05 October, 2010

Pushing a Pull

It’s been a while since my last post and I’m getting really sick of saying this on the beginning of every post. So expect this to be the last time I’m ever gonna say I’ve been ignoring my blog for quite some time because of the terrible load of schoolwork I keep pretending I’m busy doing, and the humongous amounts of mental and emotional stress I’ve been getting all the while by procrastinating and afterwards worrying about how the hell I would be able to answer exams. Expect this to be the last time I’m gonna try to apologize for this. If you’re not sure what for, it’s for my annoying first paragraphs, and also for my lack of a good study habit. Wait, I don’t even have a study habit at all. Okay this paragraph is getting more and more annoying the more sentences I type into it. Now I stop.

Smile. =]

So in my last post, I’ve started this Top 10 List of Awesome Things to do for the First Time. Basically, the idea is not having a bunch of dreamy stuff in the list: like feeding a baby lion, doing a bungee jump in New Zealand like what Bieber did, adopting a kid from a country nobody cares about like what all those Hollywood stars had all been busy doing in the past just to give themselves some airtime in E news and such, without having to do something totally crazy or stupid the way Lindsay Lohan does. Getting to the top of a mountain is not in the list. Finding Shambala is not in the list. And yes, you can Google Shambala right now if you don’t know what it is. Finding inner peace by going away from home for at least two months, fasting, isn’t in the list either. What I have for you right now in this post is Number 7 in my list, and that is: pulling a prank. 

I can almost see your disappointed faces. Don’t worry, this is gonna be fun!


One of my favorite bloggers, ScoMan, inspired me to pull a prank on someone. He had this two blog posts up a while back that were about pranks, and upon reading them I told myself, “Oliver, if you want to do something awesome, pull a prank on someone.” Like hey! Pranks would be, like, rated 95% in the awesome-meter if there was one. The 0%, the ultimate awesomeness-failure thing you could ever do is un-follow my blog. The 100% would be eating peanut butter sandwiches, or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or whatever thing peanut butter. Getting a 95% hit on my imaginary meter would be cool so I decided, why not? The perfect location: at uni. The perfect accomplices: my crazy friends! The perfect victims: unsuspecting people who I don’t even know! LOL.

Just recently, I was able to pull a prank on a bunch of people in our campus for the first time. There is this playground in the what we call Teletubby Land in our university. It’s near the Math building and every real student in the university has at least one Math subject, let it be for dummies or not, so there were a lot of people there. So the playground was to the side of the walkway, and another building was on the other side of the way. What me and my friends did was, I stayed by the wall of the building and they went to the playground across from where I was standing so that the walkway where people were passing by was right in between us.

Make a guess on what we did.

I held a camera and my friends started doing things with the swing, the slide, the see-saw and the monkey bars. I pretended that I was taking pictures of them. They were right there, still, flashing smiles, with the swings and the slides while I was far on the other side shouting, “Smile!” and taking their pictures. It was hilarious because everything was fake! I wasn’t taking their pictures; the camera was off! The people had to bend down while passing by, and some of them stood still for a second and waited for me to “finish” taking the pictures. It was just absolutely hilarious.

So go ahead now and pull a prank on someone! Start with your younger sibling! Yes, I’m pushing you to the path leading to a 95% score on the awesome-meter. Do it. As the youngest in the family, I’ve experienced a hundred of practical jokes done on me, excluding those done during April Fools.

The semester’s already ending here, and one of my friends came up with a brilliant idea on what prank to pull next, during the enrolment next term: “We will both be wearing ski masks in the car and we will stop at an unsuspecting student. We will roll down the window and ask the person, ‘Which way to where you guys pay for the tuition fees?’”

The student would freak out.


kudos to fun-giving prank victims.


Anonymous said...

HAHAAHAH! I think I remember hearing this from you. :)))

James said...

Haha. Hope if you do go through with the ski mask one that the campus cops don't bust down on you :P

Olivia said...

I once screamed the house down when a guy dressed up in the scream mask knocked on the door. I'd forgotten it was Halloween. Neve lived that down

Hip-Hop Hikikomori said...

Everyone's got a load. Whether it is school, or something else, it's there to bear down on ya.

JodieeHeartzYou said...

Hhaha. xD I laughed at this and Olivia's comment. :D

Tweeks Coffee said...

Awesome post, bra!

Mrs. C said...

BRA??? He's pulling a prank on you, Oliver. Smile! :)

Candy Baskitt said...

keep writing!!! forget the school work!! x

candy xx


Oliver said...

HAHAHA. I remember telling this to you!

Oh yeah! Cops here are kinda crappy, though, but still, we'll be wary! We must be able to explain ourselves clearly before the cops arrive!

Hi, Olivia! I'm Oliver! LOL. XD Your Halloween must've been hell-arious!

. . .I'm sorry I can't understand what you're trying to say there. Am I stupid? =\

Smile! Laugh! Two wonderful things to do!

I know! I know it's awesome and I don't need anyone to tell me that. K? Who are you callin' bra? =] Even though I don't care about comments like 'Awesome post' and 'Nice post,' thanks for stopping by.

@Mrs. C
Okay. LOL. I smile! That's a clever prank. =]

That's what I'm doing!

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