24 September, 2010

Science Spirit

The science spirit lives on.


My life in the university is becoming more and more terrifying. Not only do I face more challenges and more responsibilities now that the term is about to end and that I have to seriously prepare for the finals, a task I totally despise, but also now I get to hear more terrifying stories about... spirits... in our institute. Halloween is next month, I know. I'm not excited for Halloween. I just want to talk about the spirits of students who, I think, weren't awesome enough to survive chemistry. (LOL I always talk about being a chemist being a suicide and now I'm gonna talk about ghosts.)

Ghost stories are sometimes funny to me. Horror films are even funnier. Have you watched, 'Drag Me to Hell?' You have. As you were watching you were thinking, 'Uhm... is this serious? Because I have popcorn here. I can certainly do the eating in the car while driving, you know?' In the car, you might actually witness something more horrifying: like a girl with a bloody face might suddenly appear staring at you on your windshield. Driving alone in the middle of the night, you look at your rear-view mirror and you see a ghost looking straight to your eyes, emotionless, behind you. The radio turns on by itself. It plays, 'can't read my poker face. P-p-p-poker face.'

The only thing I got scared of in Drag Me to Hell... is... the terribly disgusting mouth of the old woman. Ugh, my stomach is lurching.

If you haven't watched 'Drag Me to Hell,' do not even plan on watching it. That is, if you're intention is to get scared. Plan on having a late night four-hour drive all by yourself and go to places where there are just trees everywhere, there are no road signs -- that kind of place where you run out of gas once you get into, run out of batteries, lose your phone's signal, and you just see someone's house all of a sudden and you're gonna ask for help from the weird-looking owner who's gonna want to kill you, and turns out to be a psychotic doctor who's gone totally nuts, who is going to make a human centipede by connecting your body to two other victims' bodies in a way you're not gonna like.

Human Centipede is another sick disgusting horror movie.

Let me get to the science spirits stories now, before I throw up.

So this story was told by my analytical chemistry professor in an attempt to wake all of her sleeping students up. This is really not a story anyway. Just some kind of it. We were told that there is one chemistry student ghost who walks around the building in the middle of the night and shows itself to students working on their thesis in the laboratory. The professor told us that it works in the lab in a way a normal student does, so you're not even gonna know it's a ghost until you realize it has suddenly disappeared. 

When you're having trouble reading the temperature of the solution on the thermometer, the ghost will coldly whisper, '165 degrees.'

When you're alone in the corridor, waiting for the class using the room to finish, it will sit next to you.

In the comfort room, while washing your hands, it's gonna show itself in the mirror.

I'm scared.

I'm happy though that it helps students read the thermometer. Sometimes I have trouble with that. I hope it could catch glasswares so that I no longer break any.

[The month is nearly ending it's quite depressing. Well, I really have been quite depressed recently and I must thank everyone who shared some really kind words on my previous post. I appreciate all of you guys' comments, especially the ones on that post. I surely needed them. Okay, so I'm still here. I'm hanging in here. I won't be shocked if I wake up one day seeing all of my stuff already packed in boxes, but I'm just hoping things aren't gonna turn out that bad. You know what, I'm trying so hard to make this blog post as optimistic as possible but all the negativities somehow find a way to creep out... I'm sorry because I know it's kinda draining to hear (read) sad, broken, sullen, words about somebody's life.]

I have a lab report to do. It's entitled: Synthesis and Spectrophotometric Determination of Acid Dissociation Constants of Diazo Dyes.

kudos to my soul, and other souls, in peace.


JodieeHeartzYou said...

D; Cheer up, dude. Think about little bunnies bouncing in the grass... actually never mind. Don't think about that. Think about cute little puppies! :D
And I've never watched Drag me to hell. But, I wanted to, really badly. o_O I was going to buy it the other day but got a novel instead. :D

Anonymous said...

LOL! it's dark in here and I skipped some parts. I'm easily scared. I really REALLY prefer those gory movies (excluding Saw series which, during the first 10 minutes, I disturbed the whole family and came running to my aid). =))

Sunakshi said...

Oliver,its okay if you jot down negatives here.at least you get to express yourself somewhere freely and believe me it feels great.i do it myself too.i owe another blog,even though i don't publish it publicly,still whenever life seems dark,i puke everything out there :D it doesn't change anything,but doesn't harm either. :)

God bless ya. :)

David Davidson said...

Don't really care for horror movies so I won't bother watching it.

I'm pretty sure my University has weird ghost stories too. There used to be these giant underground passages that could let someone get from one end of campus to the other in 10 minutes but they got closed down.

But yeah, I broke like half a dozen pipettes and a test tube during my last lab. Shit sucks.

Tom Millson said...

You'll be fine; there's always light at the end of the tunnel!

I've seen the human centipede, it's so funny! My favourite character was the Japanese guy, I love his random outbursts of anger :)


The Demigoddess said...

I grew up and spent high school in one of those hole in the wall towns in Southern Cebu so you should be able to imagine how many ghost stories there are in my school. It is hard to determine which ones to believe. I wasn't scared of those stories because back then, in a weird metaphysical way, it made me feel that when people die, they are not completely gone. It was comforting to me, in a really horrific way.

Oliver said...

Thanks! Bunnies and puppies... hehehe. I actually thought about both of them and it put a smile on my face. =]
Good thing you got that novel instead, seriously.

I don't like gory movies either... but... I don't know. My mind is crazy at the moment so... yeah... uhm... never mind.

Oh my God, Sunakshi, thank you!!! I love reading your poetry and I always love your comments in my blog. =]
I always said that blogging is my therapy. Thanks!

I'm sure there's a lot of ghosts in that underground passage presently. HAHA. Here's to not breaking another glassware in the lab! Cheers! =D

I'm right at the end of the tunnel and it's still quite dark! I need a flashlight.
Wasn't it so hilarious?? HAHA. It still makes me want to throw up every time I think of it. But whatever, it was so funny.

LOL. I think you are a ghost-o-phile or you're just philosophical. There are ghost stories in every school. Our people like making stuff up, if they really are just making up those stories. But seriously, I think from the stories I've heard, I can conclude that every school in the Philippines were either once a hospital, or a cemetery. =|

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