24 October, 2010

Would You Rather

Tag post! This post marks a number of first times. This is actually the first time someone has tagged me in a blog post and it's just super cool to do this. I'm just gonna answer the following Would you rather questions and I'm gonna tag other bloggers to do this thing later in their blogs. And also later I'm giving the One Lovely Blog Award to someone (my first time to give a blog award) because I just realized that when I got that award (the first time I received an award) I was also instructed to pass that award to other lovely blogs, well because they sure deserve an award! Let's do this! Note: I'm in a hurry. Pardon for the quick short answers. Hey, this is also the first post to have a pic!

Be extremely beautiful or extremely intelligent?
If I were to become extremely intelligent I would be able to invent something that would alter the peoples' perceptions of beauty, so in that world I would rock.

Go without brushing your teeth for or washing your hair for a year?
If I don't brush my teeth, I would experience the most painful thing in the universe which is a toothache. If I don't wash my hair, I don't think it would hurt me much. I choose not washing my hair.

Be rich or famous?
Be rich. I'm really awkward around people I don't know so being famous would be the last thing I would hope for myself to be.

Be able to sing or be able to dance?
Sing! I love to sing and it's just so unfortunate that other people don't love me sing.

Be stranded on a Desert Island or in the Desert?
Desert Island! That's like Survivor! Wee!!!

Have a computer or a TV?
I won't survive without a computer: I'm sure of that. The only thing I watch on TV is Survivor, which now I can also watch in a computer with an internet connection.

Wear spots or stripes for the rest of your life?
Spots, because I like circles. Stripes are just blah, like, burglars?

Drink out of a teacup or a mug?
A mug. I don't own a teacup and a teacup is kinda too Alice-in-Wonderland-ish; I don't like.

Receive a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates?
Chocolates! Damn, can flowers fill a hungry stomach?

Have a hug or a kiss?
Hmmm... I love it when someone hugs me, only because I get hugs more often than kisses!

Wear Converse or Stilettos?
Stilettos! LOL. Just kidding.

Be a fairy or a mermaid?
Well, this is getting awkward. =P

Coffee or Tea?
I'm a coffee addict. Yum. Tea tastes like weeds.

Live somewhere sunny or somewhere cold?
Somewhere cold with someone I love.

Have an amazing house or an amazing car?
An amazing house!

Be kind or funny?
I don't get this. Aren't funny people kind people? I think being kind without being funny is kinda boring, so I choose being funny even though it means doing some nasty things. =P

Be hated or be a hater?
Neither. Sorry.

If you had to choose, lose your sight or hearing?
I'd rather lose my... hearing. Wow, this is kinda tough for someone who loves both music and art. But I really believe it would be really sad if I wake up one day realizing that I can no longer see the sky.

Have lots of money or lots of friends?
Lots of money. Yes, I'm evil. HAHAHA. Sorry, friends I had to throw you under the bus.

Love or be loved?
Be loved. It's a more beautiful feeling. =]

So, that's all of it! Thank you, Rick of Waiting for Wisdom for tagging me! I'm now passing this on to the following busy people: David of The Herping Derp, Jodie of The Run-On Sentences of Life, Tom of Millson Weekly!. I also want to tag two bloggers I just recently found for me to know them better: Christopher of Notes From Underground, and Ross of Consumable Sarcasm. The rules are:

1. Copy the Would You Rather picture and put it into your own post
2. Answer all questions (Well I figured there are some female stuff that you may want to delete.)
3. Tag others

Now I'm gonna give the One Lovely Blog award to three lovely women with lovely blogs: The Tsaritsa of the Tsaritsa sez, Mrs. C of Homeschool and Etc., and The Demigoddess of The Semi-Sane Life of the Demigoddess. Yay!!! Par-tay! Thanks to Jodie and Miss Bobo for giving me this award, too! =]

kudos to bloggers.


Christopher said...

I don't generally do well with these tagging/award things unless I get home after a few drinks and feel that I'm in a particularly hilarious mood. If I get in that mood you'll definitely answer these questions. The spelling might be awful though.

I'm checking out the other blogs you referenced right now though, always looking for an interesting read.

RicAdeMus said...

I don't want to be famous either, but mostly because I like knowing who my real friends are. About the invention, are you sure you don't rock already?

The Demigoddess is wonderful! She's a girl a guy can be friends with, but she's also one of those very rare girls who makes you think, "where were you when I was single???" LOL!

theTsaritsa said...

Thank you for the award!

David Davidson said...

Oh man, it's like those Facebook notes. I haven't done one of these in such a long time. :P

I think we agree on most things except for the hater part. I'd rather hate, it's a good motivator.

Tom Millson said...

You love stilettos really ;)

Thanks for the tag! I think I'll make a page just for this, rather than blogging about it (I have a major post this week). I'll answer all this tomorrow! If I have time that is, like you said, I'm busy.

I'm clearly not busy now though, I'm rambling.

I'll be quiet...til Tuesday!

Mrs. C said...

Thank you, Oliver! And yeah, why would anyone want to be famous? :)

laaauren said...

I think may have perhaps just fell in love with a blog.
You're blog to be exact.
Keep it up man!
Your New Follower,

Cookie Ross said...

I will get right on it once I'm well enough to think.
Oh, and don't expect anything other than ridiculous answers .

Jodie-Ann said...

I feel soooo special. :) This looks like lots of fun to answer. And you're welcome for the award. You have an awesome blog. P: Thanks veryy much for zee tag! :D
-Jodieeeeee !

Oliver said...

Well, that's good. If you don't get to do this, I won't feel bad. Enjoy the blogs!

About the invention, I rock already. LOL. I just thought it would be clever to say that. And hey, the Demigoddess is really amazing! I agree! =]

You're welcome!

Yes, it's like those Facebook notes. It's cool to do this, though I wasn't sure about it at first. You're right about that hate thing. I should have chosen hater!

Alright! I already saw it. Have fun being busy, dude. And hey, I don't love stilettos. I can't even believe girls can walk on those.

@Mrs. C
You're welcome, Mrs. C! You're amazing. =]

Thank you so much! =]

Hehe. I don't expect anything but ridiculous answers, really. You have a humorous blog. Make it great! Hope you get well soon. (I know you're sick.)

Thanks! And you're welcome! I already saw your tag post. Great. =]

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