23 August, 2010

Dancing with Demons

Teenagers, students – we like having fun. And to us, the opposite of fun is school. Schoolwork, homework, lab reports, exams... aggh! They drive us crazy. The bitter truth, however, is the fact that they alone aren’t responsible for that ‘driving us crazy’ thing. It is actually the existence of temptations, of the fun that we love and we are required to allot just a little time to, that drive us crazy. 

“I have an exam tomorrow... I have to study... uhm... maybe after I reach level 73.” And you’re at level 72, which means you have to fight two more bosses and do 70 more missions and fight 20 other players. That’s a total of 18 hours since you have to recharge your energy every so often. Am I right? I don’t play Mafia Wars. I suck. No, I don't play Vampire Wars either. I'm just... yeah, awful.

So, hello temptations, wanna hang out with me and save me from the very boring life with my textbooks? Being sixteen years old, probably at the peak of being a teenager, I suffer so much from these demons. I always want to spend four, five, or six hours studying but I can’t even start doing anything school-related. Being an awesome person, I know I have to fight these vicious fiends. Who are they? Those who won’t let us study. I originally made a TOP 10 List, but I realized my blog post would be too long if I would mention all of them. Well, I can just mention those that are at the bottom of the list now and not talk about them: parties, mall, instant messaging, blogs and gaming consoles. Now here’s my list of TOP 5 Temptations to Teenage Students:

5. Annoying people.
Annoying people are a huge distraction to teenagers. Why? Because it puts us off the mood. When something happens in school, when something happens at home – something horrible, something infuriating, we just don’t function properly. I know this happens not just to teenagers but also to office people. So what’s the temptation? It’s just evil. Your mind becomes a devil’s workshop, my friend. The temptation is to, well, think about bad things. This isn’t healthy, but this happens a lot.

4. Porn
It’s hormones. Ah, being a teenager. I am actually not the kind of teenage guy who thinks about it a lot, but I know it could be so much of a distraction to most teenage guys out there. This becomes even more difficult when you’re studying for a subject like Sociology (that course that’s kinda like sex education) or Biology (and you’re on that chapter). Guys think of girls more often than girls think of guys, I guess? I know that sometimes guys just can’t control it. But honestly when my friends joke about porn and the best girl they've seen perform, I get grossed out. When I say I have never ever watched porn, I mean it. Honestly. Truthfully. Believe me. The closest I’ve been to watching porn is with the music video of Alejandro and I was kinda surprised. Now you’re probably thinking there’s something wrong with me. Well, uhm... I don’t know. There's nothing wrong with me, I think? I just don’t want to watch porn. I have my own demons...

3. Television
Classic. The TV is very tempting. Again, I am not a TV person! But I know what it’s like to be a TV addict because I am addicted to the reality show called Survivor. If it’s not on, TV has no purpose for me. So why is TV so tempting? What kinds of shows do most teenagers like? I know Jersey Shore is distracting when it’s on. I think most teenagers get hooked with series like Heroes and Prison Break. Those girls like the romance stories of Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries. Ew. Those crappy shows. How can they be so addictive to people? Those stories are the same and the plots are being used over and over and over again. Oh those clichés, the blonde backstabbing cheerleader friend, that good-looking bad guy, that clumsy cute girl everybody likes. The endings are just as repetitive. Those two end up together, or one of them dies and the other moves on with life, all the villains die and the good guys remain on earth. I am really not fond of TV stories. Well now, how can we deal with it? Turn the TV off all the time. Put it outside your room if you can’t stand being in front of it and not turning it on. Just break it or sell it if you can’t do it. Just get rid of it, okay!

2. Online games
I’m sure this thing is so addictive. Those dudes who created this game actually make a plan to make players get hooked with the games they release. How do they do that? Missions. Unlimited missions. First, there’s that storyline game where you have to play as the main character of, well, the story of the game. When you beat the story mode, there’s this challenge mode, and the unlocked bonus levels and you just go on and on ruining your life with these useless virtual worlds. Guys like to show off what they’ve accomplished, and to teenagers, the most brilliant thing they could do is to get that most coveted magic sword, or that wizard’s amulet. LOL. I just made up those things. I don’t know a lot of online games yet I know that most teenagers suffer from this kind of addiction. “Just one more level and I’ll kick your ass.” “No, you can’t. Somebody traded me this Shield of Asdeffenz!” Those virtual kingdoms with really funny names. Can’t those guys just read Lord of the Rings instead?

1. Facebook
Facebook and any other social networking site. Facebook is the ring leader of this evil league. You can do all kinds of addictive things there! You can play those games with the title template X Wars, where X = any noun, you can connect with your friends and talk to them, you can update your status and hope somebody will care, you can take quizzes that tell you you'll be a boss of your own business in ten years, you can post videos, share links, share photos, share how well you’re doing with your pointless treasure hunting, share what time you’re gonna milk your virtual cows, be barn neighbours with someone who doesn’t even know what the hell’s going on, get a very random passage that they label as something God wants you to know – just lots of insanely pointless things, actually. Well, status updates are really cool. Photos, videos and links sharing are cool, too. What I don’t like about Facebook is its gaming platform. Some people join Facebook just to become gamers and they will fill their walls with stickers of achievements as if somebody cares about them. You know what I hate? When people turn statuses into chat rooms. It's even worse when they turn my photo into a chat room. People can talk to each other and share their conversations to everyone via wall posts; not via statuses and other people's photos. That's just the way I feel.
So that’s it. Those temptations. What am I guilty of? Not Facebook. I don’t even log in to my Facebook every day. I am guilty of... procrastination, slacking off. I just don’t do anything. I sleep. I’m on my bed, with my earphones, listening to music and not minding the load of schoolwork I have. It’s not unhealthy, is it? I think it’s the nice guy’s way of not doing schoolwork. Not doing anything at all but listen to music and lay in bed and think about life. Still, I always find time to blog. Blogging may be a distraction, but it’s not that much of a distraction or an evil temptation, is it? I keep saying this: blogging is therapeutic. It frees my mind. It gives me a good mood. I might spend some time with the internet and different blogs, but it’s not really an addiction that can keep me from doing schoolwork. I just feel really lazy sometimes... that’s my biggest distraction – laziness.

Being a teenager is the best thing in the world. Hey, I enjoyed making this Top 10 post so I just thought about this now: I will be posting one Top 10 list every month... Just about random things. It will be fun!

kudos to angels.


theTsaritsa said...

I used to have a huge problem with getting schoolwork done because of Myspace. Haha. I'm so glad to not be in school anymore. Good luck with your temptations!

Just a suggestion: would you consider increasing your font size? It's very very tiny, a bit hard to read.

ScoMan said...

When I was in High School I think video games pretty much filled my 1-5.

But in those days we didn't have Facebook, and we had dial up internet so porn was harder to access.

Oliver said...

I tried increasing the font size, but I didn't like the way it looked. =[

sasha.rebecca said...

I understand completely! Being a student is always really hard because, unlike with full time work, you always have something you feel as though you could and should be doing. You're definitely not alone!


p.s. I like the small font- feels more personal :)

Miss Bobo said...

Wow most of it is true. I am not going to write any self-related comments because that doesn't really matter. But it may seem that the reason why people distract themselves is because they don't want to do a labor they think is "work." There are certain things done for fun that you have to "work" for it and people don't realize it. The person who created laziness was a lucky person not a genius.

Oliver said...

Being a student is really hard when you start craaaaaving for indulgences.

Working for fun? Hmmm... that's a very noble philosophy for a teen. You gotta finish your homework before you have some fun, huh? Well, things would be more awesome that way, but in my case, I have some fun first to get into the mood to do some schoolwork. Sometimes I have too much fun though that I forget I have stuff to do. Hehe. =]

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