18 October, 2010

The Big Blog Theory

A blogger's question to self.

What is your blog about?

Why is it so hard for me to answer that question? Whenever I tell people that I have a blog and they ask me what it is about and I tell them, “Well… it’s about me,” I see the shine in their faces perish, looking at all as though they don’t want to be friends with me anymore, as if I’ve just told them I’m a die-hard Justin Bieber fan. Let me think about this right now. What is Overville about? The description I tell people may sound rather uninteresting compared to if I tell them, “Oh it contains my poetry. Oh I talk about movies. Oh I talk about my travels.” Unfortunately for me, I don’t put in poetry in this blog. Neither do I talk about movies because I basically hate every movie I’ve watched, with a few exceptions of course, and nor do I mainly talk about my travels since the only travel I do right now is going to the university. I created this blog to share thoughts, experiences, stories, opinions and everything, but whatever I blog about, it must have something to do with me.

The vagueness of my description has a problem. The “About Me” label doesn’t appeal to audiences. Everyone’s gonna be like, “Oh we’re just gonna keep hearing stuff about what happens to this kid’s day in school.” “Oh we’re just gonna keep hearing how much this kid likes this kind of music, this kind of girl, this kind of food, whatever.” I know a lot of people get that kind of impression when I say this blog is about me, but I know myself that this blog I created isn’t solely about me, because if it were, this blog would be fairly useless. Why post up stuff for other people to read if you just keep talking about yourself and nothing but your life at all?

I try to write about experiences that may interest people and about experiences other people could somehow relate to, and by doing this, the “About Me” label becomes less appropriate and even less appalling. It doesn’t become less generic, but the things us bloggers write about surely can be related to one another and that’s what brings about readership, and the things that set your blog apart from the million other blogs out there may keep your readers coming back yet the lack of concrete division from yourself to others wouldn’t hurt you really much as long as you keep writing with your heart and, more importantly, for your readers. I don’t like hearing people say, “I like this blog because it’s not a typical blog.” I don’t even know what a typical blog is. Is it a blog that talks about really personal things? Is it the kind of blog that is 90% composed of pictures of people who 95% of the population doesn’t care about? Is it the kind of blog where people pretend they’re bloggers by posting pictures they “re-blog” from another quasi-blog owned by another quasi-blogger; a blog that is barely even filled by words and sentences?

The blog is very random. It is about anything. Everyone can do whatever they want to do with what they spend some hours with that they like to claim as a blog. We write about things that are about our lives. We write about our most precious experiences. We write about things we feel so much emotion towards. We write about things we like, we hate, we fear, we enjoy. We write about things we have a strong opinion about. We write about basically everything.

With what I’ve said thus far, I can now say that the “About Me” label should not exist at all. This blog is about lots of things. The “About Me” label doesn’t fit any blogger unless you truly just write about things that happen to you everyday. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to talk about your everyday life, but it’s important to remember that we publish our blogs for other people to read. We just share what needs to be shared. It is important to understand that writing about ourselves will never be as good if we don’t write it for the readers.

We write with our hearts. We share our most treasured experiences.

My blog has gone to a transition from being very opinionated to being kinda personal. I created this blog because I left my literary blog. I created this blog during the election period on the last week of May when I had lots of opinions to state. From then on, I wrote opinions regarding some current issues and my favorite show which was then airing its twentieth season. When school started, I began to write about things school-related. I also then started to blog about very random things that just like, popped into my mind like it ignited something inside my head that I just had to write about it right away.

The first semester is over and now I just can think of lots of things to write about in the future. Because I love my readers, my dear friends in the blogosphere, I’m gonna do my best in writing blog posts. I know people have lots of things to say like I do and the blog is a good medium to get our messages across and share thoughts and stories to everyone. I think it’s wrong for anyone to judge a blog as being generic and typical and about nothing but somebody’s life just because it falls under the category “Personal.” Because you know what, those blogs that are listed under that just don’t have a concrete single description of what it is about because it’s so awesome it can be classified under so many things. Blogs are fun to read because they share insights and experiences, and I might have said that a ton of times already, but well, it’s true.

True bloggers write with their hearts and for their readers. I’m lucky to have come across a bunch of fantastic blogs, by brilliant people, which could’ve been classified as personal or generic by some, but to me, they’re simply about their lives and simply about their precious thoughts, memories and experiences… and they’re, to me, all… simply amazing.

Blog on, everyone! The reason I like to blog because I get to read awesome stuff from you, and well, I just want to return the favor, and hey I hope I successfully do!

kudos to you, my blogger friend.


David Davidson said...

I think people should just blog about things that they would read in other blogs, things that interest them. At least that way you're interested in what you're writing and eventually, you'll attract like-minded people.

Tom Millson said...

Well, 68 people can't be wrong. You obviously have a great blog! In fact this means your blog is twice as good as mine (if followers measured that) :P

Whenever I tell someone about my blog, I say to them "It's about interesting experiences that I encounter and I also use it to get any thoughts out of my head and out to the world!"

I'm blogging about social networking tomorrow and it'll include both parts of my statement :)

Christopher said...

I just try to blurt out whatever runs through my slightly off-kilter mind. It's fun to go back and read what I used to think about and how I used to write.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree.. and I also believe that you can only write the things you knew and the things you felt..you can only write things about your self and nothing else..

maybe you would be interested in joining me here in a simple but fun blog project

click link > http://allabouteemah.blogspot.com/2010/10/flying-notebook_20.html

NancyLove said...

Thanks for the recommendations <3 The Kite Runner is such a good book! I read it back in my high school days.. I have yet to read the other one =) and If anything I agree with your opinionated blog.. keep it up!

YellowSguidsArtisticNature said...

Love your blog. The point that it isn't just about one thing makes it great. Stories of peoples lives are the most interesting I think because I get to read about how other people view this world as and how their lives are compared to mine. Keep up the great work and syked to read more about you.

J.Cee said...

Well, a blog is like your own little home in the internet. So if you can decorate your home any way you want (for example, put up your own little statue of David), then you can post whatever you like on your blog. And if it's about you then so be it!

Jodie-Ann said...

Dude. i would marry your blog if I could. P: It's awesome. *jealous* XD
Keep blogging!! Every time I read your blog, I smile. :) Like right now. Teehee.

Oliver said...

Totally agree.

There's 71 of them now! Wee! I like the way you tell people about your blog. I sense some energy in it. It's like you have your fist raised in the air while saying that.

Haha. It's really nice to know how opinionated my blog used to be. And I talked about politics! Jeez!

Yes. And yes, I'm totally in. That's super rad.

Thanks so much! And I really love Kite Runner. The books we were required to read in high school were mostly like, meh to me because they were requirements. I was a lazy student and hated every requirement even though it's something I love to do, which is reading books. I finished reading the ton of books I wanted to read before reading the books required in English subjects. Now when I read the required novels again, it's a better reading experience because the "requirement" feel of it is gone. LOL. =]

Hello, Yellow! Wow, that rhymed, didn't it? Reading about other people's lives is really beautiful, but I've come across blogs that are really about... nothing but their lives... written in a way that is so uninteresting. I love blogs that share experiences and thoughts. I love blogs that appear to be written for the readers; I easily sense that from blogs. Thanks! Thanks! Will be writing more really really soon. =]

I agree! Of course you can do whatever you want with your blog, but if you want it to be great, you just have to put your heart into it! It's that simple. =]

Hahaha, is it really that awesome!? Thanks! Your blog is very happy, too, it sometimes makes me smile.

MKL said...

I blog about lots of things, too. Although I became more of a travel blogger this year, I reserve the myself the right to write about anything. Even makeup :P I don't wanna be defined by something and then if I change my style or my topics, people will kinda feel I've changed or something. I'm always myself and I shall remain that.

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