20 June, 2010

Well, This is Embarrassing

Well, this is embarrassing. I want to post stuff here and I sincerely don't want to leave this blog just like this, but I'm afraid that this blog is getting a little lean for its second month...

I will be making sense soon. Do not worry. I will post more opinions, more stories and more overviews. I will not post my entire journal here, let's leave it on OneNote. Okay, so... just tune in. I promise more good stuff will come here soon.

kudos to Google Reader that's been entertaining me for like seven years already.


Anonymous said...

You didn't reply to my text anymore . Did I bore you? Sorry about that. I even used the unlimited texting service, expecting that our conversation would be longer than what we had. Awww.

Anyways, hope to talk with you for more than 5 exchange of text messages. See you in school!

My comments will be making sense soon, too. Wait for it.

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