11 October, 2010

Stranger than a Stranger

Number 4: Talk to a random stranger.

The first time I had a conversation with a total stranger was when I was a junior in high school three years ago. The high school where I went to was conveniently situated right behind a really huge mall. I was in the bus terminal of that mall, waiting for, well uhm, a bus… that would get me home. I think I looked really nerdy back then. I think I was carrying a huge backpack with lots of textbooks in it. So yeah, I think I was this studious-looking kid and that’s why the stranger thought of starting a conversation with me.

The stranger was a man, maybe in his forties, and I’m taller than him. He had huge bags with him. He was decent-looking, certainly not the kind of guy who would think with the size of my backpack that I was carrying a laptop inside it which he could just grab away from me after a few minutes of “bargaining” with a pocket knife and a mean look. He looked like he’s a really nice dad.

So he said hello, and I said hello, and he asked me if he could talk to me for a while. I said sure. He asked for my age first, and then my school, and then to start the conversation, he said:

“What do you want to become when you grow up?”

That’s a question all of my uncles and aunties had asked me when I was little and was still this cute and charming and talkative little boy who’s always enthusiastic around adults that are giving all their attentions to him. I always said, “Doctor! I want to become a doctor!” Looking back to those days, I see the reason my mom has long since been so eager to push me into medical studies even though I’ve told her several times that I’ve already quit on my dreams of becoming a doctor. I should’ve told all those adults, “Serial killer! I want to be a serial killer!” so they would shut up and that these adults I live with right now would just leave me alone and let me do my own thing.

When I was thirteen, I was not that kind of joyful kid with adults, especially to strangers. I was annoyed by his question. I just said something that came out of my mouth without even thinking about, damnit, my future.

Me: A good man.

Man: Oh, that’s nice. You’re a smart kid.

Me: I know.

The man laughed. The conversation went on while we were in the bus. Conversations with total strangers are memorable, especially the first time. And oh, he told me that he worked overseas for fifteen straight years and that was the first time he came back. He said he was surprised by how much the city has changed. Ha, well…

Talking to strangers is kinda cool, so I tried one thing for the first time: maybe you guessed it, Omegle.

Omegle is a site where you can chat with a random stranger. I gave it a try, and it was kinda fun and entertaining. Oh, those strangers, how strange they are! From my experience, I can give the following stats: 80% of the strangers are male, 60% of those males are from India, 70% of those males are looking for girls in vain, 20% of those males are looking for another male, and 60% of those males are horny.

I had a chat with a male stranger and he asked me whether I’m good looking or not. I told him I’m good looking. HAHA. He asked me if he could be friends with me on Facebook. I said yes. He asked for my name. I said Craig David.

I had a chat with a female stranger and she gave me a link to her picture. I was afraid to click on it but I did. And hell, she was lying of course. The girl in the picture couldn’t be her. I even doubt if the stranger was really a female. We had a fun conversation about roller coasters and cotton candies, and then out of the blue she started talking about breasts. I ended the conversation. I didn’t want to start a dirty conversation with a faceless virtual stranger.

I had a chat with someone. The first thing he/she said was: “Are you: A. a regular guy, B. a regular girl, C. a horny guy, D. a horny girl.” I said A. The stranger ended the conversation.

I didn’t know the opposite of regular was horny.

The opposite of regular is upsize in my world.

How strange are strangers? Who are these people called strangers?

I could be a stranger.

Well, but I would be stranger.

kudos to nice strangers.


MacPCharmony said...

awesome info here... good job!

David Davidson said...

You're lucky, half the strangers I end up having conversations with are crazy and I want to just run away.

Omegle is also nothing but a troll haven. A little cesspool of insanity. Well, if you're into that kind of thing I guess it could be fun.

Jodie-Ann said...

Haha. I'm sort of like you with my heavy bag and etc. Lol. People think I'm some sort of genius just because a. I've never failed a class in my life. b. I love to read. and c. I study often.
Like, in English class, everyone would ask me questions about English because I get the highest marks in the class. And some people ask me to tutor them in subjects. Hell no. Most of the things I don't really understand but figure it out on my own later. :)
-Jodieeeeeeee !

Tom Millson said...

Haha I talk to strangers all the time at work, but I never have a conversation with them. One time, while at work I did though, and she bought me a cookie :)

clare said...

LOL. I've always wanted to be...some outlaw. :))

OH and my sister and I tried it once in video chat thingy. Bieber was lurking around. :))

Oliver said...

Hey, thanks!

I've also got my share of those crazy people who wanted to make a conversation with me that I just had to quit right away because I knew they were crazy, but the one I talked about here was the first time I had a decent conversation with someone really nice.

And yeah, Omegle is full of shit.

Haha! Cheers! Here's to the kids who carry huge backpacks! But I really don't study often. It's not in me. It's cool to be deemed as smart by people, though. =]

That's just very cool. I hope I would someday see that man again, and I hope in some donut shop where he could buy me some doughnuts. I'm a nice kid. I deserve a doughnut or two. What you have to do now, Tom, is to start making conversations with more strangers. That means more cookies. =]

I don't understand it. Bieber was in the background?? You wanted to be an outlaw when you were a kid? You rock!!!

clare said...

noooo. bieber was in omegle vid. LOL

yes. :D

Freya said...

I believe I hardly ever had a converstation with a stranger, talking indeed happens a lot but a conversation not really. very funny post :-)

Oliver said...

I still don't get it.

Yes, I talk with a lot of strangers but this one is really special because it lasted for a while. Funny? Well... =]

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