10 September, 2010


Okay, here I go again, peeps. I am gonna start off with an apology. I had a one-week blogging break! I don't know what happened to me. I guess I was just stressed yet again. So... yeah, sorry. And WTH, did I just say "peeps?" Yes, I did. Sorry for that.

I'm saying too many sorries, it's already annoying.

To tell you the truth, I wasn't at all stressed the past week. I was just too lazy to write. That's just unforgivable. It's a sin. When a person like me who everyone knows as someone who loves to write says "I'm too lazy to write," then you must know I'm very honest here in my blog. I know in one of my posts I even admitted I read the Twilight saga. Reading that Stephenie Meyer thing is another major sin... for a teenage guy. So, sorry. Wait, "sorry" again? Good grief, Oliver! Stop saying sorry!

To tell you another truth, which will make it appear like I was lying in the previous paragraph, I was stressed last week. I know I just made a statement that is the complete opposite of what I said earlier. This means I'm either a liar or a bipolar. I'm not a liar. My mind is just totally messed up right now. Inside my head is something... mushy and squishy and watery. It's a soup. A brain soup, that's it. My brain has turned into a soup. You know why? Because I had a math exam and an impromptu speech this week. My math exam was a joke, not because it's easy, but because I took it as a joke. I mean I didn't take it seriously. I just wrote answers to questions I could solve and left the others look as if a third-grade answered them. I did really awesome in my impromptu speech that I got the highest grade in the class. Doing better in a Speech class is a sin for a science major. I should be punished. Flogged. Hanged.

Because of the stress I've got this week, yesterday, I decided to do something. If you read my previous post, you must already know I do some awesome stuff when I get stress pile up on me. On that post, I said I just had a really short haircut. Yesterday, I decided to have my ear pierced. Yes. My right ear. It now has a gold stud earring. I don't know if it's a sin for a guy to actually have an earring. I don't know if the people I live with think an earring on a guy looks cool. It would look cool, if not cooler, if it were silver. The gold stud on my earlobe makes me look like... a money lender? A broker? Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves or something? An earring on a guy doesn't look weird to me. You know what's really weird to me? Seeing guys with shaved legs. Well I'm not all of the time sure if a guy shaves his legs or his legs just haven't grown hair ever since. Now, why do I even look at guys' legs? Well, guys look at other guys to sort of compare anatomical features. Does that mean it's perfectly normal for a guy to look at another guy's, uhm, pants... over that area?

It's getting awkward.

Someone's getting punched in the face. All teen guys are homophobes. You guys must understand.

Let's go to my life at home. I had another kitchen failure tonight. It's another sin for a guy like me whose job in the house is often to cook for people. I overcooked the spaghetti - the pasta. It just. . . turned sloppy. I kept checking every two minutes that's why my mouth had somehow failed to notice the difference between al dente and soft. So when you eat the spaghetti it's like eating... a brain. It's red. It makes some really weird watery spawn-is-hatching kind of sound. It's almost like a soup.

A brain soup, like the one inside my skull. Sorry for saying too many sorries in this post. Can I just say "I apologize" instead? It sounds cooler. So yeah, I can. I apologize for even asking.

kudos to the guy who's just had his ear pierced.


Anonymous said...

*is speechless*

ScoMan said...

A week is a long time. A day is a long time. So it's possible to be stressed in the last week and not stressed in the last week.

For example I was stressed yesterday. That is true.

I was not stressed yesterday. That is also true.

I was stressed between 8am and 4pm. I was not stressed from 4pm until I went to bed.

You got your ear pierced? Interesting..

theTsaritsa said...

Ewww, I hate overcooked spaghetti! My boyfriend overcooked the chicken last night and it was horrible...

I think it's cool to have an earring. I like the gold, it's kinda gangster!

LunancyGirl said...

Nice Ali Baba reference :] hahahaha

JodieeHeartzYou said...

Omg... you got your ears pierced?! Soo awesome. Next on to the eyebrows! xD (kidding... I like eyebrow piercings though)

Oliver said...

My mom didn't like my piercing. She said she's gonna cut my allowance. =|

Miss Bobo said...

lol you are one hilarious teen. Are you getting a tat too? xD sorry now I am the one making weird awkward apologies. Hey its being polite don't worry about it. And people shouldn't expect so much of you afterall you are a teen

Oliver said...

@Clarence (I know who you are!!! LOL)
You've seen me with it and you weren't speechless when you first saw it.

Hehe. Seems like you understand my bipolarity and you can explain it perfectly.

I'm glad somebody liked the gold color of it even though she's someone who hasn't seen it! Your boyfriend and I should cook together. I'll do the spaghetti and he'll do the chicken... and you'll do the eating.


Hmmm... probably not on the eyebrows. Somewhere at the top of my ear, you know right there on the cartilage part. =]

@Miss Bobo
Hehehe. I'm a teen so I do things my way. Well, people around me (siblings) think that way and they really don't care about me much so I get to do things that I want to do. The problem is with my mom. I have to please her all the time. Thanks for saying I'm a hilarious teen.

I'm planning on getting a tattoo! OMG, my mom reads this and she's going to kill me.

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