28 December, 2010

The Hall of Fame

Presenting the Overville Hall of Fame awardees of 2010!

Hey! This is not an ordinary blog post.

As if we would soon run out of reasons to celebrate and be happy during the holidays, I actually made up something that would definitely force a triumphant smile on the face of every blogger to be mentioned in this post. Yes, smile. I love smiles! I've been blogging here in Overville for more than seven months already, and to end 2010, I thought, what is more awesome to do than make a Hall of Fame?

Inside my head I fainted. My mind went blank.

So that's it. I'm making a Hall of Fame where I'm going to award some awesome bloggers who own the super rad blogs that I've been stalking for some time during the seven months I've been here in the blogosphere. Remember the last post where I said I was so sad that I left this blog for a long time and that I came back without coming up with something special? Well now, I thought of something to do for you guys. I've seen those awarding posts in different blogs, so I thought I should do one. I want to make you happy!

Let's start the awarding, shall we?

I'm going to give it first to Jodie, the fifteen-year old Qu├ębecois Canadian girl. Not only has she given me an award recently (The Versatile Blogger Award) but she's also given me and my blog much love during the time she has got to learn of this blog's existence. I mean, out of all the blogs she's following, I'm one of the seven she awarded. So I thank her. Her blog posts in The Run-on Sentences of Life are... short and sweet (I copied this term from somewhere, but these words are indeed the perfect ones to describe what she's got going on over there.) That girl is great.

Next is a woman I love, the Happy Elf Mom, Mrs. C. Her blog posts inspire me. She's one of the first people to follow my blog, back in June I think when I had only my friends and I as followers. I love reading her blog because I get to see a life that is by itself so interesting, made even more alive by an insightful woman's intelligible words.

A beautiful lady with a beautiful heart, the Demigoddess, was also one of the first people to follow my blog. Hers is also one of the first few I started to read. In her blog, she can't help being dramatic, being funny, and sometimes come across as drunk and crazy. Nevertheless she is amazing and... I would always want to give her a hug.

Okay, 'cause I'm going on with the first few blogs I started reading, here's another one: ScoMan. His blog will always be one of my favorites. I wonder where he is now. He's been gone for a long enough time already. I wish he would come back soon saying what entailed during his months-long hiatus. That would be awesome.

I also want to give a shout-out to Rick, the awesome dad. I always looked up to him. He is a great man, a great dad, a really nice guy. His blog is just as great... so yeah, great. He's a really nice guy. The girls who follow him (I mean his blog) really like him!

Mattson Tomlin is a film student. His blog keeps me updated with all of his amazing film projects. I feel like I'm learning a lot of things whenever I read his blog. He has a big one coming out soon: Solomon Grundy! I know it's brilliant and I would die to see it. You know what? His blog has been a Blog of Note. So if he's got an award like that, I gotta give him my thumbs up in the form of this crazy Hall of Fame thing I made up.

Cheers to another student, my organic chemistry buddy, David. He updates more often than I do and his posts are pretty much always entertaining, but recently he has decided to go on a blogging break, like I did, and like we all do when the exam dates begin to show up in our calendars. Unlike me, he hasn't come back. I can't blame him. Aside from the hellish O-chem, he also has a killer statistics class and a computer science class, which I will never ever take because I hate that course. But it's winter break already, maybe he's enjoying a vacation.

Tom, dude! I awarded you! I think his blog is in some ways similar to mine. We both blog basically about our lives and our school, and a few stuff we see on the news or on YouTube. We both blog about our lives and we try our best to make it interesting. I'm not really sure how he does it, or how I do it, but we talk about what's going on in a way that is certainly not annoying. Wait, do I annoy you? Honestly. Oh, whatever, back to Tom: He sees things in a really good way. We're both students so I can relate to his posts, and our difference that I'm a science major and he's a business major keeps me interested with his school posts. And I wonder what's up with his iCade business. I haven't heard of it in a long time.

Lastly, this Hall of Fame award must also go to Maddy. A teen photography blog! I discovered her blog just recently, I guess, compared to the other ones I've mentioned here. It's always a joy to look at her photographs, read her words, and I also love the good insights she leaves on my posts. She has to be in my Hall of Fame! C'mon!


That's it.

And oh, you're also getting the Versatile Blogger Award which Jodie gave me: 

How was everyone's Christmas!? I'm sure you all had fun. Congrats to my awardees, and may we all have a happy new year!

kudos to all the bloggers out there.

18 December, 2010

Where is the Love

I was gone for too long. I'm not even going to ask 'cause I'm sure y'all missed me. You were probably thinking that I got my hands burned by concentrated sulfuric acid, or I inhaled a liter of bromine gas, or I got super-stressed with all my subjects in school, or maybe you didn't really think of me during the time I was gone because you have a life of your own to worry about and I'm not really part of it. Well, whether you like it or not, and whether you like me or not... I am back.

I overheard my mom's conversation with my older sister who dropped by at home today. "You're never gonna know what kind of a person he is until you live together," my mom told her. I was holding a glass of water walking my way to the bedroom. Immediately I thought, "Is she getting married?" I have never heard of her having a boyfriend, so I highly doubt it, but hearing my mom say that also made me think, "Is it necessary for a couple to live in the same house together before they get married?"

I'm not an expert on this, and I'm not gonna write about this topic pretending I am one.

Girls have a huge tendency to become annoying. I have learned that. When you start living together, things are going to get messy. She's going to start complaining about where you leave your shoes, and about the toilet seat. When you get a baby, things are going to become even more complicated. Nights are going to get noisy. The house is going to get even more messy. And somebody else is gonna get 70% of your girl's attention.

It's not that I've already lived with a girlfriend. I can just imagine what it's going to be like, and I'm definitely not looking forward to it.

Teens are never really serious about relationships. Girls get into relationships, I think, only for uhm... free ice creams? For a sense of womanhood? For them to have a reason to ignore their moms? Boys get into relationships for a, well uhm, a girl, right? Society forces us to sort of just try to have a girlfriend even if we don't want to. To make ourselves feel we're growing up because we often lack ways to prove it, as many people say?

Marriage is something taken seriously by a lot of people, but to me it's just for formality. It is done only because of the law so that what is one person's property becomes two people's property. When you decide to marry someone, you get a lock but you don't get the key. The key is thrown into the ocean and you don't need a scuba diver to find it; you need a lawyer and quite a lot of money. But really, does a couple hate each other so much that they become willing to pay gazillions of money just to get rid of each other?

Does a couple really love each other enough for them to decide to tie the knot in the first place? Really?

Love is often just a delusion. Love is just the one good way to become delusional without getting stoned or being awful.

Obviously, my parents' marriage didn't work, and they were both not willing to spend money on each other so they didn't get a divorce, but instead just lived apart. That's where I'm coming from.

I don't really take love seriously. Saying that would probably make myself a bad person in your eyes.

Well, I wrote this in one of my previous posts:

"I have thought about this already: at age twenty-five the doctor would tell me that I have cancer. The doctor would say that I have cancer in a very somber kind of sympathetic voice. He would be shocked that I’m not shocked by his news. Well, I was touching lots of carcinogenic chemicals in college, so why would I be?

"Chemistry is suicide, and that’s why I’m never going to marry my girlfriend. At sixteen years old right now, I probably am already infertile. That means she might never have a baby from me. At twenty-five I would probably have cancer. That means she would have to work full-time so she could help me finance my therapies, all in vain, since at thirty I would probably die already, making her a very young widow. That’s just every girl’s nightmare!"

Of course I was just trying to be funny there. Or maybe not. That's just coming up with a lame excuse to break up with her.

I'm really impressed by how Pierre and Marie Curie made their relationship work.

kudos to couples who have been married for 25 years already.

[It hurts me that I neglected this blog for 20 days, forgot about everyone, and now I'm back without coming up with something special for everyone. I'm really sorry. I love all of you guys, and I thank you for reading my blog and caring about what I write. I promise I'm never going to ignore this blog for that long again.]

30 November, 2010

Join the Maroon Parade

We can shout all we want. Nobody seems to be listening.

Things are starting to get crazy in school, and the students obviously don't like it.

What happens when all the student bodies and organizations in the university decide altogether not to like something? Something huge. A massive student protest. A rally. A demonstration. Yes. Now, what's the issue? 

The budget for our university is going to get cut by the government. My university is a state university, not to mention that it's one of the national universities, with a good reputation when it comes to producing some of the greatest people in the fields of both science and the arts. We're being subsidized in a way that us students have to pay only one-fourth of what we should be paying every term-- that's why we like calling ourselves scholars. The bitter truth is, however, that we still spend an incredible amount of money every semester that we have to be insane to call ourselves scholars. Last term, I paid 20000 bucks. This term, I paid 25K. I don't know what's up with this government subsidy thing and our delusional scholarships. It's crazier than the Harry Potter mania and the long lines it's been producing in the cinemas. I guess there's only one thing a Hogwarts student could actually say about this.


So I kinda decided to skip my History class to support the student movement in our university. I gotta love them students! There were all those students with their posters and their placards and their shoutings... They were like warriors out there. They were fighting for their rights. It looked really cool, and the more the students, the bigger the statement we make, so I thought of joining in.

The program was short, and the president of the Student Council, I think, was the one talking to everyone. After the talks and the shouts, the huge group of students began to move. I shuffled along.

So these students were walking for a long time already and I realized that I shouldn't even be there. I didn't even know where the hell they were taking their protests to. I couldn't find anyone I know so I just told one person, "We're going away from the University Avenue. Are we leaving the campus?" He looked at me like my question's annoying or maybe he thought I was a lost kid. I was feeling kind of like a lost kid, anyway. 

He said, "Yes. We're going to the Senate."

He's gotta be kidding me.

"Are we, really?" I was not really loving the weather that day, and the Senate... I don't even know where that is. I just know it's several thousand miles away.


"And we're gonna walk?" I wasn't really liking the idea anymore. I know that protests are done in the streets by people that are walking carrying their posters and their megaphones. I know that being on our feet was necessary to prove that we're that focused and determined, but it's getting really ridiculous.  

"Oh, of course we're not," he said.

Oh, yeah. It's going to be a caravan! A motorcade! 

"We're gonna march."

Damnit. Instead of marching along, I went marching back to the building of my next class. Damn, I really don't like that guy AND I hate it when someone does that. So he wanted to show he's clever? Guess what, he just proved he's such a jackass. I did not want to waste some of my precious time and well-earned energy for lunacy. I mean, I respect them and I really respect the protests. I'm as against to the budget cut as they are, but... give me a break. I mean, I just turned seventeen, and I have a class. 

This budget cut is driving everyone crazy.

I really don't get it. It doesn't make any sense! Why would the government want to cut our budget? Some of our laboratories exploded last semester, and it wasn't any student's fault, and we actually don't have the most impressive kinds of equipment and facilities. You can even like, un-paint the walls of one of our buildings because the paint is already coming off. Some iron rings would fall on the floor in the lab and shatter. Have we not been performing well? What, did we steal the president's doughnuts or something?

Hmm... I hope the government reconsiders this. The students were successful in their protest. They made it to the news. The guy was lying because I saw in the news that they didn't go to the Senate; they just filled one of the major roads in the city. I still wouldn't want to march all the way there. It's too far... and, uhm, I just turned seventeen. Come on, what else do I have to be happy for? =]

College is driving me crazy, and I'm becoming really busy. I was away from this blog for like, one week. I hope I can get my sync back.

kudos to the brave student protesters.

22 November, 2010

One Teen Older

Chlorine is seventeen!

Hi everyone, I just turned seventeen!

No, not today. I just turned seventeen, but not on this day. It's not my birthday today; it already passed.

Okay, so let's pretend that you actually care about me and you want to know how I celebrated my birthday: last Sunday, which is yesterday, my family just went out. We went to an Italian restaurant and ate a lot of food. I have never in my life been that full. We ordered two kinds of pasta dishes, one huge pizza, and a sausage calzone. My auntie was with us, too, because I love her (we all love her). We really had a fun time and... of course I ate a lot! I had huge servings of everything, and even my coke was up-sized! Karaoke. We sang: that was what we did next. That's my favorite thing to do so I really enjoyed big-time.

This post is getting boring.

Solution: I am going to make this a Top Ten post for the month of November. It may still be a bit boring, but hey, here's my list of Top Ten Things I Want for My Birthday (or for Christmas, whatever):

10. Ice cream - who doesn't love ice cream? What's your favorite flavor? Mine is cookies and cream, and chocolate chip cookie dough.

9. One year supply of peanut butter and coke - ah, okay. You all know how much I love peanut butter. I don't get why some people don't like it.

8. External hard drive - I just need something that can hold more than 700 gigabytes. Really.

7. Survivor t-shirt - I was planning on buying a Survivor "Team Villain" t-shirt online, but when I got to the site, it said that the design I would like to buy was no longer available. Sucks. I know that the t-shirt was designed for the previous season, but I really want that Villain t-shirt and I realized how much I want that t-shirt just recently.

6. Hats - I want to have a small collection of hats. Well, not really a collection: just a set of hats that I have for me to wear. I like to have hats because it can be worn on a regular day to school, and it can be used in parties, hat parties, for instance, and costume parties... whatever. I want a hat. A cowboy hat! A bowler hat!

5. Book - I want a new book. Hmm... I want some Stephen King books just so I can have a few additions to my King collection. Suggest a good book, please. And I want an Iliad book, because I need it for my World Literature class.

4. Survivor DVDs - oh yeah, I am a huge Survivor fan, and I really want to have a couple of Survivor DVDs! I specifically want the following seasons: Borneo, Australia, All-stars, Palau, Cook Islands, China, Micronesia, and Heroes vs Villains! Some of them are available on iTunes, but I want solid copies.

3. Blog followers - ha. I want more followers. I'm 19 people away from the one hundred mark. I really want to reach the hundred before the year ends! I have forced enough (six) of my friends to follow, and I doubt if I can get the rest of my friends to follow because I know they're not gonna do it without me giving them a Dilly bar or a soft-serve. And I'm usually broke, and more oftentimes selfish, so...

2. A new piercing - okay, I already had my ear pierced when I was sixteen a couple of months ago, but it's just one ear. I'm gonna stick to having only my right ear pierced, and I plan on having it on the cartilage. Ah, I want to do it this week!

1. Happiness - I want to be happy, what's the matter? =]

Okay, so I hope I didn't bore you. I gotta go now and enjoy being a teenager.


Oh my God, I have lots of things to do. I have not much time to enjoy, I guess. College obviously wants me dead, or sick.

kudos to teenagers.

17 November, 2010

The All-Students

It's real.

I am busy. I may not be that busy right now, but I know I will become busy really soon... and I hate it. Okay, so now you may be thinking that this is one of those, "Oh, he's just gonna talk about what he's up to and how bad he feels about school -- how boring." Guess what? It is. [about it but it's not boring] If you have any problems with that... hmm, let me think about it first. (If I tell you to get out of my blog, you may think of being gone forever, I mean you may think of quitting Overville. So, that would be bullcrap for me to say that.) I think that if you have any problems with this my-life-at-uni post, you need to go get a candy bar before continuing on reading. Chocolate is good: it gives you serotonin and will make you happy as you read this. Now that's much better!

I'm not just going to talk about myself anyway. I'm going to talk about students.

High school, many people think, is about having fun and discovering oneself. I agree. It would be more difficult though to enjoy much of the youthful life, as they would say, if you studied in a science-specialized high school (like I did) and was put to test on every day of your school life: being tested by the academics, the social aspects of being a teen, and your family's pressure on you having to do well. There's so much pressure on students. It's crazy. I'm not saying that being a science student wouldn't make you enjoy high school. It's all a matter of balance and self-discipline anyway, like in many cases in all walks of life.

I'm talking about this based on my experience.

I had fun on my first year in high school, didn't mind what was up. I messed up on my second year, didn't really do much. I worked hard on my third year, realizing that the entrance exams for the universities were to come soon that I had to do exceptionally well in my studies. I had fun on my fourth year, basically enjoyed every single day of my last year in high school, knowing that I would graduate no matter what.

College is so much different. Every single thing you do in college will somehow affect the person you are going to become after finishing your studies. Every single thing you do is going to determine your worth as a student, and soon as a professional. Every single thing you do is entirely on you. It is about you already. It is no longer you needing to show good grades to your parents in your exam papers and your report cards. It is now about the life you are planning to create, and the future you are yearning to have.

Ha. These are all clich├ęs I'm saying. You probably heard this from your mom or read something like this from the campus journal already. Well, these things are true, and I'm slowly finding myself proving these points to myself day by day. I'm feeling this already. I'm in my second year, and this is it for me. I need to focus. I need to do what I should do and work hard to get this degree. This second term is going to teach me to become responsible like nothing else. My Chemistry lab starts at seven in the morning and ends at eleven thirty a.m. After lab, I have Physics and World Literature subjects until 3:30 p.m. The next day starts with a Physics lab at eight followed by a back to back Organic chemistry and Analytical chemistry lecture classes, a break of course, and Physics and History courses until five thirty p.m.

It's tough. That's why I had a week off blogging.

Every student in this world is busy -- that I'm sure of. I need your support, guys. Keep tuning in to my blog, I promise that the next few posts aren't going to be this subdued. I want to make you guys happy!

And why not support a friend right here? That's a link to the Kickstarter page, a support website for promising projects, of his Junior thesis film entitled Dream Lover! Mattson is a film student in New York and he's working on pre-production of Dream Lover. Like every student, he's working hard on his project, sometimes though I think he works on his projects so much harder than I do with my lab reports! He's really good. He's taking everything seriously, and it shows in his work. Here's another link, to the teaser of the feature film he's been busy with for quite a while now, and it's looking good! It's entitled Solomon Grundy. You gotta check it out, I'm telling you!

Cheers! Here's to all the student bloggers out there!

I wish you guys all the luck in school and all your endeavors.

kudos to hardworking students.

08 November, 2010

Oliver the Bomber

I am the bomber man.

Easy there, buddy. Don’t call the police. I’m not one of those dudes who thought it was cool to bomb towers on a day marked 911. I’m not part of a secret agency conspiracy thingy. I’m a science student who hasn’t learned yet how to make nuclear bombs. Still, I can be a bomber, but Evelyn Salt is not after me. 

I wish she was. 

Here’s the thing: You know what really irritates me? Wait, a lot of things get in my nerves actually: all-tangled messed up earphones, people who smoke in front of my face, Bieber songs, crappy internet connection, lost handkerchiefs, hypocrisy, arrogance, empty peanut butter jars, grumpy waitresses and cashiers, remembering the fact that my mom made me believe for twelve years that Santa was real… on top of the mountain of my inner fury, dancing with all the demons inside my head is… 

A security guard. I find security guards annoying, and I know saying that makes me seem rather delinquent.

Security guards don’t do anything but sit, stand up, try to look intimidating, make themselves look like some kind of authority by speaking to walkie-talkies, and be annoying.

My hate for security guards started when I was in high school. I already wrote about my high school’s impressive proximity to a huge mall, right? I also mentioned that I used to carry a huge textbooks-filled backpack, right? Did I mention that we wore uniforms in high school? I used to try to go inside that mall every night after school because it’s easier to go to the terminal if I was to go through the mall compared to if I was to go around it. Before I could get inside that mall, however, I always needed to take my heavy backpack off my shoulders and place it on the mini-desk so I could open it and let the security guard check what’s inside. I’m not complaining about how big an inconvenience it is to small students who are nearly disabled by the enormous size of their bags. Being the good citizen that I like to believe I am, I learned to understand protocols.

What irritates me though is how the security guards of every mall I go to treat the uniformed students and do the job of checking their bags. Back then, whenever I’m finally able to present my bag, what the guard would do was just stick his little guard stick into my bag… and then nothing more. He wouldn’t even check what’s inside. He always let me through after poking, the inside of my bag, for barely a quarter of a second, and it always took me fifteen seconds or so to get my bag down and open it and present it. Ha.

How unbelievably awesome is that?

What if I was a bomber? What if I had an actual bomb kept at the very bottom of my bag under all of my books and notebooks? He did have a detector gadget thing but he was using the frikin stick! And all he did was poke the inside of my bag? Like, really?

In our campus, there’s one, two, up to four security guards stationed in the entrances of each building. They’ve become annoying because of their incessant habit of asking for every student’s ID before they could let them in. I understand that they do that to make sure that no bad person gets inside. It’s annoying when you’re in a hurry and your ID is in your wallet kept inside your bag, or it’s in your student binder, or it’s somewhere you don’t remember where. I now hang my ID around my neck to avoid that kind of hassle, and still I have security issues whenever I go inside every building. Why? Because they care more about your ID than the contents of your bag. Like it’s their only security measure, and the buildings ain’t got bomb detectors of some sort. 

What’s wrong with these security guards? Do they get paid for what they’re doing? There also have been reported incidents of bad people who were able to get inside restaurants and coffee shops and steal money from every person in there, in which the security guards were just standing in a corner awe-struck by the realness of the situation.

So if I actually carried a bomb in my bag to school…


Evelyn Salt is gonna want me.

kudos to crime busters.

03 November, 2010

Game Over

The synthesis of para-red actually looks easier here.

We all know this feeling. We get all kinds of breaks. All over the world, we have Christmas breaks, fall breaks, inter-sem breaks, and summer breaks. One to two weeks off of school or work and when it’s time to realize that it’s over, we just can’t let it sink into us just yet. It’s like, “Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m going back to school, I’m having such a fantastic time doing all the things I want.” It’s always like, “I can’t believe I have to go through all that stress and headaches again!” And I’m like, “Oh no, my peanut butter moments are gonna turn into evenings with my textbooks! I can’t let that happen. Screw problem sets!” When we get a taste of something good, we can never get enough, unless it’s ice cream or chocolate in which case enough is signaled by a sharp headache. Having a long break does always end up coming up short, and we can’t do anything about it.

Why can’t we do anything about it? Of course there must be something we can do. If we think the break was short, extend it. When school starts, be on break. It doesn’t mean skipping classes. It means having fun while in school.

What’s wrong with answering problem sets anyway? It’s always a fun thing to do. You get to learn something new after hours of ruthless page-turning and notes-rummaging. It’s also always fun to watch how a pen can wonderfully leave ink on paper while producing numbers and letters. Answering organic chemistry problem sets is very artful. Look how beautifully drawn those stick-figure representations of molecules are. They look like unicorns, and constellations.

And caveman drawings. If you don’t understand what I mean, try to take an organic chemistry course and be prepared for a mental torture.

It’s fun to study for an exam. That one night you spend absorbing all those information from your notes and your books while infusing caffeine into your bloodstream— it’s a glorifying experience. What makes it even better is when on the next day, having got less sleep, you become anxious and a little fidgety. And when you look at the exam paper and realize that what you studied last night was fairly useless… No it’s not a punch in the face. It doesn’t make you want to kill yourself. It makes you want to smile. It makes you want to click your tongue, chuckle a bit, and say, “Nice prank, buddy.” There’s happiness piling inside your stomach like a stodgy chocolatey pudding and it comes out as a breath of laughter. Your good ol’ buddy fate has joked on you again and you always find it funny, like a little kid with a silly riddle.

It’s not funny. It’s ridiculous, but it’s not funny.

What did one wall say to another wall?

Why am I saying all this stuff?

Well, because here it goes again. The second semester is gonna start on Tuesday, and I’m not at all excited about it. I don’t understand why I’m feeling this way. It’s almost like I don’t wanna go to school anymore. The last term was just a very tough experience for me that I’m feeling like I don’t want to go through that kind of thing again, and again I don’t understand why I’m feeling this way. I’m a freakin student and the only thing I got to do is be in school, but why is the school attitude slowly drifting out of my spirit lately? I basically just threw the first semester. I didn’t put a lot of effort on every subject, skipped a couple of math classes just because my instructor was so uninspiring, worked on my orgo problem sets without caring whether what I was doing was right or wrong, and went into three calculus exams totally clueless of what the exam was about and how to answer the problems that are gonna appear on it. I was like a zombie. I was a student zombie. I was a student on the outside and a spiritless student on the inside.

What am I gonna do? I just have to suck it up. Like I’m gonna get something by complaining. I know I just need to do my best and focus on what I have to do and how I can get it done. I don’t feel like I need to work very hard. I just think that I have to at least work harder than I did last term. I need luck. That’s all I can have. I’m counting on luck. Why, that’s all I can do as I might spend the rest of my inter-sem break searching for a four-leaf clover. So just wish me luck… for the second term of my second year in college which is going to be tough.

As I have said, I’m a zombie. Breaking a leg wouldn’t be so hard for me to do, so just go and scream luck into my face.

kudos to luck-bringing happiness-inducing energies.

28 October, 2010

I Killed Democracy

Yeah, right. Great.

Sitting on the couch, watching TV while making and eating peanut butter sandwiches… listening, chewing, thinking, swallowing, digesting both the awesome peanut butter sandwiches (I ate… more than six!) and the disgusting information being fed to me by the television, alone in the house in a warm afternoon, quiet but of the sounds and voices from the daytime news, the sound of the fan, the faintest sound of teeth crushing smoothly the softest bits of bread inside my mouth… that was the most boring two hours of my entire life. You can just imagine how I looked. I was like poster child for, uhm...  extremely-bored-to-the-point-of-insanity teenage kid. It was because of the news. It was all about the recent local elections.

I think I’m about to waste my time and yours by talking crap about our politics. By watching everything that was going on in the local community elections, I was able to convince myself that I’m never going to vote. Not even when I turn eighteen. Not even when my mom decides to run for a position after finishing a public administration master’s degree. Not ever. I’m never going to involve myself with politics. I’m never going to vote. Never. By making that decision... I’ve just killed democracy.

Do not point your shaking finger at me and say that I’m one of the people who afflicted this terrible government with the disease that I always complain about. A lot of people have brutally murdered democracy long ago even before I did. The sense of democracy is to have all of the nation’s people to cooperate to elect a president, a leader of some sort, by forcing them to excitedly do the cruel task of selecting a person best fit from a pool of people hungry for the position, and the fame, the power, and the loads of taxes and funds they could transfer from the treasury to their bank accounts, that come with it. Not one of my older sisters has ever voted. The population where I belong to likes to accept bribes and kill one another during the election period. I know a lot of people who started not giving a damn about politics even before I did, and they are part of the reason why I’ve just given up. The fools who kept voting for the wrong people, who convinced themselves fully that by voting they have made themselves better citizens than I am… They are fools. I live with fools and in a world of infinite craziness.

I am a fool myself. I’m not crazy.

I don't want to vote because the registration process is so long and tiresome. The voting proper is equally as tedious. It's not that I'm lazy, it's just because everything is so messed up. With everything that I have witnessed from this year's elections, national and local, I've already decided that I'm never going to vote. Never. So, Mr. President, I already killed democracy. What do we have now?

Why democracy? Why involve the people who make up the main problem of the country themselves? Now, I’m thinking, what is life without the government? I don’t think it is as bad as most people make it seem. Will there be a never-ending chaos? Will it be mad chaos? Will it be like 2012? Will we all die?

Yes, we’re all gonna die someday, silly. Ask Methuselah.

Think about it. If we never had a government, no one would ever complain. People who keep complaining would have no one to blame but themselves, and that would make them work their asses even harder. No one would fill the streets with words, noises, and burning effigies. People would not have any problem with anything and instead would just focus on what their issues are with their own lives and what they could do about it themselves.

I am in search of a form of government where government is absent. Somebody tell me what kind of government that is.

I read things about religious anarchism. There’s a group of people called religious anarchists who believe that any form of government is against the will of God because it is stated in their sacred book, written by the hands of their God, that no one else should be superior aside from the God. That’s kind of enlightening, isn’t it? I’m not a religious person. I don’t even know if I still have a religion. If you believe in God, do you think that the government is still necessary?

I don’t want to have that kind of religious anarchism government. I think it would give birth to a new breed of lunatics who are gonna kill people-- praying and saying that God instructed them to kill people for the sake of mankind. I don’t want to live in that world.

I’d rather die in 2012.

I’d rather go to jail and be punished for killing democracy.


kudos to the people who stand up for something by not standing up.

24 October, 2010

Would You Rather

Tag post! This post marks a number of first times. This is actually the first time someone has tagged me in a blog post and it's just super cool to do this. I'm just gonna answer the following Would you rather questions and I'm gonna tag other bloggers to do this thing later in their blogs. And also later I'm giving the One Lovely Blog Award to someone (my first time to give a blog award) because I just realized that when I got that award (the first time I received an award) I was also instructed to pass that award to other lovely blogs, well because they sure deserve an award! Let's do this! Note: I'm in a hurry. Pardon for the quick short answers. Hey, this is also the first post to have a pic!

18 October, 2010

The Big Blog Theory

A blogger's question to self.

What is your blog about?

Why is it so hard for me to answer that question? Whenever I tell people that I have a blog and they ask me what it is about and I tell them, “Well… it’s about me,” I see the shine in their faces perish, looking at all as though they don’t want to be friends with me anymore, as if I’ve just told them I’m a die-hard Justin Bieber fan. Let me think about this right now. What is Overville about? The description I tell people may sound rather uninteresting compared to if I tell them, “Oh it contains my poetry. Oh I talk about movies. Oh I talk about my travels.” Unfortunately for me, I don’t put in poetry in this blog. Neither do I talk about movies because I basically hate every movie I’ve watched, with a few exceptions of course, and nor do I mainly talk about my travels since the only travel I do right now is going to the university. I created this blog to share thoughts, experiences, stories, opinions and everything, but whatever I blog about, it must have something to do with me.

The vagueness of my description has a problem. The “About Me” label doesn’t appeal to audiences. Everyone’s gonna be like, “Oh we’re just gonna keep hearing stuff about what happens to this kid’s day in school.” “Oh we’re just gonna keep hearing how much this kid likes this kind of music, this kind of girl, this kind of food, whatever.” I know a lot of people get that kind of impression when I say this blog is about me, but I know myself that this blog I created isn’t solely about me, because if it were, this blog would be fairly useless. Why post up stuff for other people to read if you just keep talking about yourself and nothing but your life at all?

I try to write about experiences that may interest people and about experiences other people could somehow relate to, and by doing this, the “About Me” label becomes less appropriate and even less appalling. It doesn’t become less generic, but the things us bloggers write about surely can be related to one another and that’s what brings about readership, and the things that set your blog apart from the million other blogs out there may keep your readers coming back yet the lack of concrete division from yourself to others wouldn’t hurt you really much as long as you keep writing with your heart and, more importantly, for your readers. I don’t like hearing people say, “I like this blog because it’s not a typical blog.” I don’t even know what a typical blog is. Is it a blog that talks about really personal things? Is it the kind of blog that is 90% composed of pictures of people who 95% of the population doesn’t care about? Is it the kind of blog where people pretend they’re bloggers by posting pictures they “re-blog” from another quasi-blog owned by another quasi-blogger; a blog that is barely even filled by words and sentences?

The blog is very random. It is about anything. Everyone can do whatever they want to do with what they spend some hours with that they like to claim as a blog. We write about things that are about our lives. We write about our most precious experiences. We write about things we feel so much emotion towards. We write about things we like, we hate, we fear, we enjoy. We write about things we have a strong opinion about. We write about basically everything.

With what I’ve said thus far, I can now say that the “About Me” label should not exist at all. This blog is about lots of things. The “About Me” label doesn’t fit any blogger unless you truly just write about things that happen to you everyday. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to talk about your everyday life, but it’s important to remember that we publish our blogs for other people to read. We just share what needs to be shared. It is important to understand that writing about ourselves will never be as good if we don’t write it for the readers.

We write with our hearts. We share our most treasured experiences.

My blog has gone to a transition from being very opinionated to being kinda personal. I created this blog because I left my literary blog. I created this blog during the election period on the last week of May when I had lots of opinions to state. From then on, I wrote opinions regarding some current issues and my favorite show which was then airing its twentieth season. When school started, I began to write about things school-related. I also then started to blog about very random things that just like, popped into my mind like it ignited something inside my head that I just had to write about it right away.

The first semester is over and now I just can think of lots of things to write about in the future. Because I love my readers, my dear friends in the blogosphere, I’m gonna do my best in writing blog posts. I know people have lots of things to say like I do and the blog is a good medium to get our messages across and share thoughts and stories to everyone. I think it’s wrong for anyone to judge a blog as being generic and typical and about nothing but somebody’s life just because it falls under the category “Personal.” Because you know what, those blogs that are listed under that just don’t have a concrete single description of what it is about because it’s so awesome it can be classified under so many things. Blogs are fun to read because they share insights and experiences, and I might have said that a ton of times already, but well, it’s true.

True bloggers write with their hearts and for their readers. I’m lucky to have come across a bunch of fantastic blogs, by brilliant people, which could’ve been classified as personal or generic by some, but to me, they’re simply about their lives and simply about their precious thoughts, memories and experiences… and they’re, to me, all… simply amazing.

Blog on, everyone! The reason I like to blog because I get to read awesome stuff from you, and well, I just want to return the favor, and hey I hope I successfully do!

kudos to you, my blogger friend.

15 October, 2010

Frog-Out Freak Out

Number 3: Catch a frog.

Frogs are the most disgusting creatures on Earth. A frog’s body always looks wet and slimy, kinda like something that would give you a skin disease right when you touch it. A frog’s face looks really horrible and probably is the ugliest in the world also. I don’t like frogs; what’s to like about them?

They can turn into a handsome prince. Ha, like I give a care.

It’s the rainy season. There are a bunch of trees, actually a grove, around my house so every rainy season, we get some unwelcome visitors. Yes, frogs come inside our house. Just recently, there’s a frog that got inside my sister’s bedroom and she went bananas when she saw it. Of course, she wouldn’t touch it. She could just scream and try to get some help [from me]. Unfortunately for her, I wouldn’t touch a damn frog either. I’ve taken a biology course last semester where the class had to dissect a live frog every meeting, but because we worked in pairs, I have never touched a live frog ever. My partner was the one who would hold the frog properly so that it couldn’t get away from his grip while I do the pithing (pithing a frog means piercing the frog’s skin through the foramen magnum into the brain, destroying its tiny brain with the pithing needle) until it’s immobile and limp like a rubber toy. That’s the time when I could already touch and hold the frog. I’ve never held a live frog.

11 October, 2010

Stranger than a Stranger

Number 4: Talk to a random stranger.

The first time I had a conversation with a total stranger was when I was a junior in high school three years ago. The high school where I went to was conveniently situated right behind a really huge mall. I was in the bus terminal of that mall, waiting for, well uhm, a bus… that would get me home. I think I looked really nerdy back then. I think I was carrying a huge backpack with lots of textbooks in it. So yeah, I think I was this studious-looking kid and that’s why the stranger thought of starting a conversation with me.

The stranger was a man, maybe in his forties, and I’m taller than him. He had huge bags with him. He was decent-looking, certainly not the kind of guy who would think with the size of my backpack that I was carrying a laptop inside it which he could just grab away from me after a few minutes of “bargaining” with a pocket knife and a mean look. He looked like he’s a really nice dad.

08 October, 2010

No Guts, Not Gory

Okay guys, I’m going to share with you two entries on my Top 10 List on this one. Yes, the same Top 10 List I’ve been talking about for three posts now: Things to do for the First Time.

You know what people say about doing things for the first time, right? No guts, no glory. If you don’t take a risk, if you don’t step up to make a change and do something new, you’ll stay being your same old pathetic loser self. Did I interpret it right? Well, I don’t think my Number 6 entry, which I actually did just recently, could make me any cooler. It was a harmless try, I must say, but it still ended up being a total failure. I’m so disappointed with myself.

05 October, 2010

Pushing a Pull

It’s been a while since my last post and I’m getting really sick of saying this on the beginning of every post. So expect this to be the last time I’m ever gonna say I’ve been ignoring my blog for quite some time because of the terrible load of schoolwork I keep pretending I’m busy doing, and the humongous amounts of mental and emotional stress I’ve been getting all the while by procrastinating and afterwards worrying about how the hell I would be able to answer exams. Expect this to be the last time I’m gonna try to apologize for this. If you’re not sure what for, it’s for my annoying first paragraphs, and also for my lack of a good study habit. Wait, I don’t even have a study habit at all. Okay this paragraph is getting more and more annoying the more sentences I type into it. Now I stop.

Smile. =]

30 September, 2010


It’s the 30th of September! This month is now ending… and now, what you need to do is look back and ask yourself, “What totally awesome thing did I do this month?” It will make you think, “When was the last time I did something for the first time?”

I really like doing new things. I just feel very accomplished whenever I do something for the first time. This month, or maybe a few months ago, I was able to get that “accomplished” feeling by doing lots of things that I really had never thought I would do, or even think about doing, and even actually doing what I thought of doing. Somehow, I realized that if I never would’ve done those things, I would have nothing to think about in the past that are moments of sheer excitements, some horrifying exhilaration and moments of total madness: every one of them brought by pure joy nonetheless.

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