17 August, 2010

Singing with Angels

What will make you happy? I read in one of my favorite novels that this question will ruin your life. If you tell yourself what it is, you will learn that you don’t have it – giving you the realization that you were never really happy with your life. You will then decide to go for it, reach it, and leave the life you currently have to pursue the life that you want to have… with happiness… but until then, you will suffer with much more sadness – much more than you can ever bear.

Paulo Coelho is such a genius.

Luckily for me, my answer to that question is nothing like the girl’s in the Coelho novel. I don’t want to go away just to find more time to discover myself and what life is about. That makes some sense… for a senseless person. Sorry, I shouldn’t be saying that the idea is stupid. It’s kinda disturbing, though. Will you really want to leave the life you currently have just because you want to try to understand some more what the most profound thing in this universe is? Life, that is? It’s just not the way I see happiness. The story taught me that lesson. The story taught me how to love.

That is why I’m not going to watch Eat, Pray, Love. I don’t have the luxury to go backpacking around the world to, well… eat, pray and love. I can do those things right here in front of the computer. Let me do it now. Eat! Okay, I’ve got oatmeal and a slice of apple. Pray! God, I’m talking to you. Please pay attention. Love! I love everyone! So… maybe girls would love to do it. Guys just won’t. It’s a pain in the ass… I mean in that back pocket where you place your wallet.

So what makes me happy? Really simple things: getting passing scores in exams, spending time with people I love, being alone while listening to music, seeing trees and greens, and doing what I love. I don’t always get passing scores in exams. That means I get sad sometimes. Who doesn’t? I don’t always spend time with people I love either. I also don’t always spend time being alone while listening to music, even seeing trees and greens, and I don’t always do what I love. I even get forced to do things I hate. Chores and integrals, who hasn’t heard of those things? What a sad life.

When I come to think of it… I think it is the way I discovered happiness, by realizing how sad or incomplete I get without those things that make me happy. We need to understand that happiness is, by nature, a luxury. We don’t get it everytime. That’s why we become happy whenever we get it – because we just don’t have it all the time. This ain’t heaven on earth, love. There are so many things we want to have but we don’t get them. It’s just a matter of choice, of satisfaction, and of measure of happiness. That is why we have friends, family, and the TV show Friends. We may not have heaven on earth but we do have angels on earth – those people and things that make us happy.

But don’t I get happy when I see people I hate suffer like hell? I do. Define guilty pleasure.

Well, I just randomly thought about this. I just remembered the story and I can’t get it out of my mind so I’m pouring it out here. So what do I want? A lot of things. But what if an angel knocks on my door and gives me just one wish, what will I wish for? Ten more wishes? No. Happiness, definitely. Why not?

Sorry about this very random post about happiness... I was listening to Hey Jude (on repeat in my playlist) and I found myself singing along the whole time. I felt a tinge of happiness.

kudos to the hearts of people who love their lives.


Anonymous said...

You know what. I had the experience of going out and finding myself. I found fragments. I found the missing pieces along the way. A lot of uncertainties. There was even a time when I wanted to leave my shelter, but the universe conspires for me to go back. It won't let me go. Oh well. Probably, God wants me to continue what I've started. But soul searching is a great experience.

Yeah. I want to be happy. Can you make me feel happiness? :))

"But what if an angel knocks on my door and gives me just one wish, what will I wish for? Ten more wishes? No. Happiness, definitely. Why not?" Are you the one who asked me that question then I answered I asked for more wishes? Hahaha! Yah. Happiness. At least I made you laugh with the video. Glad you enjoyed it. This time, can you be the one to make me happy? :D

RicAdeMus said...

It's important to be self-aware and lead an examined life. For people who do that, happiness is in the types of little things you mentioned.

Sunakshi said...

No need to be sorry about the random post because its way too interesting.well written,depicting the actual meaning happiness.its all about cherishing the small pleasures of life rather than mourning over the things we couldn't get.like ricAdeMus said,its also true that it's important to be self aware and lead an examined life otherwise it's quite incomplete..and one cannot find pleasure in anything.but i don't think we should get drown in some other world in order to find our identity,because nothing is permanent and we change too.as we grow our thoughts tends to adapt changes in such a manner that we don't realize how much we change and we really can't keep a record of everything. :)

Take care,

ScoMan said...

Self improvement or accomplishing a goal make me happy. Sometimes it's a silly goal like finishing a book by a certain date, but that sense of getting something done.. there's nothing like it.

Oliver said...

How can I make you happy? And yes, I asked you that question and you asked me back. I answered happiness.

And thanks everyone for your comments! You make me soooo happy right now. I agree with everyone. Living an examined life is probably the best thing someone can ever do with his life. Knowing what you want, what makes you happy, what you love... and knowing yourself is also key. People also say we can be sad about something but not for too long, but sometimes I'm just too sad about things I don't even know what I'm gonna do. It's like everyone's saying, "Move on. Grow up." and I'm like, "But I can't!" I'll just be waiting for times to change...

HAHA. Getting something done -- I know that feeling! Just last night I did four lab reports and when I was finally finished, trust me, it was as if angels went down to sing for me. =]

theTsaritsa said...

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na Na-na-na-na Heyyyy Judddeee :)

You're absolutely right. We can't be happy ALL of the time, that's just inconceivable. Plus, if we were always happy all of the time, wouldn't that be boring? I like a good rant every now and again-- it spices things up!

JodieeHeartzYou said...

I totally agree with the happiness thing. Why drive yourself crazy trying to reach a goal you can't really meet because the bar will always be raised? I agree that the question will ruin your life. I watched this movie called Brokeback Mountain today. Which is basically about two gay cowboys(very hot surprisingly. O__o) who fall in love. They seperate and get their own families but meet up again and fool around behind their wives' backs. But then one of them dies and... it' so sad. ;(It's a must see. Anyways... Oh! And I love Hey Jude! Best song ever!! Well, other than Imagine by John Lennon and Let It Be by The Beatles. Lol.
PS: Awesome blog. I love your writing style. :D
PPS: Porn really is the number 4 distraction for teens.
PPPS: You're going on my blogroll thingie-ma-jiggie because your writing style is so awesomely awesome.
PPPPS: No, I'm not insane.

Anonymous said...

Happiness is great. It reduces a person's chance to get heart-problems (not metaphorically though, sad to say). Too much happiness is bad. Where's the fun in life if you don't let yourself fall into depression? Although...too much depression is bad.

There should be equilibrium between these two. But of course the most favourable reaction should be happiness. Am I still making sense?

-your perfectly awesome seatmate :D

[since i can't still sign in here].

Anonymous said...

I think I just committed a grammatical error. But to hell with that, it's already 1 am and I'm feeling sleepy.

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