08 October, 2010

No Guts, Not Gory

Okay guys, I’m going to share with you two entries on my Top 10 List on this one. Yes, the same Top 10 List I’ve been talking about for three posts now: Things to do for the First Time.

You know what people say about doing things for the first time, right? No guts, no glory. If you don’t take a risk, if you don’t step up to make a change and do something new, you’ll stay being your same old pathetic loser self. Did I interpret it right? Well, I don’t think my Number 6 entry, which I actually did just recently, could make me any cooler. It was a harmless try, I must say, but it still ended up being a total failure. I’m so disappointed with myself.

Number 6: Give yourself a pedicure.

I haven’t tried doing it to myself before. I don’t even get a pedicure as often as my sisters do. I don’t think I need it anyway, but I do clip my toenails every week or simply whenever I get reminded by its untidy appearance. So my sisters have this very handy pedicure-slash-manicure set that contains everything you need to get the job done. I really never learned how to do it to myself. I didn’t even YouTube it to get some step-by-step guide on how to use those tools, and I instead just used my fantastic memory. How was the pedicure done the first time I had it? How do my sisters do it to themselves at home?

Pedicure means to me getting all the dirt off the top layer of the toenails and out of the corners and from the inside. It was my first time to do it to myself, and like in every new endeavor I get myself in (and I describe it as an endeavor?), I was thrilled to do the task thinking that it’s the first time I was going to do it. I don’t want to describe the actual step-by-step failure I was able to come up with, but let’s just say that my feet looked different right after. I am just afraid to say that what I did to my feet was actually more like a surgery than a pedicure.

Number 5: Eat an exotic food.

Here’s something I didn’t do for the first time last September. I’ve eaten lots of exotic foods already and my first time was way back when I was little.

In my university, there’s a food stall that sells only exotic foods that aren’t really exotic, I guess. They’re street foods, maybe that’s the proper way to call them. I still believe they’re exotic foods, though, mainly because normal people wouldn’t want to eat them. So in that food stall in the university, this kind of stuff are sold grilled like barbecues and with an option to eat it with either a sweet or a spicy sauce. In the menu: chicken intestines, chicken hearts, chicken heads, chicken blood, and chicken feet. 

Poor chicken.

I like the intestines and the hearts. I really don’t like eating the blood because it tastes nasty. It smells funky, even! I remember the first time I had a taste of the chicken blood and it was a terrible first time that I just despised the idea of having some bits of it in my mouth ever since. From that moment I learned that first times are crucial to everything. If you didn’t have a good experience of one thing on the first time, you would never want to do it again.

Balut eggs, have you heard of them? Those are eggs that’s got chicken fetus inside them. When you open the egg, you’ll see a little chicken fetus that has some hair, a beak, a head, uhm… well you basically have a chicken fetus inside complete with all the body parts, only tiny. I like balut eggs, too!

Having eaten lots of exotic foods doesn’t mean I can eat anything you serve me. If I join Survivor and I’m tasked to eat, like, those pig snouts that still have some hair on it, those bats, spiders, cockroaches, worms… NOOO! I’m human and I have a stomach, and a brain, and some taste receptors on my tongue, and eyes that can see how disgusting those things are. Eat worms? Eat cockroaches? Eat spiders, are you kidding me? I can eat a chicken’s body parts because I know chickens are edible. But how about the pig snouts? Hmm… I think I can do it but I’ll pluck out all the hair first.

kudos to people who have tough stomachs.


clare said...

HAHA! I've eaten balut already! Oh, and snails(?) too! :] it tastes yummy. When I went to Thailand, there's this place that sells exotic food. I was supposed to go there but then when I asked the guide what kinds of food they sells there, he said: Mainly insects.

AND insects mean... cockroaches! You know how much I despise those creatures.

JodieeHeartzYou said...

*shivers* the only exotic food I've ever eaten are snails. o_O

Mrs. C said...

ew ew eeeeew! I can't even eat hot dogs! LOL

David Davidson said...

Exotic food is fun to eat provided that it's cooked correctly.

No offense but I don't care how good it tastes, if it's going to give me travelers diarrhea I'm not touching it.

Oliver said...

Yumm! Snails! I don't like cockroaches either. I'm never gonna touch one, cooked or uncooked. Toasted or not toasted. Dead or alive. I'm not touching a damn cockroach. I will never put it in my mouth. EW!

Snails are good!

@Mrs. C
Really? Hot dogs? LOL. XD

Exactly. Why ruin my trip by trying those nasty local dishes? I mean I'm not trying to offend anyone's culture, but I'm not gonna eat worms. Can't I just, like, do some folk dance or something?

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