15 October, 2010

Frog-Out Freak Out

Number 3: Catch a frog.

Frogs are the most disgusting creatures on Earth. A frog’s body always looks wet and slimy, kinda like something that would give you a skin disease right when you touch it. A frog’s face looks really horrible and probably is the ugliest in the world also. I don’t like frogs; what’s to like about them?

They can turn into a handsome prince. Ha, like I give a care.

It’s the rainy season. There are a bunch of trees, actually a grove, around my house so every rainy season, we get some unwelcome visitors. Yes, frogs come inside our house. Just recently, there’s a frog that got inside my sister’s bedroom and she went bananas when she saw it. Of course, she wouldn’t touch it. She could just scream and try to get some help [from me]. Unfortunately for her, I wouldn’t touch a damn frog either. I’ve taken a biology course last semester where the class had to dissect a live frog every meeting, but because we worked in pairs, I have never touched a live frog ever. My partner was the one who would hold the frog properly so that it couldn’t get away from his grip while I do the pithing (pithing a frog means piercing the frog’s skin through the foramen magnum into the brain, destroying its tiny brain with the pithing needle) until it’s immobile and limp like a rubber toy. That’s the time when I could already touch and hold the frog. I’ve never held a live frog.

That means I could never catch a live frog either! I tried to, but… yeah, all my efforts turned out to be futile. I tried catching the frog inside my sister’s bedroom. I tried using materials like a plastic bag, a plastic bucket, and a stun gun (just kidding about the last one). I tried getting closer to it so I could catch it, but every time I got close enough to realize how awful it was to actually catch a frog, I got disheartened, and every time the frog leaped away, I went crazy thinking that it could leap towards me and jump at my face.

It’s not that easy, you know. Frogs are such formidable creatures.

Number 2: Exit the mall using a fire exit.

Have you ever tried getting out of the mall by using the fire exit? How about going to the fire exit? I have. My crazy friends and I were at this huge mall and we were at the fifth floor. I saw the fire exit. I came up with the idea and they were afraid to try it at first, thinking that the guards would see us and take us to the security department for questioning. I was able to convince them to try.

So we opened the door and closed it. We went down the stairwell, which was scary because the walls were bare and the stairwell was like something that would just make every person claustrophobic and crazy. We told ourselves that we would go down all the way to the bottom, but we started freaking each other out that we decided to go out at the third floor. When we were already by the door on the third floor, however, we realized that the fire exit doors could only be opened from the outside!!! There wasn’t any handle or any way to open the door from the inside: the door was plain like a wall, only distinguished because of the hinge. We freaked out like hell.

We rushed back up to the fourth floor and saw a same useless door. We climbed back up to the fifth floor, where we came from, and saw that the door was left ajar! Wow. Good thing we didn’t close it all the way. I don’t even remember not closing it all the way. I’m telling you, that was the most exciting like five minutes of my life.

Number 1: Finish a lab report, or any kind of very important paper thing for work, school, etc. in eight hours non-stop.

I know my number one entry is kinda lame, but I made it my number one thing to do for the first time because I felt so accomplished after doing the lab report for eight straight hours. It’s my first time to work that hard overnight. It’s a nice feeling, really! I mean finally finishing it felt so good, but doing it with the worry that I might not be able to finish it felt horrible.

That's the Top 10 for September - October.

Has there been something that you did for the first time that totally freaked you out? Frogs? Fire exits?

[Wish me luck for my orgo final exam. I’m hanging on by a thread in that subject. I failed in the second exam (epic fail) and the final exam will literally be a life and death situation for me. I need to do super awesome if I don’t want to want to kill myself. LOL.]

kudos to adrenalin.


David Davidson said...

I got class average on my O-chem quiz. My prof is evil, all the questions have hidden meanings within hidden meanings within hidden meanings.

We can suicide together at the end of the term if things go badly. XD

Tom Millson said...

When I went to primary school, me and my then friends would try to catch frogs during play time. How we didn't lick them or do something stupid, I don't know. We could've been diseased!

Anonymous said...

same here... I'm totally horrified with frogs too, that thing about the fire exit is oh so cool, and scary, have you watched the movie piranha? will bring out the hell out of you too. :P

clare said...

I'm okay with frogs. No roaches, please. :|

Oliver said...

My orgo exams were all evilly difficult. My prof said there were lots of bonus points but nobody knew there were because they were hidden within those problems. Stereochem sucks.

The first term has already ended here. I can wait for your news at the end of the term, if ever so we can suicide together or if I get really damn depressed I might go ahead. LOL. Cheers! XD

You played with frogs when you were kids? Hmmm... that's interesting. I remember my mom told me that when I was a tot I used to catch and play with lizards. LOL. You sure didn't lick them!

I don't think I've watched that movie. I really don't like watching movies, but if I run out of things to do I might check that one out. =]

Ew! Roaches! Worse than my exhibition of my disgusting spelling abilities earlier! XD

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