10 July, 2010

Musical Half

The half of the year had been great! My favorite bands released new albums! I realized that this is going to be my first ever music-related post. So yay! Because I don’t want this to be the only music post here, I’m not gonna fully discuss the four 2010 albums here. I’m gonna try to make a stand-alone blog post for each one of them someday.
Poets of the Fall – my favorite rock band. Their new album called ‘Twilight Theater,’ unfortunately was a disappointment to me. It’s because ‘Revolution Roulette,’ the album they released before it, is so much better. The only song I [quite] liked in Twilight Theater is ‘War.’ How about in Revolution Roulette? A lot! Save Me, Psychosis, Where Do We Draw the Line, Miss Impossible, Fragile, etc. I still love this band. I hope they will release a better single someday.

Stars – one of my favorite indie bands. Their new album called ‘The Five Ghosts’ is cool! The first track, ‘Dead Hearts’ is fantastic. The sound, the feel, the voices… it’s really good. The second track is my favorite, ‘Wasted Daylight.’ This band has an ability to stick their songs into my head. That’s great.

Tokyo Police Club – my favorite, ever!!! It was two years ago when they released their first studio album, ‘Elephant Shell’ and I like all of the songs in there. Juno, The Baskervilles, The Harrowing Adventures of, Tessellate, Graves… And now their new album ‘Champ’ is fantastic! I love it! It feels so good to get another album from your favorite band.

The Morning Benders – oh, my second favorite! Their first album is ‘Talking Through Tin Cans’ and I like a few songs in it. I like Damnit Anna, Heavy Hearts and Waiting For A War. I often sing Heavy Hearts when I’m bored even though it’s kinda sad. Their new album is called ‘Big Echo.’ The first track, Excuses, is fantastic. I cannot describe it. How many instruments did they use for that song? I think they even got woodwind in the background. It’s so goooood!

So this is a relatively short blog post. Lol. I’m just not a music blogger, maybe. But I love music! Youtube these albums if you want! =]

kudos to the music of 2010.


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