. I may not be that busy right now, but I know I will become busy really soon... and I hate it. Okay, so now you may be thinking that this is one of those, "Oh, he's just gonna talk about what he's up to and how bad he feels about school -- how boring." Guess what? It is. [about it but it's not boring] If you have any problems with that... hmm, let me think about it first. (If I tell you to get out of my blog, you may think of being gone forever, I mean you may think of quitting Overville. So, that would be bullcrap for me to say that.) I think that if you have any problems with this my-life-at-uni post, you need to go get a candy bar before continuing on reading. Chocolate is good: it gives you serotonin and will make you happy as you read this. Now that's much better!

I'm not just going to talk about myself anyway. I'm going to talk about students.

High school, many people think, is about having fun and discovering oneself. I agree. It would be more difficult though to enjoy much of the youthful life, as they would say, if you studied in a science-specialized high school (like I did) and was put to test on every day of your school life: being tested by the academics, the social aspects of being a teen, and your family's pressure on you having to do well. There's so much pressure on students. It's crazy. I'm not saying that being a science student wouldn't make you enjoy high school. It's all a matter of balance and self-discipline anyway, like in many cases in all walks of life.

I'm talking about this based on my experience.

I had fun on my first year in high school, didn't mind what was up. I messed up on my second year, didn't really do much. I worked hard on my third year, realizing that the entrance exams for the universities were to come soon that I had to do exceptionally well in my studies. I had fun on my fourth year, basically enjoyed every single day of my last year in high school, knowing that I would graduate no matter what.

College is so much different. Every single thing you do in college will somehow affect the person you are going to become after finishing your studies. Every single thing you do is going to determine your worth as a student, and soon as a professional. Every single thing you do is entirely on you. It is about you already. It is no longer you needing to show good grades to your parents in your exam papers and your report cards. It is now about the life you are planning to create, and the future you are yearning to have.

Ha. These are all clich├ęs I'm saying. You probably heard this from your mom or read something like this from the campus journal already. Well, these things are true, and I'm slowly finding myself proving these points to myself day by day. I'm feeling this already. I'm in my second year, and this is it for me. I need to focus. I need to do what I should do and work hard to get this degree. This second term is going to teach me to become responsible like nothing else. My Chemistry lab starts at seven in the morning and ends at eleven thirty a.m. After lab, I have Physics and World Literature subjects until 3:30 p.m. The next day starts with a Physics lab at eight followed by a back to back Organic chemistry and Analytical chemistry lecture classes, a break of course, and Physics and History courses until five thirty p.m.

It's tough. That's why I had a week off blogging.

Every student in this world is busy -- that I'm sure of. I need your support, guys. Keep tuning in to my blog, I promise that the next few posts aren't going to be this subdued. I want to make you guys happy!

And why not support a friend right here? That's a link to the Kickstarter page, a support website for promising projects, of his Junior thesis film entitled Dream Lover! Mattson is a film student in New York and he's working on pre-production of Dream Lover. Like every student, he's working hard on his project, sometimes though I think he works on his projects so much harder than I do with my lab reports! He's really good. He's taking everything seriously, and it shows in his work. Here's another link, to the teaser of the feature film he's been busy with for quite a while now, and it's looking good! It's entitled Solomon Grundy. You gotta check it out, I'm telling you!

Cheers! Here's to all the student bloggers out there!

I wish you guys all the luck in school and all your endeavors.

kudos to hardworking students.


Clarence said...

OMG! You've got photos. O-some :)

Jodie-Ann said...

Oh wow, he's making a movie? That's so awesome xD Really good teaser trailer.

YellowSguidsArtisticNature said...

School is some what more important then blogging....but only by a little hahaha!(:

Tom Millson said...

Woo student bloggers! If you've seen my latest post, you will know I'm in pretty much the same boat as you :)

Lemmiwinks said...

Cool story, bro!
Following your blog

David Davidson said...

Yeah, it's kind of scary to be honest. Every mistake you make is another nail in your coffin. XP

LunancyGirl said...

Hey, happy belated birthday! Can't believe we were born on the same day...weird. Haha, but awesome nonetheless! Love your blog, you have some serious writing chops. I check it out every time you update!

Anonymous said...

great post! i like it
supportin & folloing you!

MarkoManager said...

Very interesting...

MarkoManager said...

Very nice, i follow you...

Come At Me Bro said...

Nice info!

claire said...

"Every single thing you do in college will somehow affect the person you are going to become after finishing your studies."

This may do sound like a cliche, but this is really true. I'm starting to feel that way also, knowing that I'll be on my own when I graduate in April. Haha. Good luck on your endeavors. :)

Anonymous said...

intresting post! i like it ;)
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Oliver said...

Cool. =]

Yes! The end-product turned out to be really good, no?

I also think that sometimes.

Yes, I've read your post about your school schedule. College is getting tougher... and tougher... and tougher... and... AHH!!

When you realize it, it's already late, but never too late. Us students can always do better and strive harder to do better.

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Belated happy birthday to you, too! =]

Thanks! Seen the pics already!


Cliches are usually true. You're graduating in April? OMG! Good luck! =]

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