30 September, 2010


It’s the 30th of September! This month is now ending… and now, what you need to do is look back and ask yourself, “What totally awesome thing did I do this month?” It will make you think, “When was the last time I did something for the first time?”

I really like doing new things. I just feel very accomplished whenever I do something for the first time. This month, or maybe a few months ago, I was able to get that “accomplished” feeling by doing lots of things that I really had never thought I would do, or even think about doing, and even actually doing what I thought of doing. Somehow, I realized that if I never would’ve done those things, I would have nothing to think about in the past that are moments of sheer excitements, some horrifying exhilaration and moments of total madness: every one of them brought by pure joy nonetheless.

Remember last month I told you I’m gonna start posting a top ten list every month? Well, insanely, this one is for the month of September, the month I was talking about, a few paragraphs ago, that is already ending! When you see people's lists of things to do for the first time, you would realize that most of those things in the list are far-fetched. Go to the top of Mt. Everest, adopt an orphan, feed a lion, whatever. They are just really hard to do. Well me I have this! Here’s my list of top ten things [you can conveniently do] for the first time:

10. Invite someone and take it back.
Well, it was really embarrassing to do this. I invited a good friend to watch my speech a few days before the actual day. My friend said, “Of course, I’d love to!” Well… something like that. [“Of course, I’d love to” is a very corny phrase] On the day itself, during our analytical chemistry class, my friend whispered to me, “Hey, I’m gonna watch your speech later, right?” Then I felt something terrible inside my chest. I was chickening out! What if I mess up with my speech? What if I do something bad that would make me look like a total jerk? What if I do something stupid that would make me look like a total idiot? At least I don’t want anyone of my friends see me like that!

I told my friend, “No, you’re not.” Friend: “Why, you invited me!” Me: “You’re no longer invited.” Friend: “You can’t do that.” Me: “Why? I’m un-inviting you.” Friend: “There’s no such thing.” Me: “There is. You just didn’t know until now.” Friend: “You’re so mean.” Me: “Well, I think so, but dude, sorry, I’m really chickening out right now just by thinking of my speech because I never rehearsed it, and I don’t wanna mess up in front of you.” Friend: “I’m watching your speech.” Me: “Whatever.”

My friend was silent for the next one hour. My speech class is right after our analytical chemistry class, and when the class was already about to end, my friend told me, “Dude, I’ll just go home and sleep. I’m not watching your speech.” Me: “Fine. Oh my God, thanks.” Well, that was really rude or impolite, I think. I now think I shouldn’t have invited someone. My speech turned out to be fantastic anyway. Now I think if my friend was there, it would be fun, or maybe I would be even more nervous knowing someone I'm friends with was watching.

9. Make up a language.
This would be very fun to do, right? I tried making up one but what the hell, it was very confusing. Once you're done making up new words, make a dictionary. Then you have to teach someone and you can now talk to that person without worrying other people would overhear what you're talking about. Well, technically they would hear you because you're talking, but they would have no idea. I think people who know several languages, or even just one dialect that most people don't know, are really cool.

8. Fail an exam.

Last month, I received the result of my analytical chemistry exam. I failed. It was 80/150 which was terrible. It’s actually the first time I failed in a chemistry exam. It didn’t feel so good but it made me realize I’m perfectly normal. A student fails chemistry: it happens to all students and I should not be an exception. I didn’t study for the exam anyway and I was even forty minutes late for it. I thought I would be good because I had this chemistry exam last semester which I didn’t study for, was also forty minutes late for, and then I turned out to be one of the six people in my class who passed. It made me so awesomely happy for three reasons: one, I passed the exam; two, I didn’t even study for it; three, a lot of people failed. Call me super mean and crazy but yeah, this is me! Surprise! LOL.

7. Pull.

6. Give.

5. X.

4. Talk.

3. Catch.

2. Exit.

1. Finish.

I just realized that if I continued writing about those seven other things, this blog post would be too long. I just decided to leave some keywords just so you have an idea what those other things may be. I will talk about each of them next month (which is like tomorrow already. LOL.) Yes! I have these fun stories to share and you guys will read [I hope you do] about them really really soon. I'll keep you posted and will not leave you hanging for too long, I promise!

This Month's Top Ten is something I do... well... uhm, monthly. I update it on the sidebar. Why did I say this? I don't know; maybe just for a filler. If you didn't notice, all of my posts' titles this September start with the letter S. Why did I say that here? I don't know. Why did I have to make every post title this September start with S? I don't know either. I'm just awesome like that.

Okay, so this post wasn't just a Sept-ender, it's also an Octobeginner! Tune in for the continuation. I hope all of you guys had fun this September, and I'm wishing your October would be just as fantastic. =]

kudos to fun.


Anonymous said...

to try new things...is always exciting and fun..whenever it happens we never forget them.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! i remember that day! I was sleeping half the period. You should've taken a video!

Mrs. C said...

Awww! I can just imagine the un-inviting speech.

ScoMan said...

I've chickened out on a speech thing before too. I booked in, said I'd go, then on the day got so nervous I called in sick and let everyone down.

It's not a good feeling.

Tom Millson said...

I jet-skied for the first time this month! Woo go me :D

PS: I removed my last comment because I said I water-skied - I always get the two mixed up!

David Davidson said...

I started a blog, I guess that can be considered new. :P

I just hope I stop screwing up my Chem labs though.


Really nicely designed site. Nothing wrong with monochrome at all.


Oliver said...


I know, right?

@Mrs. C
Well, my un-inviting speech was good. It was even better than my extempo speech for my speech class!

HAHAHA. When you look back at it, don't you think it's nice to know that you've actually felt that way once before?

Jet-ski, water-ski, what's the difference? I haven't jet-skied EVER. Alright, go you. !!! =]

Blogging is really cool, don't you think? You need luck in Chem just as much as I do. Wait, I need more because I major in it!

Hey, yeah it's nice! And hey, no you're not following me yet! =|

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